Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

My first "Letter Journal"

I came across "Letter Journals" recently.
 Here is a video link for you, just in case your are interested. 
They are meant for Art - Journal - Swaps or Round Robins but that is not my intention.
I was looking for another format for my Art Journal Pages. I mainly create two - page spreads in Altered Books and/or  A5 sized Journals. So  I rarely make square-shaped pages , which is a pity, because I  like  square-shaped layouts.
 I made one prototype for me to test.

I bound it  with a 5 hole pamphlet stitch , just one signature, made of 4 sheets of
 good quality watercolor paper.

 At the back of the cover I sewed fabric of an old jeans to make the cover sturdier.

The sewing gives a nice touch and is an extra layer what is always a good thing, am I right?!

 I will link my cover page to Art Journal Journey
for Erika's lovely January theme
Every Pages Tells A Story / Tell Me A Story

 I think I will perhaps make some more of this nice little journals soon.
They are quickly made and do for sure well as a small gift for someone
and also fit in a simple envelope to send them by mail.

Happy weekend!


Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

♥♥♥ L ♥♥♥ O ♥♥♥ V ♥♥♥ E ♥♥♥

is our new theme over at 

  We would LOVE to see you at the 

 I have made a Mixed Media spread in one of my Altered Books for this theme
and I will link it to
Every page tells a Story
Erika's lovely theme in January - over at
as well, since every heart tells it's own story!


Montag, 9. Januar 2017

AJJ and T- Stands - For - Tuesday on Monday

A little bit too early for Elizabeth's TSFT - but I hope that is o.k.!

A bit like  Siberia is our landscape and weather  here just now...brrr....

so indoor playing is on my agenda .

playing and drinking a lot of tea and decaf!
 coffee?? Kaffee? ( in German ) ..

no - better decaf for me - otherwise I get too nervous.

 o.k. - I am sorry that it is  not a very exciting story linked to
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY - Every page tells a story-
hosted by Erika this month.

Just about Kaffee - Coffee  and me....

I avoid coffeine since a few years now and it is so much better for my body.
 I was very affected by coffeine.
I sleep well now and I am not so nervous since I try to drink just decaf and herbal teas.