Dienstag, 30. August 2016


A new theme at TIOT's - ^^CHILDREN^^.
I thought I could try to learn to sketch the face of kids or babies for this event - so I searched for a how to and found this very simple and easy instructions.

I sketched a small  and a big one and cut both out to use them as  masks on my pages.

Inspired by something I did in April (shown  here ) I came up with this spread in my round journal.

Embracing the inner child is something that brings you freedom and peace.

 I hope to see you at the TIOT's Challenge -CHILDREN-as well as at 
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY - Nature's Wonders
(Children are "Wonders" for sure)

I want to invite to a simple veggie pot for lunch. I drink cold ginger tea with lemon to it.
Veggie soups are my secret weapon now for bringing the weight loss forward.
They fill me enough and as I experiment with very different spices  - it gets not boring at all.
I  lost two more kilos since June .....it's still hard but I will not give up .
My inner child would eat chocolate and icecream and junk food the whole day I think...lol.

 Happy T-Day, TIOT's and AJJ!!!

Donnerstag, 25. August 2016

Nature's Wonders and Beauty

We hope to see you - there are still a fews days rest to participate.

Moo Mania  &  more

is what we want to see at Moo Mania & More !
Hope to see you there as well! 

 Today's spread in one of my Altered Books  is not just meant for those both  themes but I will also link it to PPF where every Friday arty bloggers meet .

 Thank you very much for your visit and have a wonderful weekend!