Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MOO-MANIA ( feathers) - Federn

The new theme over on MOO -MANIA 
You are all invited to take part!
A Moo is a little card sized 2.8 x 7 centimeters, or approximately 1.1 x 2.8 inches.

Das neue MOO -MANIA Thema heisst Federn!
Bitte macht wieder zahlreich mit!
Ein Moo ist ein kleines Format
2,8 x 7 cm.

Make this little nest embellishment with Lindsay´s free turorial !
Lindsay is my favourite frugal crafter!
Thank you Lindsay!
click here:

  it´s the time of the week when Julia from WOYWW gets us 
all together to have a look at desks from all over the world..

this week I want to show you
just my new project...

there is a big spread  page covered with old bookpages-
and so the idea came to me to guide  you to this helpful video this week how to make very cheap
Mod Podge or Gelmedium .

I make it with a very cheap white glue from a "One Euro Store"(the 100g bottle  really is to get there for Euro 1,-)
and yes and yeah- this is a fabulous  glue for me! Maybe this DIY  version can give a yellow glow after a couple of years and doesn’t hold as long as the real podge - but I don´t care about this....
I am not the  great artist and my pages are not built for eternity...
and my next experiment will be this all at home made Mod Podge


  1. Well, you know anything with book pages will win my heart - can't wait to see what it becomes, and thanks for the glue tips...

    Gorgeous MOO - love the colours, and that tiny nest is so adorable!

    I've missed a few, but happy to be back (and with my mother in tow this time!)... Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  2. Vielen Dank für den Mod Podge Tip!

    Liebe Grüsse aus ihre Nachbarland, Tschechien..


  3. dein Moo ist der absolute Knaller!!!!

  4. Ein traumhaft schönes Moo, liebste Susi.

    Danke für die hilfreichen Links. Bin auch gespannt, was Du mit den zusamemngebapten Buchseiten kreieren wirst.

  5. Das Moo ist entzückend, liebe Susi,

    und dein Buchseiten-Projekt sieht schon jetzt sehr vielversprechend aus! Mehr, mehr!!!! :)

    Dir noch einen wunderschönen, tief-verschneiten Workdesk-Wednesday!

    Claudia x

  6. The little Moo at the top of your post is just gorgeous! Great tip on how to make Mod Podge too, thank you for that. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #33

  7. Your moo is fantastic, Susi! I was surprised to see TMTA is active again, I didn't know.

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about my quilted table runner susi. I will be entering the new moo challenge - feathers in a few days. I am away from home at the moment but will be back at the weekend when I will create a moo!

  9. I may be one of the few people that does not like Mod me it never really dries and has a sticky feel to it (we live in a place that gets humid and very hot in the summer)...your homemade looks like a super idea!

    I Love your moo with the feather and precious nest. I LOVE making wire nests too such fun!

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

  10. Me too - I want it to fix/glue/hod now and am not remotely interested in the future of my works!! Thanks for sharing the video, I shall be venturing into a pound shop near here very soon!
    Like the book pages glues together as a single page backing...great idea.

  11. Hallo Susi,

    Boah,dein Moo ist absolut Traumhaft,das kleine Nest ist ja der Knaller,unglaublich auch schön mit den Federn,ich bin ganz begeistert,eine traumhaft schöne Gestaltung.
    Boah,deine Ideen mit dem Mod podge sind ja genial,das muss ich auch unbedingt mal probieren,auf deine Sachen die du gerade machst bin ich ja schon sehr gespannt,wird bestimmt der Knaller wieder.
    Wünsch Dir und deinen Lieben auch schöne Ostern.

    GLG Jeannette

  12. Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog Susi. I love your work, especially your altered book. I am just making one myself for the course I am taking, but have to draw all the pictures myself. I will post it on my blog when it is finished.

  13. Great Moo Mania piece especially the nest and egs. lovely. Francesca #79

  14. Sehr, sehr schönes Stück auch, dass die Seite von Ihrem vorherigen Beitrag!
    Gruse Patrice

  15. was für ein schönes nest auf deinem moo!
    unser kater hat heute morgen mal wieder ein rotkehlchen erlegt, federn hätte ich also *grummel* (da könnte ich ihn!!). aber vielleicht finde ich doch noch die zeit, etwas zu stempeln...

  16. Happy WOYWW - Fabulous Moo. Thanks for mod podge tip. Gill x #75

  17. A beautiful moo! I love the little nest!
    Alison x

  18. Fabulous colours on your moo ! And the design is great too ! Hope you have a very happy Easter ! Ali #159

  19. A fabulous Moo. Your nest is just too cute.

  20. From one Frugal Artist to another...Thank you for Lindsay's link. I think you're very practical about the Mod Podge. I don't worry about the yellowing either.
    I really like your Moo. :)

  21. I love the bird tag with the nest. I work with matt medium for my collage and have been told that wallpaper paste works just as well but I have not tried it yet.

    Karen #167

  22. Gorgeous tag! Love the stamping, colors and sweet little nest.

  23. Fabulous Moo - love your colour palette and the nest is inspired. Have a great week MMx #141

  24. I love your moo! That nest is precious and way to go with making your own modepodge!

  25. wonderful, the nest turned out great!


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