Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Capsella (plant)*** Hirtentäschel

Hello to Elizabeth and all the T Stands for Tuesday  bloggers. This is the first time I am joining in. I was a coffee girl since my childhood and didn't think that I can live without coffee...but since nearly a whole month I am on detox.. hope it will help me through  premenopause  - I feel so much better now  - better sleep , less nervosity! Why did I do this not earlier? Now I am a herbal tea freak and I bought for the next time "Capsella" to drink three cups every day ..
 it 's intended to help to relieve strong menstrual bleeding - hope it will help me. 

 I put the teacup on my latest art-project - it is a canvas made out of a cardboard packaging - but not finished yet - and I made a little digi-collage with a capsella .

 Thank you for stopping by!

Ich bin grad auf Kaffee-Entzug (seit einem Monat) das soll mir in der Premenopause helfen -ich schlafe inzwischen besser und bin auch viel weniger nervös. Ich trinke nun viel Kräutertee- oben hab ich meinen neuen Hirtentäscheltee fotofgrafiert, der soll helfen starke Monatsblutungen zu lindern - die Tasse steht auf meinem letzten Mixed Media Projekt , einem Keilrahmen gewerkelt aus einer Kartonverpackung eines Spiegels- aber er ist noch nicht fertig. Ich hab auch eine kleine digitale Collage gemacht mit einem Hirtentäschel. Ich mach mit bei


  1. Hi Susi - i cannot imaging giving up coffee but I should at least cut down! Well done! Nikki xx

  2. Cinnamon tea is very good for bleeding. You just steep the cinnamon sticks for an hour or so.
    Lovely artwork.

  3. I never drink coffee,always tea for me! I do sympathise with you Susi,I have the dreaded hot flushes and it's really horrible :(

    Love the piece you created,unique as always!

    Thank you for your advice re making my own journal,I think I will try that as they are sooooo expensive otherwise.

    Donna xx

  4. Sehr schön, und ich hoffe sehr, dass es Dir hift. ABER - ich kann nie und nimmer vorstellen, Kaffee aufzugeben! Oh no no no!!! Gut das ich schon so alt bin! Gutenacht, LG, Valerie

  5. Hi Susi, If you miss your coffee you could try de-caffinated.

  6. Sorry about your health issue, hope it fixes it
    Bridget #1

  7. I'm another person who cannot imagine giving up coffee, but I'm glad you feel better now that you are detoxing.

    That canvas intrigues me. I look forward to seeing the completed artwork. And of course, I like the looks of your tea ball and tea, too.

    Thanks for joining T this Tuesday. We are delighted to have you.

  8. I'm a coffee in the morning but tea in the afternoon fan. I've never heard of the herbal tea you are drinking but the art work it inspired you to create is lovely. Happy you joined us on T Tuesday


  9. Taking care of your health is very important...happy you found the medicinal tea to help you Susi!
    Lovely to see you for tea and to see your tea inspired artwork too
    Happy T Day

  10. Beautiful art project, and tea cup! I do hope the tea works for you and you get some relief! Welcome to the group...happy T Day

  11. Well done for giving up coffee. I am sure I should as I don't sleep much at all.I do drink herbal teas as well but I guess one cancels out the other.

    Beautiful artwork as always

    Love Chrissie x

  12. ich wünsch dir viel erfolg mit dem tee! ích mag das hirtentäschelkraut auch als fotografin sehr gern wegen der feinen kleinen herzblätter. unaufdringlich, aber schön! auch deine verpackung ist gut verarbeitet!

  13. ich mag die digi-collage und bin auch schon sehr gespannt auf dein fertiges mixed media projekt!

    mach dir nix draus, susi! ich hab auch vor einiger zeit fast ganz aufgehört mit dem kaffee-trinken und bin auf tee umgeschwänkt. da gibt es ja soooo viele tolle sorten, die man ausprobieren kann und die echt lecker sind! hirschtäschel-tee hab ich noch nicht probiert... ich hoffe, er erfüllt nicht die weisheit: nur was grauslich is, das is echt gsund! ;)

    glg, tina

  14. Looks like a lovely project under that pretty cup. More power to ya for giving up coffee. I would have a terrible time! But if you feel better, it is worth it.
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  15. So glad that you have hopefully found a solution in the herbal tea.

    The digi art you created is lovely and soothing itself in color. Good advice from Hippocrates, too!

  16. What lovely art! And yay you for finding a shift that makes you feel better!

  17. Hello Susi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog for T-Day, and welcome to the groups, quite a mix of coffee, tea and water drinkers. Myself, I have to have my coffee, then water and then in the afternoons ANYTHING cold, as I live in the southern half of California, USA where today it is only going to hit 102' (F)

    LOVE your cup and art work.
    Hope to see you again next week.

  18. HI Susi! I had to cut waaay back on my caffeine too for perimenopause. I tried to go decaff but i just didn't like it so i buy Folgers Half Caff which has half the caffeine and i really like it. I changed the soda i drink too to a caffeine free soda. And i do feel better. Watch how much chocolate you eat too as it has caffeine in it too. Hope all goes well...... Hugs! deb

  19. As a former coffee I can relate. I never thought it possible to give it up ...but it became necessary a couple of years back and now that those health issues have been resolved I have elected to not go back to the addiction. I will have a special once in a great while but not every day. Beautiful art. Good luck with the dreaded menopause it sucks.


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