Monday, August 11, 2014

the CREATIVE BLOG TOUR - me & Frida

 I am again - as so often in recent months too , addicted to the ongoing topic 
which this month is : FRIDA♥♥♥
there are so many truly amazing entries yet - it's just awesome and so inspiring!
I made a very quick spread in my Altered Book with a free stencil from spraypaintstencils.

Also sharing this with Art Journal Every Day

And now for the exiting part of this post !

 The lovely Donna 

tagged me to participate in a tour around 
to discover how others create. Donna is such a creative and talented blogger
and I really
adore her work and creative style.
Be sure to hop over to Donna  and say hi ...

I have to answer some questions - here they are:

What am I working on? I am going to construct a new cover for loose Journal pages.
How does my work differ from others of its genre? What, indeed, makes my work recognizable as mine and how does it differ from many others? I don't know I think I'll ask you to answer that one.
Why do I create what I do?
Because I can't not. You might as well ask me to stop breathing.
I do what I do, because Art Journaling and Mixed Media Art is something that I love and that I am passionate about. You know that old saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Yep, that’s exactly how I feel about creating Mixed Media, Art Journaling and blogging.
How does your writing/creative process work? My creating process is only when I’m inspired. But I am inspired the most of my time- lol .
Every morning I make sure to have my quiet time to work in one of my Journals, Altered Books or on loose pages . It’s not always easy to make time for this but I need this quiet time for my spirit and creative process. The most inspiration comes to me from other bloggers, Pinterest ,You Tube and from the two Challenge Blogs I am running. So there is always something to create.

I  managed to get at least one  new blogger to continue the chain yet - 
please visit my very talented Mixed Media Blog friend 

 She will post next Monday!


  1. Fabulous art page.Love the title.It was fun reading about you.I am so envious that you have enough motivation and inspiration and TALENT to work on your passion everyday.I wish I was that driven.:-)

  2. Hello Susi, I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions, clear and to the point, and very inspiring. If we want to make art then we have to make the time, you are right.
    Super Frida page too, love the oranges and greens.

  3. Another fantastic Frida, Susi ~ she's beautiful. And I LoVe the words you added.

    Thanks for playing along in August heART and for sharing the pickle story - I loved hearing that!

  4. Love your Frida post, and brave of you to join in the blog hop! Good answers, too! I always make time for art, just leave out things like H*******K! Ups, ich bin wieder in die falsche Sprache, sorry! Dir einen schönen Tag, LG, Valerie

  5. Wonderful Frida again,Susi. Well done on the blog tour,thank you so much for joining in with me,I really appreciate it and it's fun reading the answers to your questions. Will email you later :)

    Big hugs to a wonderful artist

    Donna xx

  6. You are lucky to have scored that free stencil. Stencils are SO expensive, and you found the perfect way to use it.

    I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you, but I could tell you were driven just from visiting your blog this past month or so. Gifted, too, I might add. You make altered book pages come to life.

  7. Deine Sucht anzuschauen, macht aber viel Spaß - lach - also weiter so

  8. You are inspiring to everyone else too! A whirl of creativity this summer, it doesn't seem to stop and all your Frida's are marvelous xox

  9. Wonderful post Susi and terrific to get to know about you. I always look forward to seeing what you have made and am inspired to do something myself--you did start me journaling :)

    Love Chrissie x

  10. Deine Frida Kreationen sind immer fabelhaft, liebe sie sehr! Und jedes Mal gibt es ja auch andere Ausführungen, einzigartig sind die ja! Schön dass die liebe Jenny mitmacht! LG, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  11. A wonderful post to read and again inspiring art work.

  12. Powerful! I love the contrast between the portrait made of shadows and the vibrant colors in the background. Blessings!

  13. Love your new Frida spread and the words. Thank you for the info on your creative thoughts. Hugs Annette x

  14. Hi Susi! How are you? I finally managed to hop over, I've been so busy..

    What a wonderful post, so nice to get to know you a bit more. It was not easy to get people to do it, not sure what the big deal is. Well done!
    Another gorgeous Frida!! I love seeing her around the blog land. Such a great theme.
    Ingrid xx

  15. Great Frida and I really love you answers to the questions . Especially the "BECAUSE I CAN NOT !" statement . I tell those who ask me why I'm always making something and my response is " I am not complete unless I am creative...
    it fills my void"

  16. Susi-
    I too loved reading about you as I feel we are kindred souls! Your comment about asking you not to breath is so true- it is such a huge piece of us!! Your quote used is the perfect one for this about loving what you do!! And as for your work/art- your style is definitely all your own and I know it when I see it and I love it!!!
    Thank you for sharing about yourself and I look forward to reading about Jeannette!!
    Huge hugs my friend across the globe! xoxo

  17. hallöchen :)

    ich habe ein kleines gewinnspiel gestartet und möchte dich herzlich dazu einladen ;)

    vielleicht bis bald,


  18. Lovely art and interesting post! :) Thank you.

  19. Love your Frida page. Looks like you are having fun.:)

  20. Susi, this is a wonderful piece showing your version of Frida!

  21. LOVE your Frida journal spread. She was her own muse, wasn't she?

  22. Your Frida page is awesome, and you will enjoy making your own art journal so much! thank you for stopping by my blog, appreciate your comment!

  23. I love Frida!
    Your project is very nice, mysterius green Frida and burning background looks great.

  24. Was eine ausdrucksstarke und farbenfrohe Seite!! Eins meiner Lieblings-Frida´s :) Mix It Monthly ♥ Conny


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