Tuesday, September 2, 2014

T- Stands For Tuesday

 Since Sunday we have just bad weather - it's raining dogs
that's why my Rhodesian Ridgebacks have absolutely no desire to be outside./
Seit Sonntag regnet es hier pausenlos und das ist absolut nicht das Wetter, das meine 
Rhodesian Ridgebacks zum draußen sein inspiriert.

Lying on the couch is much more comfortable / Es ist viel bequemer am Sofa zu flanieren.

Maybe such colorful rain - outfits could help? We will see if we can order such outfits online - 
meanwhile they enjoy the couch, dog treats and stroke units. And mistress enjoys a  cup of tea !
Vielleicht könnten solche lustigen Outfits die Hunde-Laune heben , mal sehen,  vielleicht kann man sowas online bestellen und in der Zwischenzeit genießen sie die Couch, Hundeleckerlis und Streicheleinheiten während Frauchen ein Tässchen Tee genießt!


  1. Deine Hunde sind spitze - und klug! Di einen schönen Tag! GLG, Valeie
    PS Die Sonne scheint heute!

  2. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are wonderful dogs, we have two as well and love them so much. Ganz liebe Gruesse von unseren zwei an deine zwei. Wuff.

  3. Die zwei wissen wie man es sich gut gehen lässt :-). Meine drei haben mit ihrem langen Fell nichts gegen Regen, sehen dann aber immer aus wie begossene Pudel. Ich wünsch euch trockenes Wetter und lasse liebe Grüße da, Dagmar.

  4. Your dogs are very wise to stay in and enjoy a nice lie down. The coats would be fun Susi.

    Love Chrissie x

  5. What incredibly beautiful dogs. I must confess, I've never heard of Rhodesian Ridgebacks before. But they are beautiful dogs and it looks like they would never shed, a bonus in my eyes.

    Love the mug. That concept is SO cute. I bet they would look good in any of the outfits on the mug (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your adorable beauties with us, as well as your cute mug for T this Tuesday.

  6. I'm glad someone else's dogs take over the furniture as much as mine do! xox

  7. awe, your sweet pups look VERY comfy o the couch! Fun mug too. Happy T day!

  8. I have not heard of Rhodesian Ridgebacks dogs either, but hen I had not heard of the Vizsula breed either until I got one. Your RRs are beautiful and with the short hair coats inside is best when the weather is bad. My dog is super spoiled, but very loveable as I am sure your two are too.......grin

    Mug is as cute as can be.
    Happy T-day

  9. Your dogs are doing just the right thing for a rainy day, curling up on the couch.

    The mug is so cute.


  10. What a cute mug! Love that handle :)

    I've never seen that dog breed in person, but they look interesting. And smart, to find such a cozy spot to spend a rainy day.

  11. Not only beautiful dogs, but smart, too!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Oh my, I <3 that mug!! Your dogs are beautiful :D Happy T day :D
    Thank you for your commenton my T post too :D

  13. Your dogs look so adorable and that cup is so cute.

  14. very handsome dogs, and an adorable cup! yes, I definitely think colorful coats are in order... :)

  15. What a perfect mug for a dog lover. My friend bought Rhodesian Ridgebacks when we both lived in East Africa.

  16. Total niedlich deine beiden Ridgies.
    Kann sie voll verstehen, bei Leckerlies und Streicheleinheiten sag ich auch nicht nein. :)
    Die Tasse ist total süß mit den bunten Hunden.So bunte Rückenwärmer kann man leicht selber nähen aus alten T-Shirts.Eine Bekannte hat für ihren Ridgie mal nen Schlafanzug genäht, weil er sich Nachts immer freigestrampelt hat und fror, und dann vor ihrem Bett stand und jaulte.
    LG Sabine

  17. LOVE this scenario...precious are the dogs...and I WANT THAT MUG...LOVE IT....MY whole family would love it....do you know the line or artist that created it?

  18. Your beautiful dogs and your mug really made me smile today! Happy T day!

  19. Your dogs are looking so comfy, and so is mine right now laying between hubster and I right now! Mine is not keen on the rain either, or the dark!
    Love your cup. I think your dogs would rather not wear those though! It would ruin their street cred! Lol!

  20. Smart dogs to stay inside on such a miserable day ♥


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