Tuesday, December 2, 2014


No doubt that winter has come, and with it, the fascination of a very special season.
Today I have a spread to share inspired by all the trees around me .. I so love the woods!
It's meant for MOO MANIA & MORE.
Zweifelsohne ist der Winter nun da und damit beginnt eine faszinierende neue  Jahreszeit .
Heute hab ich eine Doppelseite zu zeigen, die angeregt durch die vielen Bäume um mich entstanden ist und die meine Liebe zu den Wäldern widerspiegelt. Gedacht für MOO MANIA & MORE .

Outside it is fairly cold and I started with christmas baking.
My first biscuits are traditional  vanilla crescent cookies.
They turned out very delicious this year,  maybe because of the walnuts I took instead of the hazelnuts or almonds I took usually. And I counted them: 193 -- I am proud of myself!

Es ist ziemlich kalt und so hab ich meine Weihnachtsbäckerei eingeläutet. Traditionell beginne ich jedes Jahr mit den Vanillekipferln, die mir heuer super gelungen sind, vielleicht liegt es an den Walnüssen anstatt der Haselnüsse oder Mandeln, die ich sonst immer verwende. Und ich habe sie gezählt: 193 --- Ich bin mächtig stolz auf mich!

After baking cookies , for an oversweetened tummy
the very best drink is and will always remain
Nach der anstrengenden Backarbeit und einem übersüßtem Magen gibt es nichts wohltuenderes als 

 a glass of beer!
ein Glas Bier. 

HAPPY T- DAY to all my wonderful friends over at


  1. Beautiful pages Susi, your sky reminds me of a crisp cold day when the light is just perfect for taking pictures.

    Great words, Nature always teaches but we don't always listen.

    How good are you baking all those biscuits! Think i should sample one or two so will pop over later for biccies & beer.

    Have a fabulous day:-) xxx

  2. wunderschöne Waldlandschaft im Winterrausch die hast du gezaubert!
    Ach und die Vanillikipferle wie lecker und so viel da warste fleissig es duftet bis zu mir mmmmm...!
    Schöne Adventzeit wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  3. Dein Waldbild ist sehr schön, und der Spruch gefällt mir gut. Ich liebe Bäume und die Natur auch. Dei Kipfeln sehen SEHR gut aus, yummy! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Was für eine tolle Waldszene! Biah du warst ja fleißig - ich will auch zum Wochenende backen - vorher habe ich wieder jeden Tag irgendwelche Termine - die besinnliche Virweuhnachtszeut - gröhl. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag, liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  5. Wow, Susi, if this is your first baking of the Christmas season, I want to be invited to your house on Christmas day. I bet it will be a feast. But you can keep your beer. I'll bring my own coffee, since you don't have any at your place, anymore (grin).

    Thanks for sharing these lovely Christmas biscuits with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. I forgot to tell you what a gorgeous spread that is of your trees. I like your quote, too.

  7. Wonderful pages Susi with terrific colour choices as always.

    The biscuits look very yummy and will go nicely with a beer--non alcoholic for me though :)

    Love Chrissie x

  8. Cookies look beautiful! Love your words about the trees. xox

  9. schöne Doppelseite über bäume, die ich auch so liebe, und den klasse spruch dazu!
    hab auch schon vanillekipferl gebacken, aber höchstens halb so viele wie du (das Problem: ich ess die meisten selber;) die kinders sind unter der Woche nicht da)... ansonsten: prost! (bei mir wär das jetzt ein pils, ich mags ein bisschen herb)

  10. Those cookies look wonderful, I make something similar with Providl in it yummyyy

    Bridget #1

  11. Hallo Susi,
    Ich liebe Vanillekipferl, die überstrahlen selbst deine tolle Collage. ;-)
    LG Sadie

  12. love the trees and the quote and especially the biscuits and beer..cheers

  13. Those are such lovely cookies! I've never made anything like this. I can tell you're in for a yummy Christmas season :)

  14. I really like your tree spread and the quote. I posted a similar tree poem yesterday - with with a photo and not artwork.

    I would eat too many of those cookies if I were around. Good think I can only see them.


  15. I think you better count your biscuits again, cause I just helped myself.....I LOVE these!

    A WONDERFUL journal entry Susie and the sentiment is not only perfect but so true.

    Happy T-day

  16. Beautiful tree spread.! Oh oh those are my favorite cookies (bsicuit) I'll be right over...well wish I could. I'd even try your beer tho milk would probably be better. Happy T day! Nan & the Girls

  17. Ha! you made me smile about the beer! gorgeous cookies...I hope you will be sharing them with a lot of friends because that's a lot of cookies! Love your spread with pine trees...they are lovely covered in snow! happy T day!

  18. Well what a treat today! Gorgeous page,wonderful quote and oh my those biscuits I want them all! Super talented Susi :))

    Big hugs
    Donna xxx

  19. Beautiful page and a lovely quote. The biscuits look delicious.
    Yvonne x

  20. Hallo Susi,
    ich staune, was du für tolle Bilder malst. Deine Landschaft gefällt mir ganz ausgezeichnet. Deine Vanillekipferl sehen auch sehr lecker aus.
    Liebe Grüße, Anja

  21. Coole Kombination - ich meine die Kipferln mit dem Bier. Hi, hi. Ulrike

  22. You, my dear Susi! Make me smile!! I love your journal, your quote and would love to taste those cookies! Yum!! xoxo

  23. Hello and Happy T Day! I LOOOVE those trees, gorgeous! Great poem to go with it too. YUMMY cookies!

  24. Hmmmm would you share the recipe for those crescents??? They are gorgeous! Happy T day~ Hugs! deb

  25. Yum all around.
    Glad you like the poem .
    Please post your tree pages on
    thanks for visiting!

  26. Those cookies look delicious!! Sooo many!! Wow!
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  27. Lovely lovely page - I love your snowy trees, and I can feel the crisp fresh air. Wonderful words too...

    Am so envious of those beautiful Vanillekipferln - we made some last year with my niece and nephew (and Haselnusstaler), and now I know we have to do it again!!
    Alison xx

  28. Love your journal page!! So beautiful. Those cookies looks delish as well. I don't believe I've ever followed up cookies with beer but I'd certainly give it a try. ;)
    Happy late T day!


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