Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Try It On Tuesday - In The Frame

We have a new theme over at Try It On Tuesday which is
I came up with this hybrid piece.
I framed a journal page digital

 this was the original  page

As I used a swirl stamp here I will link to MOO MANIA & MORE - "SWIRLS" as well.
Eine handgemachte Journalseite, die ich digital gerahmt habe  für TIOT und Moo Mania & More.

and a hybrid page for AJJ with an older handmade background, an image from Land Of Nod Studio's and free brushes.
 und eine hybride Seite für AJJ mit einem älteren handgemachten Hintergrund , einem Land Of Nod Studio's Bildchen und free brushes.

Wishing a happy T-Day to all my friends at TSFT!
I am still trying to loose weight.
But it is quite hard for me and I am not strict enough and eat to much icecream and chocolate and instead of decreasing weight furthermore I gained two kilos of weight ---grrr
But I won't give up and  so  hope I will manage to come to the right path again.
Here are two of my current menues .. I hope that veggies and good will and good unsweetened tea will bring success. I really wished icecream and chocolate would not be soo attractive to me.



  1. Lovely work Susi, both pages are GREAT, Yes, chocolate and ice seem to be very attractive! Wonderful post today, hugs, Valerie

  2. The dishes look tasty and I hope your diet is going well Susi.

    Love the digital art on both of your pieces and they are very different with beautiful colours and images

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Lovely creative piece and full of delightful colour...cute image too. The food looks tempting.xx
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  4. Oh Susi - well do I know that battle with chocolate - especially as I looooove chocolate and chilli!!
    i do love your work - so whimsical and such fun - especially the second piece!

  5. I love your framed art piece. The beautifully coloured things were so delicately framed.
    AJ page is so fun (I've made a card with the same lady long time ago).
    Have a wonderful day, Susi,
    hugs xx

  6. Hallo Susi,
    eine wundervolle Jouralseite
    und deine beiden "Veggie-gerichte" schauen auch ganz brauchbar aus.
    Meine Waage, wo ist sie bloß???? hoffentlich weit weg.
    Ich kämpfe auch immer.
    Lg und einen sonnigen Tag.

  7. What lovely art you created for us this Tuesday. I like your hybrid entries and the swirls are wonderful. Of course, I also like the AJJ entry. How nice of you to leave a link to Land of Nod Studio's freebies. I had a look and loved what I saw.

    I can live without chocolate bars, but I can't seem to live without ice cream now that the weather is so unbearably hot. But your diet food and unsweetened tea look fresh and delightful. I wish you success with your diet.

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic art, the great link, and your wonderful diet food and tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  8. Beide Bilder gefallen mir sehr gut, sie
    haben schöne Farben. Und die Dame
    im zweiten hat so ein nettes Lächeln :))
    Wünsche Dir viel Erfolg beim Abnehmen,
    mach doch selber Eis und lass den Zucker
    weg :)) Und Schokolade darfst Du, aber
    nur einen Riegel pro Tag, und für den solltest
    Du Dich hinsetzen und ihn richtig genießen.
    Dann weiß Dein Kopf, er hat Schokolade
    bekommen und gibt Ruhe bis zum nächsten Tag :))

    Wünsche Dir einen tollen Tag!

    Liebe Grüße
    Tinna ✐

  9. Yup, ice cream and chocolate are certainly appealing. But they say at least the chocolate is good for you. Hmmm. Love your pieces today. Lots of interesting images.

  10. Great depth in your first AJ Susi...and that lady on the second page made me smile, she is too funny! And uhhh good luck with your special meals!!!
    Greetings, Alie :-)

  11. Your art is absolutely fabulous! Such magical pages... I sympathise with you weight struggles, but must say that the veg soup looks very tasty. For me, Austria is all about Frittaten Suppe, Semmel Knödel, and meat stews! There is a special taste of the most excellent home-made stock in almost everything that I love so much! Happy T-Day!

  12. Busy Tuesday for you. wonderful imagery and the frame is fun. xox

  13. Two wonderful pieces Susi, the digital frame looks good around your fantastic page.
    The food looks delicious and tasty, good luck with the diet, but chocolate sure appeals to me as well.
    Yvonne xx

  14. A magical journal page, Susi, beautifully framed too. The lady on the second page is so wonderful and brings a huge smile.

    Ah, chocolate and ice-cream are my cravings too, they are difficult to resist. But I'm sure your veggie diet will give result soon enough. Sometimes it just take some time.

    Have wonderful healthy week, sweetie!

    Love and hugs

  15. Love the journal page, and framing it was a brilliant idea hugs Bee

  16. Wow wow wow, so beautiful Susi!! I love the bird and those amazing flowers! What a clever idea for the frame theme, well done! hugs :)

  17. Susi, love the background the depth and the colors of this.
    Hugz, Z

  18. Susi, love the background the depth and the colors of this.
    Hugz, Z

  19. beautiful pages Susi and I love the transparent frame over the first one! Your veggie food plates look fabulous. Good luck with staying on track, and a happy T day!

  20. I think your china pattern is striking. Just enough of a pattern, but not busy. Nice! Good luck on the diet. I've about decided the universe wants me to be at a certain weight no matter what I do. Humph! I hope your luck with your weight changes :)

  21. Great art Susi !!!! Dieting SUCKS!! I keep trying but I'm just addicted to food it seems. I even gorge on chips and cookies now and I never did that before :-/ But I keep trying :)

  22. Love both fantastic pages... great art digital today, Susi! Beautiful colours and design.
    Mar xx

  23. Lovely art pieces. I've gained a little back as well. That's what happens around any holiday for me. Too many treats and drinks. :)
    Happy T day!

  24. Love these pages - the image on the second one just makes me smile! Well done, Susi.

  25. Love these pages - the image on the second one just makes me smile! Well done, Susi.

  26. Ice cream is so tempting in the summer, but on the other hand this is the time when vegetables are at their freshest and tastiest, so they are tempting too. Thanks for sharing your lovely art and photos.

  27. Great works Susi!. Hang on in there. I find it so much harder now that I am older to stick to a diet or even start one. Why do all the tastiest things have to be fattening.

  28. Lovely artwork as always liebe Susi.
    Your purple hatted lady is oh so charming!
    Don't be too hard on yourself about your diet. It is hard when there are so many treats waiting to tempt us.
    I try and eat just a little of things like chocolate and other yummy sweets.
    Portion control is where I can go wrong very easily.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day oxo

  29. Großartig wie immer Susi!

  30. Großartig wie immer Susi!

  31. ganz ganz tolle stücke wider,liebe susi.
    dein veggie essen sieht lecker aus,ich esse gemüse soo gern,aber leider jetzt zur zeit sehr viel eis,und die waage,blos weg damit,ich will gar nicht wissen was ich wiege *LOL*
    viel glück beim abnehmen,das fängt meist im kopf an :-)
    schönen abend noch.

    hugs jenny

  32. I love all kinds of foods too much--including chocolate and ice cream. ;)
    Pretty pages. Soft colors. Happy T-Day!

  33. I adore your pages - your lady looks very happy with her size! I am not happy with mine and I also wish you success reaching your goal! It is so hard to give up foods you love - I used to eat lots of chocolate but now I have diabetes it is an occasional treat and I only have a small piece of my favourite! My downfall is bread and cheese so you can imagine how happy I am to find French bread seems to be better for me!! Your two dishes look delicious! Happy T day! Chrisxx

  34. Great art works as always :D Best wishes on the diet change - I know it's not easy.
    Happy T Day :D

  35. Also ich liebe Deine Mixed Media Kunstwerke wirklich sehr! Herrlich ist das mit der originellen Dame und auf dem anderen Kunstwerk steh' ich total auf den süßen, kleinen Tulpenstrauß! Und diese Hintergründe sind immer so toll! Magst Du nicht mal ein Mixed Media Tutorial machen? Oder einen Mixed Media online Kurs? Ich tät' echt gerne mal bei Dir in die Lehre gehen. GLG derweil und übrigens, Deine Veggie-Gerichte sehen super-lecker aus :)

  36. Yay, 2 fab creations to enjoy Susi, I love it when you spoil us all ;)
    Forget the weight, just eat and be happy...treats are good every now and then
    Biggest hugs
    Donna xxx

  37. Well done Susi! Not only do you master the painted page but the digital page as well!! When will you post a teaching tutorial for digital for us? lol

    Your meals look yummy- hang in there- I understand that temptation-a bit of chocolate once in awhile is okay- just not for breakfast lunch and dinner! heehee xoxo

  38. Aaahhh don't worry you will get back with it! The trick is to not stay too long with the chocolate and icecream.... step away from it... don't beat yourself up about it... whats done is done and get get back with it... Happy happy tday! hugs! deb

  39. Enjoyed your various frames, the art looks so different taken in small segments like that. Your meals look good and I prefer my tea unsweetened so that would suit me fine.


  40. Das erste Bild ist ein Traum!! Durch den Rahmen erhält es den letzten Schliff ... klasse!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  41. Wow Sisi, mouth-dropping creations!
    Can't even think of doing anything like that!

  42. I really like the digital framing on your art work.

    I am also trying to get some weight off......again.....seems to be my LIFE goal....LOL
    Your veggies look yummy....I do like vegetables so that helps....sort of.....if I would leave the sweets alone they would do better...LOL

    Thanks for the T-day visit and the comment

  43. Two wonderful pages Susi, the digital framing really works.
    Good luck with the diet - it is hard - I love chocolate and icecream too and cake!!
    Avril xx

  44. Two wonderful pages Susi, the digital framing really works.
    Good luck with the diet - it is hard - I love chocolate and icecream too and cake!!
    Avril xx

  45. Great page, great idea to use a digital frame.


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