Tuesday, September 8, 2015

T- Stands for COOL TEA

First there comes a very quick sketch today on an old book page. Inspired by this photo . Zuerst eine echt schnelle Zeichnung heute auf einer alten Buchseite - inspiriert von diesem Foto.

 We have Tuesday again and it's time for Elizabeth and the 

 I tried out COOL tea - my daughter wanted to test it - it's  meant to infuse with cold water.
It tastes not bad - but for me way to artificially flavoured - I think it's not necessary to pay 
much more for this kind of tea than for  other good teabags on the market. It needs 8 minutes to get the aromas out - (long for my taste)
I  like it more to brew up with just a few amount of  boiled water and fill up with cold water afterwords-- same effect and much cheaper.

Meine Tochter wollte unbedingt COOL Tea ausprobieren, tja..also schlecht schmeckt er ja nicht, aber für meinen Geschmack ein wenig zu sehr künstlich aromatisiert. Also ich finde den höheren Preis zu herkömmlichen Teebeuteln nicht gerechtfertigt - ich brühe lieber einen herkömmlichen Tee-Beutel mit ganz wenig kochendem Wasser auf und fülle dann mit kaltem Wasser auf. Zumal für den COOL Tea stolze 8 Minuten Ziehzeit angegeben sind...lang für meinen Geschmack. 

also meant for


49 faces

I made a canvas - it's just an overpainting project - very simple -
I used an old exhibition poster I have stored for years - glued it on the canvas and overpainted 
parts of it with oilpastels and acrylics.


Ein Keilrahmen, sehr einfach gemacht, es ist lediglich ein altes Ausstellungsposter, das ich ewig hier liegen hatte, auf einen Keilrahmen geklebt und mit Ölpastellen und Acrylfarben teilweise übermalt.

Art Journal Journey

Ich verlinke den Keilrahmen auch zu / I link the canvas also to

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  1. Dein Canvas und die Zeichnung mit Cool-tea sind beide sehr schön. Ich habe cool tea in Sommer probiert als es so heiss war, fand ich aber nicht so prickelnd - aber Du weisst was ich lieber trinke! Dir einen schönen Tag und happy t day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Never heard of the tea Susi and I wouldn't want to wait that long for a cuppa either.

    Love the canvas and such a great idea to over paint something--never would have thought of that

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. I think your lovely lady looks better with the cup to her mouth than the photo with the flowers. Yours is beautiful.

    I've never heard of that tea before, but it sounds to me like it was a waste of time and money. At least you can say you tried it.

    I love your windows and the flowers. They look lifelike and the pots they are sitting in are shaded perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely flowers and the Cool tea with us fpr T this Tuesday.

  4. Oh I like that window with the geraniums, so cottage, so pretty. No artificial tea for me, hate those tastes. xox

  5. First of all, I love your "T stands for" part of your post! The sketch you made is absolutely gorgeous! And WOW! The work of art you made with the window and geraniums is so beautiful! I love geraniums - your art makes me think of summer! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talents, Susi!!!!

  6. Hallo Susi,
    dein Blick durchs Fenster ist wieder sagenhaft.
    Cool-Tea habe ich noch nie probiert.
    Lg und schönen Tag.

  7. Oh Susi! I love your post today! The lady drinking her tea and the name of that tea - sounds cool- even though I don't drink tea! Your geranium painting is fabulous - altogether brilliant!! Chris x

  8. Your rendition of Alisa is fantastic Susi! I bet she would be very flattered.
    I don't drink much iced tea, so cannot give any opinions on any type, but I do like the look of the strawberry and orange one.
    I think your floral canvas is beautiful! I hope it will hang on your wall :D Happy T Day :D

  9. Brilliant Susie, another couple of amazing creations! Your "quick sketch", looks stunning and the other piece is just beautiful too, love the way you did the flowers!

  10. Hello and Happy T Day! What beautiful art here, love them!! I am a tea drinker but haven't seen these kinds, will have to look for them. Thanks for sharing!

  11. nix da LEDIGLICH. Gut isses und aufwändig!
    Herzlich Pippa

  12. Your canvas is lovely Susi! I'm so glad you shared this T Tuesday! Hugs! deb

  13. I love those eyes peeking over the cup, and those geraniums in the window are prefect for summer. I haven't had geraniums in years. Maybe I should re-think that :) Happy T Tuesday!

  14. lovely projects Susi- and I especially love your second window scene! I have tried a few "cold" tea bags and found them to be OK but I prefer steeping hot tea and then cooling. Happy T day!

  15. Great pic of the lady drinking tea.
    Not seen Cool Tea in the UK, but 8 mins is a long time to wait for a drink.
    Love what you did with the poster.
    Avril x

  16. Happy T-day Susi!

    I think your lady is fantastic and that window painting is beautiful.

    I'm not a big tea drinker, but that tea doesn't sound tasty at all. I'll just stay with my morning coffee.

  17. Very pretty art! Doesn't sound like a tea worth spending the money on--but you had the adventure of trying it. Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Beautiful pieces you've shared! Love both your drawing over text, and the gorgeous canvas! happy Tea day!

  19. Lovely lady with her cup liebe Susi!
    Your over painted canvas is lovely.
    I am doing more of that and I hope it helps me feel freer about painting down the road.
    Some people like taking tea bags and putting them in a big jar and placing it outside to make "sun tea". Actually the same effect can be had by putting the tea bags in water and just letting them sit...but the name SUN TEA does have a ring to it *gg*
    Happy T Day oxo

  20. Wonderful canvas with those amazing geraniums. Both creations are fabulous. Great post today, Susi! Mar xx

  21. Love your pieces Suze and a wonderful sketch on the book page
    x catherine

  22. Wow beautiful face and window!!

  23. Both of the pages look beautiful. The flowers on the window ledge look wonderful.
    Yvonne xx

  24. Love the art today!!! The tea is interesting.... most times those modern convenient products are so not want the say they are.

  25. Nice! Your window view looks so summery and cheery with those flowers. We don't have Cool Tea here so I am not sure what it is, but that woman drinking tea-maybe Ice tea- is a beautiful sketch too!

  26. I love your tea drinking lady and the geraniums too. I've not tried tea like this, but one of the things I like about tea is that it is hot and comforting, so I've never been drawn to cold teas. xx

  27. You got great effects with the substrates that you used for your art this week. The sketch looks great over the book page, and the painting looks good over the creased old poster. I always enjoy seeing your art. Happy T Day!

  28. Forgot to ask how you are enjoying your quiet days with the kids back to school?

  29. Love your sketch over the book page - nothing quite like a cuppa and a good story. Cold tea - no thanks, especially if it is full of artificial flavours!
    The painting is fabulous - the geraniums are so vibrant against the grey windows.

  30. Das Geranienfenster finde ich ja zu schön, weil es mich an meine Kindheit und die Besuche bei Omi erinnert, die ihre Veranda voll mit zig Geranien hatte! Ich mag total das Rot und Pink zusammen! LG Ulrike

  31. Beautiful works of art Susi, love them both. I'm a coffee girl myself xxx

  32. Welch wundervoller Fensterschmuck. Bei dem Anblick habe ich ein so schön heimeliges Gefühl.
    Grüße Silvia

  33. I've never tried cool tea but I'd rather it hot!Love your sketch and your canvas. Inspiring, my friend!Happy T-Day! :)

  34. Adore, adore, adore! Two amazing works. I love your take sketch of Alisa, it is fab! And your gorgeous window. I love trying different teas! I keep getting new ones LOL! Thanks again for the link up and shout out for Show Your Face. Kx

  35. Und es ist einmalig schön Susi!! Den Keilrahmen würde ich mir sofort aufhöngen!! http://mix-it-monthly.blogspot.de

  36. Such a beautiful window with its pink flowers to contrast and brighten it all up! Cool tea piece too, I love tea!

  37. I simply love all you are doing... Thanks Susi for who you are. You are a great inspire!!
    Warm regards
    Mariane # 59


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