Monday, November 2, 2015

John Lennon's cousin and a review to an older tag

I was inspired by Andy Warhol's John Lennon portrait - o.k. mine turned out a bit more  like maybe a cousin of John Lennon...but no matter -  another (No 46) portrait for

49 faces


I took Autumn COLOURS for it -
so it fits
Art Journal Journey

as well.

 And for Elizabeth's
I checked the  blog statistics and found out that my most clicked post ever was in 2013
with this tag. (711 page views --wow)

Original POST here

Ein John Lennon Portrait und eine Rückschau auf ein Tag aus 2013, das laut Blogstatistik mein
meistgeklickter Blogpost seit Anbeginn dieses Blogs war - / stolze 711 x wurde es angeklickt -wow! 


  1. Da gab es sicher stille Post: "da müsst ihr mal gucken", "da müsst ihr mal gucken" - und jeder hat wieder festgestellt: "es lohnt sich, da müsst ihr mal gucken"....
    er ist grossartig gelungen. P.

  2. Die John Lennon Seite ist HAMMER, einfach fantastic, LOVE!!! und dein Tag ist wunderschön! Viel Spaß beim 2nd on the 2nd, hugs, Valerie

  3. In love with this cousin Susi! Superb!

  4. Autumn color on the face is perfect and a brilliant Face Susi! The dragon fly is really fascinating! Great going.. Hugs xx
    Suchi xx

  5. What an interesting portrait - it is definitely John Lennon Susi :-), and the colours and textures are fabulous. Love the tag that you have shared again - the dragonfly is beautiful.

  6. wow,dein john lennon ist grandios..einfach hammer!!! und dein tag ist ja auch doch klar das das so oft angeklickt wurde.
    schönen tag dir,liebes.

    lieben gruß jenny

  7. John Lennon's cousin? you know I mistook him for John himself! :-) Love how you added the Autumn colours! Your dragonfly tag is wonderful! Chrisx

  8. Hallo Susi! Lange nicht gelesen ;O)
    Deine Köpfe sind einfach genial! Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut!
    Und die Libelle verdient die Klicks!
    Alex - die versucht auch wieder kreativ zu sein ;o)

  9. John Lennon sprang from the page when I saw it over on Kim Dellow's 'faces'. It really works for me! :)

  10. klasse ich tippte sofort auf John Lennon also der Kopf ist toll gezeichnet und dein *Tag*einfach allerliebst!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  11. OMG Susi, that John Lennon portrait is absolutely incredible!!!! Wow, you are getting better by the day, seriously, I am so impressed!!

    Your tag was lovely too, interesting it was your most viewed project. I think between 2012 - 2914 blogger was a lot more active than it is now, I think Facebook has become the main platform where people share their work. I think it's a pity, I love blogger more, even though liking and commenting is much quicker on FB....

  12. I can see why that tag was the most clicked on (since I am rather new to your blog and have not seen all the other wonderful art you have created--yet!) because it is simply stunning. Dragonflies seem to be favorites of a lot of people, too.

    Your John Lennon portrait is amazing!

  13. Your drawing is wonderful...I think you pretty much nailed John or at least close enough for this girl.
    That tag is wonderful...thanks for resharing it.

  14. And what a wonderful tag it is Susi!
    Your John Lennon looks wonderful to me.
    Happy Second Look

  15. And to think I missed this post because I didn't know you back in 2013. I'm so delighted to see this tag this time, though.

    Your lovely face that meets three challenges is awesome. Super impressed with the way you manage to fit so many details in one piece of art. The face is incredible.

    Thanks for digging this tag up for us, as well as sharing your other art for a Second look on the 2nd.

  16. Maybe not quite John but definitely the essence of John. I think it is really hard to draw someone exactly so I think you really did well. I also think your eyes on this piece are fabulous. Plus great tag-love seeing what people did in the past. Enjoy what is left of your Monday.

  17. Your JL face may not be a perfect as you wish, but I would have known who it was without being told. I think it is fantastic Susi.
    I can see why you gained so much attention with your tag......gorgeous, thanks for sharing it in this month's look back.

  18. You can tell at first glance that it's John Lennon. Love the autumnal colours and the tag too.

  19. Love the portrait Susi and it looks like John to me.. Wonderful tag and no wonder it got so many viewings

    Love Chrissie xx

  20. Oh, mein Lieblings-Beatle! Ganz toll getroffen, so jung sieht er aus! Ach Susi, wie wunderbar du malen kannst!
    Boah, so viele Klicks für dieses wirklich schön Tag... mein Rekord war die bestempelte Lampe, aber auch nur, weil mein Sohn sie auf facebook gepostet hatte.
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  21. Was für ein feines Portrait von John Lennon! Gefällt mir sehr. Schöne Farbkombination!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  22. Susi it's a fabulous face, and if you had said 'who is this?' I would have said John Lennon.
    Love the tag, stunning dragonfly no wonder it got all those views.
    Avril xx

  23. Your John Lennon portrait is completely recognisable, superb art, Susi.
    711 views!!! - I expect it will be more by now as I'm sure I'm not the first person to go and have a look, it's terrific, every part of it.

  24. A brilliant painting I did recognise John Lennon straight away.
    Yvonne xx

  25. What a fantastic portrait of John Lennon - and the colours somehow seem just right for him too. A delight to see that magical tag again, it's definitely one of my favourite memories here (along with another triple stamping one - - which my computer always goes to automatically when I start typing in f.r.o.e... etc!). Lovely post.
    Alison xx

  26. Your portrait is great, I think it is very difficult to draw a particular person. I like the colors you used. The tag is really full of interesting details. Thanks for bringing it to the top for us that were not here back then.

  27. dein Talent ist unbeschreiblich - noch so ein schöner Lennon!
    auch das tag, einfach toll.... und deine Startseite in den neuen ajj-monat ebenfalls.
    komme leider zur zeit kaum an den pc, andere Prioritäten, aber wird schon wieder werden. bin auch viel draußen... brauche einen langen winter (den ich mir nicht wünsche), um all die Fotos verarbeiten zu können;)

  28. Klasse das Lennon-Portrait, tolle Technik. Aber auch das alte Tag sieht sooo schön aus.
    Liebe Grüße

  29. So sorry, I am behind looking at your fabulous artwork Susi and so glad I didn't miss seeing your fantastic 'John Lennon' work - it's amazing! I love the colours and how you use the white on the page ...very LOVE it!
    Gill xx

  30. No, it looks just like John to me - not a cousin. I think you did a wonderful job and I knew right away who he was. I love the loose, wild style of the portrait which is sort of who he was. What a great tribute to John!


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