Sunday, March 13, 2016

74 / 99 MARK IT ALL pencil

I love the black Stabilo Mark It All - maybe you already know this -
 I mentioned it often here on my blog  - such as for example  in  this post . 

I drew the girl on a gessoed newspaper - background and deluted the lines with a brush I dipped in cheap hairspray - I wanted to try this - and yes it worked and the lines are even nearly permanent now.

edit: a blog-friend asked how to do it:
 spray the hairspray on plastic or glass or another non-porous surface to make the spray liquid-


just a few accents with a colored pencil in the end.

She is meant for 


Moo Mania  &  more

where we want you to use newspaper this time.
Happy Sunday you all!
Thank you for visiting froebelsternchen!


  1. AWESOME !!! I love this one with just that touch of blue on her eyes :-D xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fantastic face, one of my faves, really well drawn. Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  3. What a fabulous face Susi - so sultry but beautiful. Love her eyes!

  4. I may need one of those pencils. Will it help me draw better? If so, I'm going to get six of them (Grin). This is wonderful, and I like your mini tutorial, too.

  5. What a coincidence Susi. Yesterday I did a page in my journal just using Stabilo All pencil and a water brush. I will be posting it later today. Yours looks great and I love the touch of colour too.

  6. Liebe Susi,
    absolut faszinierend, genial, sieht wie ein Foto aus...herzliche Gratulation. Die Augen sind fantastisch...
    Herzliche Grüsse, Sichtwiese

  7. oohh was für ein wunderschönes gesicht,die augen und der gesamte ausdruch ist fazinierend,tolle arbeit von dir.
    schönen sonntag dir.

    lieben gruß jenny

  8. Love the idea of drawing on gessoed newsprint and this face is so expressive Susi. You have created so many wonderful faces.

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Wonderful face, like you I love my Stabilo Mark it all.... Never heard of dipping it in hair spray, sounds interesting (perhaps a bit smelly?) One thing I am wondering is, here you can only get hair spray in a spray can, how do you dip your brush in it....?

    1. Thank you for your question Astrid:
      spray the hairspray on plastic or glass or another non-porous surface to make the spray liquid.
      oxo Susi

  10. A beautiful face today, all your faces have wonderful expressions and eyes.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Liebe Susi
    wie immer ein tolles Antlitz, doch die Augen überstrahlen alles - wirklich genial.
    Schönen Sonntag.
    Lg Sadie

  12. What a fabulous face and I love how you drew her! I love my mark it all pencils too! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Fab face Susi, love those pencils I have 2 black ones that are little more then stumps now though!
    Donna xxx

  14. Oh wow Susi, das ist ja nun wieder fantastisch geworden. Einfach nur klasse!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag!
    LG Carola

  15. Thank you for your message and update Susi, very helpful and hopefully is useful for other visitors too! :)
    Happy Sunday to you too my friend and I always totally admire your faces!!!

  16. she is so lovely Susi! I too love my stabilo pencils and have just begun sketching a face -yes, on newsprint too:)

  17. Liebe Susi
    das hast du wieder wundervoll gezeichnet auf dieser Zeitung und mit den verschiedenen Malwerkzeugen!
    Schönen Sonnatg wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  18. A fabulous face Susi, her gaze is very intense. TFS the hairspray tip, I usually spray with it to get a painting waterproof. The brush gives more control.

    Love and hugs

  19. Sehr cooles Gesicht wieder!
    ... mit Haarspray fixiere ich schon lang, denn es ist viel billiger, als das echte Fixativ. Der Tipp mit dem Spray auf Plastik ist super. LG Ulrike

  20. Fabulous face Susi !!!! Really I love the way you have done it !! Great! big hugs.

  21. I didn't know you could make those Stabilos permanent with hair spray. Love that tip! And the glow in this girl's eyes is amazing. Have a greats tart to your week. Hugs-Erika

  22. Wonderful rich, graphic blacks and a good idea to boot. Great little fixative idea. xox

  23. Beautiful girl with her pretty eyes.
    Many many years ago I had contact lens the same color, but haven't worn contacts for lots of years now.
    Great technique to help make the Stabilo permanent too.

  24. Another beauty!! thanks so much for the hairspray tip, I will have to remember to use it!!
    I use cheap hairspray for bad stains on laundry as well- most times it pulls stains right out- including ink and blood!
    Happy day to you Susi! xo


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