Saturday, March 19, 2016

All good things...

A quick made spread in one of my Altered Books for today - I tried to incorporate the images in the book. A is a  western capercaillie, B is a black grouse and C is a rackelhahn also known as rackelwild- a  bird hybrid between the western capercaillie and the black grouse.

 Capercaillies are rarely found in the wild yet, due to increased constraints
of their habitat by agriculture and growing settlements.

A man here in my region with a fascination for this species breeds capercaillies already for more than 15 years. Around 500 animals have already left his stable back to nature.
If You Go Down To The Woods . 

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  1. Eine schöne Doppelseite, die Vögeln sehen sehr interessant aus, und gut dass sie auf dieser Weise geholfen werden. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Lebe wild und frei....woher kommt das - fällt mir gerade nicht ein...aber etliche Texte dazu schwirren in meinem Kopf. Auch ein Mailied mit dem Wildvogel...
    "behalt Dein Gold und Dein Geschmeid, denn niemand kann mich zwingen...!"
    Hab einen schönen Samstag,
    herzlich Pippa

  3. This is incredible, Susi. You should also add it to TioT's Nature challenge. I was super impressed with these birds and learned something new, which I often do when I come here.

  4. Interesting post about the birds Susi and you have made them a wonderful spread to show them off

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. A lovely page & I can tell you that we have grouse & capercaillie here in Scotland not very far from where I live.


  6. Wonderful spread!
    Schönes Wochenende

  7. Beautiful Susi. I love how you included the positive and negative of that tree design, just lovely! happy weekend :)

  8. Love this page. I especially love the tree stencil- did you make it? And the birds are cool- never heard of a capercallie- nice little info too. Have a great weekend! Hugs.

  9. Interesting post and great drawings ... the birds remind me of our Quails. I wonder if they are cousins. I have no knowledge of Capercallie's .. will have to look them up. Thanks for an interesting post and for sharing your talent!! hugs, Donna

  10. schade dass ich kein Englisch kann deswegen kann ich nur sagen und der blöde Übersetzer auf deiner Seite gibt auch nur auf Englisch an abe rich drücke da nirgends wo ein button wo ich nicht weis wo ich raus komme*zwinker* schön deine Seite geworden mit diesen Vögeln!Deswegen sage ich nur das dazu!

    Lieben Gruss Elke

  11. I love that I always learn from your blog too Susi as well as having the eye candy too of course ;)
    Donna xxx

  12. I have learn't some new things today Susi, this is a fantastic page, great birds.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Those are great pages! What a funny name for a bird, I had to look it up. Is capercaillie something else than just a grouse?

  14. Lovely art journal spread Susi !! These birds are very beautiful!! and the background is fabulous!! Great day ! big hugs.

  15. I love your woodland and the lovely birds! Capercaillies are fascinating birds and it's good that you have someone local who cares about their welfare! Hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. Wonderful spread Susi - love the stenciled tree voids, and thanks for the information about the birds - they are not a breed found here.

  17. Total interessante Geschichte die du da erzählst, hab ich noch nie gehört
    von diesem Rackelhahn, lustiger Name übrigens. ;) Deine Seiten dazu sind auch wieder klasse gemacht. Ich finde auch wir Frauen sollten etwas wilder und freier sein und unsere Kreativität ist ein Schritt in diese Richtung.
    Schönen Restsonntag.


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