Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FACE No 94....... and ......T- Stands - for -Tuesday

 I come nearly to the end with


 this is  FACE  No. 94 - unbelievable....

But I think it is such a big fun to do faces and with each face I learn more...
so I decided not to stop my face - journey.....

And now a photo of our couch - especially taken for Erika, who bought a couch recently in a similar color - but much more comfortable than this one I guess. This couch is 7 years old and not comfortable enough.  I can't sit too long on it without getting back pain. But it's nice for the dogs - they like it.

At least the couch doesn't show any wear marks yet and includes a pull-out double bed which comes handy when I care for my brother . He comes to visit us  whenever my stepfather goes on holiday -  Christian is born with Down's Syndrome - he is 38 years now,  and lives normally with my stepfather - who cares wonderful for him since my mother died, three years ago. He will come for a visit in two weeks again . It's always a bit exhausting for me - but I love him so much, he is kind of my baby as well, since I was already 15 years as he was born.

He likes to drink sweet drinks ... oh yes !!!
But I give him just fruit tea without sugar  since he always has too much weight.

He loves to watch TV and listen to music and sometimes I can motivate him to do some
art with me as well .

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  1. Glad you are still having fun with your faces, this one looks happy. And great that the dogs like the couch! My couch is not comfortable and I don't like sitting on it, it's just for visitors! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Striking face today Susi - I love that you care for Christian when you can, and that he does some art with you.

  3. ich find das toll dass du wieter deine Gesichter malen möchtest und dieses ist wieder was in eine andere Richtung von dem Ausdruck... sehr schön!
    Deine Bruderliebe ist was tolles und schön dass du auf ihn so gut aufpasst und auch malst. Viel Freude beim Besuch mit ihm.Das Bild ist goldig!
    Die grossen Hunde ja ich sehe es dass die die Couch lieben sie lümmeln gemütlich darauf..
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  4. Hey Susi! You are on 94 and each of the faces are really unique! I enjoe watching them! BTW, I like that dogs like the couch hehe... :) And glad to see your care for Christian and that he did art-work with you! :)

  5. Liebe Susi,
    ich bin auch davon überzeugt, dass du noch unzählige Gesichter zu Papier bringen kannst, es gelingt dir immer diesen einen ganz speziellen Ausdruck zu geben.
    Bin sicher, dass sich dein Bruder bei dir wohl fühlt, auch wenn du ihn beim Zucker etwas kurz hältst ;-) und wunderschön, wenn du ihn dazu animieren kannst mit dir zu zeichnen oder malen.
    Lg und sonnigen Tag.

  6. war ja zu hoffen, dass du mit 99 nicht aufhörst, jetzt wo das so dermaßen super geht! ich wünsch dir eine schöne zeit mit deinem bruder, wie gut, dass er in der Familie so prima versorgt werden kann. tierparadies Couch... auch ein Klassiker;)
    hab eine schöne Woche!

  7. A beautiful face, this is one of my favourites. Thank you for letting us meet your brother, enjoy your time with him. Xxx Hazel.

  8. Love the loose style of this face, and yes, just keep going! Hope you have a good time with your brother! I have worked with many people with DS in the past and they bring us so much love, but yes, it can be a lot of work too... So fingers crossed it will all go well!

  9. When I saw that face, I was reminded of Van Morrison's song "My brown eyed girl." Your lovely girl certainly fits the song title well.

    Your brother looks like a sweetie. For about three years, I met with a group of Downs Syndrome teens and we made art together in my basement. They were the sweetest and most innocent kids I've ever met. I know it can be draining because these kids were only with me about three hours one day a week, and that was very demanding. So I understand your taking time for your brother.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely lady AND your brother and his fruit tea with us, along with the dogs lounging on the couches, for T this Tuesday.

  10. Wieder ein gelungenes Portrait. Schön daß du auch mit deinem Bruder zusammen ein bißchen Kunst machen kannst und er sieht so relaxt dabei aus und fühlt sich sichtlich wohl bei dir.
    Alles Liebe

  11. ein sehr schönes gesicht,schön das dein bruder auch spass hat zu malen,er fühlt sich sichtlich bei dir wohl,und das couchbild hat was gemütliches :-)
    viel spass noch mit deinen bruder.

    lieben gruß jenny

  12. What a wonderful post. First of all your face is fantastic. You are so talented with that every time. And second of all I think your couch is great-thanks for finding a photo.:) I especially love how it fits both dogs, because of course we know the dogs must be comfy. They look like they really enjoy it a lot. The color is very simialr to mine, and I like the modern look to it. It wouldn't work in my old fashion house, but I I do like the modern look. And I love seeing the photos of your brother Christian. It looks like you have him doing art too, along with his fruit tea. I had an uncle Karl who had Down's syndrome. You photos brought back memories of him. He died when I was an older child, and I know it was very hard on my grandmother because she cared for him ever since he was born . You step father is obviously a very loving man because I know it isn't always an easy thing to do. Lovely post today, and I hope your day is going along great. HUgs-Erika

  13. another striking face-and what a great accomplishment Susi!! Love how your pups look like the couch was meant just for them:) So sweet of you to look after your brother in such thoughtful ways like the fruit tea, and art. And it gives your step dad a bit of a respite too despite the easy going and loving personalities of people born with Downs. Have a wonderful day and happy T day too!

  14. A beautiful face Susi, you are nearly finished your challenge. Thank you for the introduction to you home and family, I hope you have a special time with your brother when he comes to stay with you. Lovely photos of the dogs, they look so comfortable on the sofa.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Such a happy post Susi with a very beautiful face. I am pleased you are still going to do more of those.

    The couch is a lovely colour and Christian looks very happy on it with the dogs. I am sure he looks forward to visiting you.

    Love Chrissie xx

  16. I love the eyes on your face. I feel like she's looking at me :) Finding a comfortable couch is a hard, time-consuming job. Even after trying them out for what seems like ages in the store, once you settle into them at home it's not always as comfortable as you thought. At least the dogs are happy lol Happy T Tuesday!

  17. Such a beautiful post in all ways! Love the beautiful face you created-- she is lovely! I had to smile about the couch.. I am short and thought my feet wouldn't touch the ground --as your brother sits there in the photo. Great pictures of him making art! You are a wonderful sister to spend time with him...happy couch day! ;)

  18. Danke für diesen persönlichen Post...es macht Wärme! P.

  19. This face is beautiful Susi! I loved seeing your brother and your gorgeous dogs! When hubby and I had a meal in Paris there was a group of Special needs adults next to us! We both got a bit nostalgic about our teaching days! Tiring but fun! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. It's great that you look after Christian when your stepdad needs to go away.I bet Christian loves staying with his big sister. But it is exhausting. My best friends has her Down syndrom sister living with her and she is a delight but needs attention all the time. She is interested in art (like Christian) and loves painting and colouring.
    Your face is beautiful. Will you just continue counting?
    Your sofa indeed does not look that comfortable. The seat is too deep. You either sit on the edge or lie far back. Super perfect for the dogs and as you say for guests to sleep on.
    Happy T-day,

  21. I love the retro feel of your very sophisticated portrait. I also love the handprint piece you did with your brother. Blessings!

  22. Welch ein schöner, mal ein ganz privater Post, vielen Dank dafür!
    Also, wenn ich die Hunde dort auf dem Sofa sehe, dürft ihr es einfach nicht austauschen!
    ... und ich will weiterhin so spannende Gesichter von dir sehen, denn sie haben mich auf den Geschmack gebracht, ich fang auch langsam damit an. Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  23. Those are some BIG dogs! Love that you crafted a bit with your brother while he stayed with you.
    Happy T day...really late!

  24. PS...I love seeing the faces you create. I have a really hard time with faces.

  25. Ich war schon neugierig, was du machst, wenn 99 erreicht sind --- du malst deine Portraits weiter - das finde ich toll!
    Die Hunde bekommen kein Kreuzweh auf der Couch - nur wir Menschen :-)!
    Dein Bruder hat große Freude, mit dir zu malen - das sieht man! Down-Syndrom-Menschen sind sehr gefühlvoll, immer ehrlich, und geben viel Sonnenschein zurück. Trotzdem eine große Aufgabe, Hut ab!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  26. You are sweet big sis Susi!! I love that you and Christian create together. And your dogs are just too beautiful- sweet fur babies! xoxo


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