Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I believe I can fly....

is our new theme over at 

I came up with this spread. Hope to see you at the challenge!!!!

I am really  happy and think that I am able to fly high.
As you maybe know - I am still on my fit- and weightloss journey since two years now.
 Very proud of myself - I reached now 
under 70 kilos ,  I feel quite good and will try to lose another 3 to 5 kilos during the next months!

 I eat much more healthier than before and my body and soul love this ...here you see my rice with peas and turkey and unsweetened fruit-tea with lemon. I will continue trying my best in getting even more fit and especially my flabby bingo wings I will bring in form - but can say that
I am quite satisfied for now. It was worth all efforts.

Happy Tuesday my friends at



  1. Lovely bird page, we all need to believe in ourselves. Your food looks great. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. manchmal denke ich, du gestaltest deine hintergründe inzwischen "mit links", sie sehen so selbstverständlich aus, als würdest du den ganzen tag nichts anderes machen... sehr schön!
    gratuliere zu deinem Durchhaltevermögen! und der reis würde mich auch anmachen (ohne die erbsen, die darf ich nicht). musste sehr lachen über die "flabby Bingo wings". du kriegst die auch in den griff;)

  3. Your adorable bird looks like it is ready to take flight. Truly a lovely TioT entry. I may find time to join in later this month.

    Your meal looks quite tempting and your fruit tea and lemon look so cool and refreshing. So glad you shared both your bird and your meal with us for T this Tuesday. And I'm so proud of you for sticking with your diet.

  4. Your bird looks so cute and yes we should believe in everything we do.
    Your meal looks very tasty and well done on your weight loss progress.
    Yvonne xx
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Beautiful page Susi and well done on your weight loss--it is never easy I know

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. What an adorable birdie. He looks like he is finally deciding he can fly. And your lunch looks yummy. I ate really well yesterday until I ate all those French fries for dinner, oh no. I love rice with veggies in it. Hope all as been well since I miss seeing your art. How is your kitchen coming along? Happy T day-Hugs-Erika

  7. Well done for sticking at it Susi! I know from experience that the body feels so much better when eating healthily. I go on a diet (eat healthily, no alcohol or coffee, less or no sugar and low carb) in the winter but in the summer i indulge in fine wines and yummy desserts, BBQs and salads and fresh fruit and ice cream as well as capuccinos etc. It works for me to do it only half the year. I'm keeping the weight off.
    I love your little bird. A work of art!
    Happy T-Day,

  8. beautiful bird page Susi!! And congrats to you for losing the weight and staying with a healthier diet! One does feel so much better when eating healthy. Happy T day to you!

  9. Precious birdie you created Susi!
    I bet you must feel lots lighter and ready to fly.
    We eat a lot of quinoa now and only have rice now and then.
    I had never heard the term "bingo wings" before LOL.
    One name for them I've heard is "bat wings" :-)
    Those kinds of wings we could do without huh.
    Happy T Day oxo

  10. Oh my gosh Susi, this one is so beautiful!! I just love the colours and birds are my favourite images!! Love it! hugs :)

  11. Beautiful spread , love the bird and purple! So happy to see you continue with your diet plan! LOve the food! ;)

  12. Hallo Susi

    ein süßes Vögelchen;-)
    Dein Essen schaut ja sehr gesund aus, ich hoffe es schmeckt auch.
    Lg Sadie
    PS: Ab morgen soll der Sommer kommen, ich bin gespannt.

  13. I like rice, so your dish would suit me. I'm also trying to be fit, walking more and doing yoga and Tai Chi. It's hard to do all the activities I think would improve my fitness, but I try to keep the goal clearly in mind. Happy T Tuesday!

  14. My flabo bingo wings need some of that turkey pea salad! Lol. What a delightful page! Gorgeous. Colors and bird!

  15. love your sweet birdie...the scribbly effect conveys energy! Congratulations on your weight-loss journey...good for you! it's not easy, but it is SO worth it. keep going! and happy T day! ♥

  16. was ist daass wieder für ein tolles Blau. Wunderschön...
    und dei Essen sieht sehr gut aus. Ich esse zu viel Süßes.
    Liee Grüße

  17. Love love this little purple bird Susi!! Really wonderful page !!! Congrats for your line!! I´m sure you ´ll lost the kilos you want to.... Wish you a very nice day! Big hugs.

  18. You are clearly flying with all that energy from your good food. Good luck losing a bit more weight. xox

  19. Love your bird and I am glad you lost some weight.It takes a lot of effort to go on a diet.Have a happy week!

  20. Your little bird is adorable and many congratulations on your achievement! Happy T day :-)

  21. Love your little scribbly bird Susi, he's so sweet.
    Your lunch looks delicious - and congratulations on your weightloss, such an achievement.
    Avril xx

  22. Beautiful bird page Susi - love the colour and words.
    Well done for the weight loss that's fabulous!
    Hope you're having a great week.
    (Thanks also for lovely comments you've left on my blog lately )
    Gill xx

  23. sweet inspiring page, and congrats to you!

  24. Another super page, Susi! Congrats on your weight-loss. Your rice looks delicious. Mar xx

  25. der Vogel ist goldig und da s ist doch toll wenn du dich wohl fühlst und es geschafft hast ein geünderes Leben jetzt zu führen!
    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg und eine schöne Woche!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  26. A fabulous double page spread Susi with great message too. Congrats on your weight loss and fitness program you are doing magnificently, well done and I am sure you will continue to 'fly' with it to reach those last few kilos xxx

  27. Susi I totally love the background on this page, your lovely little bird and its great message! Well done on your weightloss and fitness journey too, you are flying and will fly to new heights for sure, great work my friend!!

  28. What a gorgeous page Susi - love the wee bird. Congratulations on your weight-loss journey - well done!!

  29. I love your little bird Susi!
    Congratulations on your weight loss! I have changed my diet too, given up all flour and sugar, and have lost nearly 20 kg. I'm now a healthy 60 kg, and it I feel like I can fly too! :-)
    Alison xxx

  30. I really like your "fly" page. The drawing looks so loose and free. Nice to read about healthy eating, encouraging for the rest of us.

  31. Love the sweet little birdie Susi, I'm sure you haven't got bingo wings though ha ha
    Donna xx

  32. Der Vogel guckt ja klasse, haha!!! Ulrike

  33. Beautiful artwork! and succes with your healthy diet!
    Groetjes Karin

  34. I love your little birds! Lunch looks great and well done for the weight loss - I still working on mine although my wedding ring is very loose! Hugs, Chrisx

  35. I was out mowing and watering my veggies this morning when you left your lovely comment. I was wiped by the time I got inside, all I wanted was a shower and sleep. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by, because this heat gets harder on me every year, so I can empathize with your many things that must be accomplished each day that have nothing to do with blogging or art.

  36. You really can fly, Susi. Your spread and success with your diet change definitely prove that! Well done.

  37. Oh was für ein süßer Vogel! Das Lila rundherum läßt wirklich ans Fliegen und Abheben denken - es sieht so leicht aus. Jaja die Kilos - ich kämpfe auch jahrelang damit herum, aber leider verfalle ich immer wieder der Schokoladesucht. So finde ich es ganz toll, dass du es geschafft hast - ein Ansporn für mich, es auch wieder zu versuchen, zumindest auf die 70 Kilo herunter. Vielleicht gelingt es, wenn ich mir deinen süßen federleichten Piepmatz vor Augen behalte?!

  38. Aaaawww, your little birdie is marvellous. We have lots of baby birds around just now who look just like that and go flitter flutter from branch to branch.
    Well done on losing the weight, a very difficult thing to do and to keep down.

  39. Wow, das sieht auch so eine schöne Seite. Toller Hintergrund und der Vogel ist richtig klasse geworden.
    LG Carola

  40. Zauberhaft schaut Dein Vögelchen aus, liebe Susi.

    Weiterhin viel Erfolg beim Abnehmen
    wünscht Dir


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