Saturday, August 13, 2016


A journal spread for Gill's fabulous theme of 
Natures Wonders over at
Animal of wonder, the dragonfly can bring forth the enchanting spirit of our own nature. When we see this animal, we should allow ourselves to open up to the magic of nature and the elements.

Did you know that there were huge dinosaur dragonflies that lived 300 million years ago. (fact – the largest fossil found had a 2 ½ foot wingspan, and currently there are dragonflies in Costa Rica that measure 7 ½ inches across the wings.) ????

 I am just fascinated by  dragonflies.
Happy Saturday
and whatever you're up to this weekend I hope you enjoy it. 
We will celebrate my husband's birthday and have a nice family meeting !
 See you soon!


  1. Lovely piece, great colours, too. I didn't know about the dinosaur dragonflies, they must have been scary. I love watching the 'normal' ones flitting about here. Have a wonderful day Sweetie, hugs, Valerie

  2. looks like different of those we have here ,beautifully drawn

  3. tolle seiten!
    schönen samstag.

    lieben gruß jenny

  4. ***wunderschön ide Libellenseite!!!****
    Lieben Samstaggruss Elke

  5. Boah, das ist wieder sooo toll geworden. SUPER!!!
    LG Carola

  6. Very beautiful page Susi and happy birthday to your husband

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. I love dragonflies so this page is pure pleasure for me!


  8. Your dragonflies are so beautiful Susi! Hugs, Chrisx

  9. Love the dragonflies Susi, its a beautiful page. I didn't realise that in some countries they were so large.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Totally love this Susi - beautiful colours and spread.
    I was watching a dragonfly this afternoon darting about our garden catching little midges by our trees - it was so fast I couldn't quite see what colour it was.
    Fascinating post, I didn't know about the dinosaur ones or the large Costa Rican ones either so thanks for sharing that.

    Thank you also for the lovely comments on my last post and for the info about the lunar calendar - I went off and looked into that and read about Rudolf Steiner and all 'fruit days' 'leaf days' etc - I'm intrigued now and will try and learn more.

    Hope your husband has a wonderful birthday and you all have a lovely weekend.
    Gill xx

  11. Such gorgeous colours Susi, dragonflies are truly beautiful aren't they. A happy birthday to your hubby too of course ;)
    Donna xx

  12. How impressive. I learned something new here today, and was equally impressed with the art, too. I had no idea this species was that old. Of course, the wing span blew me away, too. You have educated us in art AND science today, dear Susi!

  13. In my haste to let you know how much I loved your art, I forgot to wish your husband a very happy birthday!

  14. Happy birthday to your hubby!
    I love how these dragonflies turned out. Can't imagine one 7 inches let alone the prehistoric ones. :)

  15. What a wonderful page Susi - love your dragonflies, and the added information you gave, thanks. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your husbands birthday.

  16. Gorgeous Susi. I think dragonflies are rather magical indeed. Love how you added that light stamp on the background. One of my favorite sets. Hope the hubby has a great birthday celebration. 😊Hugs erika

  17. OH your dragonfly pages are stunning and full of magic.
    Really gorgeous liebe Susi!!!
    They delight me each time I see them in nature AND imaging the BIG Costa Rican ones not to mention prehistoric ones WOWEE!
    Happy Birthday to your liebling!

  18. Susi...these art journal pages are just beautiful. I really love your colors and the washed looking blended background. LOVE your dragonflies!!!! The black drawings look so cool against the colorful background. I also love your sentiment.
    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog.

  19. Super schöner Hintergrund und die Libellen sind klasse!

  20. Ganz fantastisch sind deine Libellen geworden, klasse Seite in wunderbaren Farben. Gestern habe ich im Wald eine Riesenlibelle gesehen, die schon fast gefährlich aussah... Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  21. Ich liebe diese großen türkisfarbenen Libellen, die wie fliegende Türkise aussehen und im Herbst immer den Garten aufsuchen. Deine Libellenseiten finde ich schön von der Farbe her und weil ich das Spiel mit dem Libellenmotiv in Hinter und Vordergrund so reizvoll finde.
    Liebe Grüße und schöne neue Woche.

  22. Oh my goodness, those dragonflies were gigantic I'm glad they are much smaller now :-). You page is very beautiful, I like the background texture you have created with the stamps and your choice of colours as always is wonderous! Wishing you a happy week ahead! J :-)

  23. Beautiful dragonflies Susi. I didn't know they could be so big too.

  24. Ein unglaublich schönes Werk, liebe Susi. Geniale Libellen !!!

    Viele liebe Grüße
    von Anke

  25. Libellen sind wirklich faszinierende Tiere, Du hast sie so toll aufs Papier gebracht!

  26. Dragonflies are indeed enchanting Susi,as is your journal spread!!
    Happy birthday to your husband-enjoy your weekend! xoxo


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