Thursday, September 22, 2016


My daughter is now in her 6th year at High School and this includes normal pubertal development and I try to have understanding for this phase. Last schoolyear she was very lazy from the beginning of the schoolyear on just nearly to it's  end - ( simply told : she did nothing) and  at the end of the schoolyear ( the outcome was substantially worse than all the years before)-she told me that if she hadn't been so lazy, she could have achieved much better grades. And she promised herself she would do it much better this schoolyear. I want to believe her , but I decided to make fire under her bum if she gets so lazy again this year!
I used a photo they took in class last year - she is the redhaired in front with her glasses - and made a spread to make me a stricter mother this schoolyear!!!

Have a great day and I hope to meet you at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY where Elizabeth's 
BACK TO SCHOOL theme booms.

 I  have another little page for the theme as well  in my round journal, also inspired by my daughter.
The quote is dedicated to her...

The face is also meant for the
Unlimited Number Of Faces ( former 99 faces challenge) private Pinterest Board 

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  1. Guten Morgen Susi
    oh, diese Zeit kenne ich von meiner Tocher (15-16 Jahre- was war da Schule???), aber wirst sehen es wird wieder besser.
    Tolle Bilder hast du gezaubert.
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Herbsttag.
    Lg Sadie

  2. Guten Morgen Susi,
    das geht vorüber. Meiner Erfahrung nach nützt Druck nicht immer, solche Phasen gehen plötzlich vorüber, wie sie auch gekommen sind.
    Jedenfalls hast du tolle Bilder gezaubert.... ich bin begeistert.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. I'm in love with this entry, Susi, because it is SO personal. You put the fire in back to school. I'm delighted you chose to share this very personal story with us, and I know that you will motivate her, since you've told us you will.

    I really like the beautiful girl in your round journal, too. Perhaps you should frame that and put it where your daughter can see it every day. It certainly speaks to your artistic side.

  4. Oh yes, it's a 'wonderful' age and parents and teachers need to do a lot of work to contend with it. Both spreads are lovely. Sooner or later she will be back to normal. whatever that might be. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Super Idee... Back to School. Eine super gut gelungene Seite! Freue mich immer wieder deine schönen Art Journal Seiten zu sehen ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  6. das ist eine tolle idee,und in dem alter ist die schule nicht so einfach,gut das du ihr hilfst.
    die runde seite find ich auch klasse.
    schönen donnerstag.

    lieben gruß jenny

  7. Love the page and the ideas behind it are fantastic. I had the same problems with my daughter but the outcome was amazing as she did so well in life after school and at 50 has a wonderful job that she loves.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Oh Susi - I have been there too, only it was my son who was basically lazy about the same time, and it still haunts him now - hopefully your daughter will respond well this year. Love your art work!!

  9. Hi Susi! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful work of art the truly depicts going back to school! I know your daughter is a good student, Susi! And I adore the round page, too! She is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! HUGS!!

  10. Love your pages Susi.That's so cool using a photo of her in her classes. Hopefully being a year older and a bit more mature, and maybe a little less social, will help. I find kids do mature over the course of this year- hope that is true for you! I love how you've personalized these...they say write it down (or draw it in this case) helps you to focus and actually do it. Hope this school year goes well. :) Hugs-Erika

  11. Wow! That's one awesome idea Susi!! Love the face...great AJ page! :)
    Suchi xx

  12. Ha ha this made me laugh, trouble is the youngsters alway think they know it all and they'll always stay young and carefree :)
    Donna xx

  13. This is brilliant Susi! I think I need to make something like this for my grandson! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. you were wise to let her learn her lesson last year and you are wise to light a fire under her this year! i love how your art expresses all you go through being a mom. wonderfully done. xo

  15. Beautiful pieces both of them!! My advice (based on experience as a teacher and having had three kids go through puberty), - don't be too hard on her. She will get there in her own time and you don't want to lose your good relationship with her! xxx

  16. They all go through it Susi! Great pages!

  17. Du bist sehr motiviert dieses Jahr, ein bischen Feuer zu machen ... hoffentlich gelingt es, denn hast du den Typ in der letzten Reihe genau angesehen?
    Auf jeden Fall hast du tolle Seiten gestaltet, die dich an das Feuermachen erinnern :)
    Und hätte ich in der Schule besser in Englisch mitgearbeitet, würde ich jetzt nicht immer zum Dictionary greifen müssen ...

  18. I love your pages today and the story about your daughter :-). The photo you used is fab and the washi tape and colours give the page a wonderful modern feel! Your round journal page is very beautiful and the quote is perfect! Wishing you a happy Friday! J :-)
    p.s. Glad to be joining you at AJJ again this month :-).

  19. Sounds like your daughter did some learning last year after all...recognising responsibility for one's own actions is a biggie. Wonderful visuals, Susi!

  20. Ach Susi, mach dir um deine Tochter mal keine Sorgen, sag ich jetzt einfach mal, obwohl es mich damals auch richtig Nerven gekostet hat, als mein Sohn dazu überging, nur noch das Nötigste für die Schule zu machen! Er brauchte seine Zeit für Wichtigeres... aber es ist alles gut gegangen.
    Hi, hi und natürlich ist mir das Kerlchen in der letzten Reihe auch gleich aufgefallen...
    Au fein, wieder ein Silberblick-Face von dir1
    LG Ulrike

  21. I suspect there is an artist lurking with your daughter that just doesn't conform easily. Don't be so hard on yourself..there comes a point where they are responsible for their own actions. She's got a great mom she'll find her way...they always do!! Wonderful face sketch!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. ahh- I feel for you! I remember those days when my sons were in school -yuck! Enough to make a Mom go crazy! heehee Best of luck with this Susi! heehee


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