Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

As our friend told us on Friday that a collegue of him has a pumpkin on one of his fields with nearly 70 Kilos/app.154 Ibs and I saw some pumpkin fields here recently ( you must know that the Waldviertel, where I live is normally just known for it's potatoes- lol)- I was really impressed and maybe this is the reason why I did two attempts on pumpkins since then.
I am not very happy with both of my attempts ... but it's o.k. for me was much fun to do them.
Both pumpkins are painted with watercolors - the one on the spread started at least as a watercolor piece but then the Mixed Media Style won.

It was just too boring and so it called for bringing much more color and texture to the pages.

The second try in watercolors was a bit boring as well - so I painted on the quote.

And of course both pieces are meant for ART JOURNAL JOURNEY.



  1. Halloween ist bald da... und zur Einstimmung diese wunderschönen Seiten! ♥

  2. Das Zitatbild ist wunderschön gefällt mir sher gut und auch die Kürbisseite bisschen schwach von der Farbengebung aber trotzdem gut gelungen ist meine Meinung.
    Manchmal ist man nicht zu freiden das ging mir auch schon und überlegte ob ich es überhaupt zeige aber dann dachte ich egal das Thema wars für mich und so stimmte es doch noch.
    Der Kürbis o man der muss ja riesengross sein da ist die Freude gross beim Bauer und das stauenen der Leuteso wie ich und du hast ihn Ehrvollen Platz bei dir gegeben.
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Wochenstart!

  3. I love this, your pumpkin is wonderful.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. Liebe Susi,
    wieder ein tolles Bild, ich hab schon
    öfter so große Kürbisse gesehen, heute
    gibt es ja wahrlich schon einen Wettstreit,
    wer den größten, den dicksten und den schwersten hat ;-)
    Lg und einen gemütlichen Tag.

  5. I love the pumpkins. They are a little different style for you, and its always fun to try new things. Even if you don't like what you did...the rest of us like them. :) I was driving to the store Saturday and saw some giant pumpkins in someone's garden. It is amazing to when they grow that big. Happy Monday and new week. I can't believe it is already the second half of October. Hugs-Erika

  6. Deine Pumpkins sind sehr schön, beide Seiten sind toll. Du könntest viele Gemüsegerichte von einem 70 Kg Pumpkin machen! Hugs, Valerie

  7. Both pumpkins are brilliant Susi, I would love to be able to paint/draw like you :)
    It amazes me when I see these giant vegetables that people somehow manage to grow.. but a week ago there was a record set for a Pumpkin (in Chelmsford, Essex) of 1,333.8lb (605kg). The last I heard was it was going to be made into a boat.
    have a great day ........ Gill xx

  8. Two very nice pumpkins as far as I'm concerned Suzi

  9. Both pumpkins are wonderful. I really like the second one because of the tendrils on the stem.

    Where I used to live, a friend brought me TWO pumpkins that were over 150 lbs (~70 kg). Seems the farmer was just giving them away because no one wanted them for carving and no one wanted to buy them. I put them on the platform on either side of my steps because I knew that no one would be able to carry them away. I assure you, after Halloween, I cut into one and made several pies.

    Thanks also for your very kind and encouraging words. They made me feel so much better!

  10. Mir gefallen beide deiner dicken Kerle! LG Ulrike

  11. Sweet and cheery pumpkins. We live in the land of state fairs and giant pumpkins, 1,500 lbs or more. They look unreal. A large one in your friends range would still look
    like a pumpkin. These giant ones look like flatten orange lumps. xox

  12. jede sfür sich wieder ein schönes Kunstwerk! Ich mag die Kürbisse in allen Variationen auf dem Teller und auch als Deko liebe ich sie ;o) LG Dagmar

  13. einfach nur wunderschön!!

  14. Both your pumpkins are just super Susi!!

  15. Wonderful pumpkins Susi and what a great gardener to grow such a large one

    Love Chrissie xx

  16. Both pumpkins are painted really well, but for me the mixed media wins.... the background and texture look super and add so much interest!

  17. Gosh Susi, both of these paintings are awesome, I liked the fun words you added to the second painting. That giant pumpkin must have been hard to harvest..
    Yvonne xx

  18. Oh my! These are both fabulous - so pleased you found the pumpkin field to inspire you! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. Oh my! These are both fabulous - so pleased you found the pumpkin field to inspire you! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. Are you crazy Susi.....your pumpkins are wonderful!!
    Donna xx

  21. Fantastic Susi! I really like the way you have created the texture and highlights on both of your pumpkins :-). I love the way the text has been incorporated and shows through the images on your first page. The quote on the second page is wonderful too :-). Have a great week! J :-)

  22. Love your paintings Susi - love your less structured images and the lovely background behind the top one

  23. Die Kürbisse sind Dir beide prima gelungen, liebe Susi. Ich bin wohl die Einzige, aber ich mag den Zweiten lieber. Da freut er sich bestimmt. ;)
    Herzliche Grüße

  24. Beim Kürbis im Mixed Media Style gefällt mir besonders der dazu korrespondierende Hintergrund mit den Linien und Rechtecken (zum Runden des Kürbis) und das komplementäre Blau, das hebt den Kürbis richtig raus!
    Beim zweiten gefällt mir sehr der zarte Aquarellcharakter!
    Also - beide sind wunderschön!!
    Liebe Grüße, Rike

  25. Beide Kürbisbilder sind schön geworden. Kürbisse mit ihrem leuchtenden Orange sehen immer so fröhlich aus, die weißen sind edel und die Bunten haben auch so ihren Reiz. Ich liebe sie Alle.
    Hab eine schöne Woche.
    LG Sabine

  26. Gorgeous Susi!! I love your pumpkin!
    I love pumpkin plain & simple! xx


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