Monday, November 14, 2016

Collage is such a fun!!!

I love to just play around with little bits and pieces - but sometimes I get frustrated if things don't turn out like I wished. Maybe I am too ambitious  or sometimes not patient enough . I always want to have a good result . But you can't get always good results - that's a fact.  In between I have learned to be not so hard to myself . Art Journaling is not the thing to be perfect I often say to myself - Art Journaling is to try out things, to have fun and to let loose and keeping you doing something creative.

And as more pages and spreads I create, as more it happens that I love nearly  each spread or page I create. Maybe it comes just from exercising and I really get better now, or it's that I get looser and allow myself to not always create just beautiful things ?! However,  it makes me happy and I am thankful for my fascinating hobby, or shall I say "my addiction" to Mixed Media Art Journaling.

On this spread I was just playing with mini scraps of bookpages glued on colored bookpages in the Altered Book... it was such fun -- I think COLLAGE is a wonderful medium! It makes me happy!
Hope you love to create collages as well and you will take part in our current
No Faces, No Wings, No Leaves - BUT COLLAGE theme over at
Art Journal Journey!



  1. toll,noch eine kreative dopprlseite,.
    schönen tag.

    lieben gruß jenny

  2. This spread is so beautiful, Susi and very interesting as well!!
    Yes, I am enjoying this Collage theme too, I hope to join in with more journal pages this month.

  3. time is a great and wonderful teacher it makes us learn to be calm and patient by the time .
    your art work is lovely and attractive

  4. Ganz toll Susi, schön dass Du so viel Spaß mit den Schnipseln und Kleben. Dir einen schöne Woche, Hugs, Valerie

  5. Great pages and wise words from your experience xxx

  6. das geht mir Moment auch so den eigenen Druck raus nehmen und einfach den Spass haben.. so sieht man es auch anders!
    Toll gesagt und getan mit deinem Journalseite und sucht ich denke das hat jeder der mal mit angefangen hat.
    Schönen Wochenstart wünsche ich dir!
    Liebven Gruss Elke

  7. Your pages are always brilliant Susi and you have created your own style which is difficult to achieve. Be proud of your artwork and pleased that others enjoy seeing as I do.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. More times than not, I make art that I think stinks. Yet, I put it out there for others to judge. Often, the art I think stinks garners the most comments and compliments, while the art I'm most proud of gets glossed over. Art truly IS in the eye of the beholder.

    I'm super impressed that you just PLAYED and learned and stretched your wings on this. It's a lovely spread and an inspiration to many of us!

    Hope you are having a lovely Monday. I'm recovering from a long, hard day in the herb garden.

  9. The little paper pieces look like they are falling-like you ripped up a sheet and let them flutter down. Love it. I agree with you about art journaling and loving more what you do as you practice, but sometimes we get into phases when nothing seems to please us. That's me right now, but I think you learn from that too, when you are so frustrated. :) Hope you have a fun new week playing with collage. Hugs-Erika

  10. am Wort ürfen bin ich hängengeblieben und habe erst gedacht, es heisst surfen....

  11. Toll, wieder eine neue Farbzusammenstellung! Ich glaube auch, dass man bei jedem Stück unbewußt etwas dazulernt - auch wenn es nicht so wird wie geplant. Mir gefällt es, wenn sich die Seite einfach entwickelt und bin überrascht, wie manches von selbst entsteht. Das ist Freude pur :)

  12. I agree!! Collage is the most fun!
    and I also agree with trying not to be so hard on oneself, it is about the practice, experiment and most of all play!
    What a super spread Susi!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  13. Klasse die fliegenden Collage-Puzzleteile in deiner Collage! LG Ulrike

  14. We all have those pages we don't think are very good.....but we critique ourselves way too hard.
    I truly like the way these two pages came together....sometimes it's all about giving it a "try".
    This challenge has lit a fire under me, I had put collage work back on the shelf years ago, and now you have renewed my love of it again....Thank You....I have been having so much fun with it.

  15. Oh wow, das sieht wieder super aus. Tolle Gestaltungsidee.
    LG Carola

  16. sometimes we do need to give ourselves a good talking to:) Your pages came out splendidly dear Susi!!

  17. Tolle Farben und die Buchstaben wirkenso fröhlich und uneschwert. Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    LG susa

  18. You always make the most interesting pages Susi, I wish I could go with the flow more often. This journal spread is gorgeous.
    Yvonne xx

  19. I'd forgotten the joys of collaging but you're bringing it back Susi :)
    Donna xx

  20. This is so fun!!! And cool! Thanks for sharing Susi! <3
    Suchi xx

  21. Klasse Schnipselei und sieht super aus. Das hat sicher Spaß gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße

  22. I'm loving your collage pages Susi! X

  23. Fabulous page Susi! I use my journals to play, experiment etc and if I choose to share them fine, but I don't worry too much if things don't go as I expect and sometimes I surprise myself! Hugs, Chris


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