Tuesday, December 6, 2016


A new theme for the next two weeks over at 

Try It On Tuesday

Fortunately this theme can be perfectly combined with
Light and Darkness at Art Journal Journey. So I will link  my Altered Book spread to Valerie's theme there as well.

I love the  crackled texture in the upper background part that  I made  with eggshells using the:

  And now a big HELLO to my  friends over at


I hope you all are well!

 A glass of green tea today?
I admit I am not a big fan of green tea
and as I researched into green tea recently, I found some disadvantages beside all the benefits.However...
Do you like green tea?
I found this funny short commercial on youtube that made me smile...


  1. Wonderful journal page for TIOT and AJJ, the face reminds me a bit of Liyongo! Green tea is not something I like, it doesn't taste enough like coffee! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Wow, das sieht toll aus. Erinnert mich an die Lucia aus Schweden, hihihi

    Schöne Adventszeit wünsche ich dir weiterhin. Biggi

  3. I'm not a fan of green tea. I use it in my art, but not to drink. I DO like your eggshell technique, though. It's amazing that I have forgotten how fun this technique can be. But your deer is what made me so happy. It's got such a caring face. And you have decorated his antlers so beautifully, too!

    Thank you for sharing this gorgeous art, and your green tea with us for T this Tuesday. I'm with Valerie. Green tea tastes nothing like coffee, and has no caffeine kick to it, either.

  4. ach wie schön ich bin begeistert mit den Eierschalen und überhaupt alles ein wunderschönes Jornalseite!
    Grüner Tee trinke hin und wieder auch mal zu den anderen Teesorten!
    Schönen Nikolaustag wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  5. I don't mind a cup of green tea, but not too strong and not more than one a day :-). Love your celebratory deer head Susi he's stunning.

  6. Oh this looks fatastic!! I adore youru beautiful deer, and the crackle at the top does look super!!

  7. super journaling à la Susi!! gefällt mir mega gut. erinnert mich an eine Mischung aus dem hl.hubertus-hirsch und der schwedischen luzia! grandios!
    und was hat jetzt der grüntee für Nachteile? wird doch immer so gepriesen...
    hab eine schöne Woche, hier kämpft sich endlich mal wieder die sonne durch den nebel...
    liebe grüße, johanna

  8. Amazing journal page Susi with wonderful artwork. Such a clever way to create crackle

    Not keen on green tea at all I would rather have something more fruity or with cinnamon

    Have a happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. Oh Susi, dein Hirsch ist sowas von schön geworden, die ganzen Hintergrund-Details, die Strukturen und Schneeflocken, ganz fantastisch!
    Dieses Bild müsstest du dir in der Adventszeit immer an die Wand hängen!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  10. Cool idea using eggshells. The texture looks like an old mosaic...I love it. I also think your deer looks festive-like a St Lucia wearing the candles. Very smart idea. Happy T day- a little warm green tea for me right now since we've gotten cold and snowy. :) Hugs-Erika

  11. What a fabulous page - your art is amazing! I do not like green tea at all (had to set an example to my class by trying it once!!) The commercial is hilarious - if only!!!! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. I love your reindeer page! Good idea to use egg shells. I shall bear that in mind when I start doing something messy again (ha ha pigs might fly!)
    Yes, I am a green tea drinker and i recognise the label. I buy my tea in that shop too. I did have a giggle at the Thai commercial. Very funny!
    Happy T-Day,

  13. I _want_ to like green tea, as I've heard it has health benefits, but it never seems to be what I choose over other hot beverages.

    I love the reindeer. The candle glow actually looks like candles burning, and I'm trying to read the expression in those eyes....

    Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Your reindeer page is so adorable and beautiful Susi - I was smiling even before I saw that funny commercial :)
    I've tried finding green teas I like but just don't like them so have now given up trying.
    Enjoy your T-day... Gill xx

  15. All i can say is WOW Susi! That is an incredible Journal page. LOVE the candles on the horns...so clever! I tried using eggshells once but it was such a mess and so hard to control and get them where i wanted them... But your beautiful page makes me want to try again.. :)

    I have a love / hate relationship with green tea... I WANT to love it for the health benefits but i actually don't care for it....uuughh... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  16. Wow I love your reindeer, gorgeous pages.. the candles on his head are fabulous. Cheers xx

  17. A fabulous journal spread Susi, love the eggshell crackle texture. The reindeer is stunning with the candles in the background.
    Loved the commercial - so funny wonder if it'll work for me!
    Avril xx

  18. Its a gorgeous journal spread Susi, I love your background technique and the beautiful reindeer has a lovely facial expression lovely eyes.
    I'm not a fan of green tea, I think its the smell rather than the taste that puts me off drinking it.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  19. LOVE that page!!!! Amazing!! I do drink green tea...but in reality I drink most any tea now. My taste has changed over the years. I started with herbal blends and slowly worked through the gambit. Sort of like wine. :)

  20. Oh Susi! I love the journal page ♥♥♥ I used to drink iced green tea a lot but no longer have a taste for it at all... now that commercial is too funny!!!!!

  21. Well Susi, your journal page is a BIG hit! All I could think was "I'd really like to have a print of that to frame and hang on the wall"
    Green tea!??? Like Deb...a love/hate thing. I do drink it occasionally, for the benefits, but don't really care for the taste of it.....but then you know me, I'm a coffee lover...LOL

  22. I am in love with your deer Susi! What a great design! Also love the shell technique- def will give it a go. Big hugs!

  23. I drink gunpowder green tea, although I limit myself to one cup a day with my cake (of course ...lol ) :-). Your page is so wonderful, I love the crackled texture and I have never seen the eggshell-mosaic technique before, amazing! Maybe I can try this as an alternative to Crackle Glaze which is still on my wish list :-). This page is so festive with the reindeer, baubles, candles and wintery background - perfect! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  24. WOW absolutely stunning!!! You should make this your Christmas cards Susi
    Donna xx

  25. Made with real eggshells!!!
    What will they think of next?
    Your reindeer is divine, love his Christmas ornaments and the whole piece glows.
    The Youtube advert???!!!!! -an interesting ending!!!!! thought I had clicked on something by mistake.
    I wonder what the disadvantages of green tea are? Must investigate.

  26. Like a few other commenters, I immediately thought of Santa Lucia and her crown of candles when I saw your stunningly beautiful reindeer journal page. You have so much Christmas/winter symbolism there that the page is a delight for the mind as well as the eye.

    Green tea? Not for me, except in my skin creams ;-)

    Happy T-Day, Susi!

  27. Totally wonderful, Susi! This is one of my favorite spread of yours now. Great mosaic texture and a fabulous design. BRILLIANT!
    Mar xx

  28. Ach Susilein ist der aber süß, zum knutschen. Ich liebe Hirsche und deiner gefällt mir so sehr. Wunderschön gestaltet mit der Kerzen und Kugeldeko daran.Auch die Eierschalentextur sieht super aus. Ich bin begeistert.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  29. Love the deer and a great layout.
    Hugz, Z

  30. Great page. I can imagine the texture in person. I like some green teas and not others. My favorite is a Jasmine Green Tea made by Stassen.

  31. Your Buck's face is so pretty. I have seen egg shells used in acrylic painting before. Wonderful idea and you have made a really fantastic page.
    I do not like green tea at all and I figure life is short enough without drinking something I really don't like. How bout a good cold beer!
    Sandy xx

  32. oh so gorgeous! by the way i love green tea so please don't tell me anything bad about it... have lovely day. xo

  33. What a bautiful page! Love everything on it! Fun technique!!! I'm gonna try it some dag.
    Maja xxx

  34. A very lovely page Suzi & a funny video clip!


  35. Eine tolle Doppelseite mit dieser Eierschalentextur! Das gibt wirklich einen herrlichen Untergrund für dieses lichtdurchflutete Hirschportrait! Super Idee - heuer wird statt des Christbaums (der nur nadelt) ein Hirschgeweih weihnachtlich geschmückt :)
    Ich vertrage keinen Grüntee - er wirkt bei mir wie schwarzer Tee oder Kaffee, erhöht meinen Puls und macht mich fahrig. Lol - das Video!

    1. Was ich eigentlich schreiben wollte, hab ich vergessen: Das erste Bild (der Ausschnitt) gefällt mir als eigenständiges Bild supergut!

  36. Dear Susi - I am IN LOVE with this journal spread!!! What a darling deer, and oh my this would make THE BEST Christmas cards!

  37. Absolutely gorgeous Susi!! One of my favorites!
    I have worked with eggshells before as well, it was fun!
    and yes, I do like green tea, but ginger tea is my favorite!

  38. What a wonderful textural spread - that deer is a delight!

  39. Oh Oh Oh Liebe Susi!
    Your deer all aglow with that wonderful egg crackle background AND those stars Oh My!!!
    Really splendid in every detail.
    Green tea and I do not get along.
    I read where you can't use boiling water or it gets bitter.
    The YouTube made me giggle...if only *ggg*


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