Friday, December 9, 2016

Do More Of What Lights Your Soul On Fire

Are you enjoying the Advent season so far?
I do - we visited some nice christmas fairs nearby and my daughter decorated already every room.

I am not an enthusiatic decorator, so it's nice to have her  doing it, even though it will be my job to put that all away  after the holidays . The prospects of tidying up all the decorated stuff  keeps me normally from decorating.

What I like much more  is creating Altered Book Pages !

This spread is meant of course for Valerie's
Light and Darkness
theme over at

Art Journal Journey



  1. Lovely page, good to have something that lights your soul! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous pages, love the colours and candles together with those wise words. I've nearly finished decorating, it's such a big job now the children are all grown up and away but they all come to us for Christmas and expect it to be done lol.
    Have a great weekend xxx

  3. Lovely spread wit wonderful colours! Like you I much prefer creating rather than decorating. Sadly there is not much time at the moment, but a week from now is the start of my holidays, I'll have to make a start on the decorating then.... Happy advent to you!!

  4. How lovely to see the beautiful decorations Susi-well done to your daughter.

    The spread to day is stunning and what a wonderful quote as well

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. What a great spread. I love the chandelier. it looks so bright on that colorful background. :) Your decorating looks beautiful and festive. I need to finish mine-it is 90% done but I have a few boxes I need to finish. Hopefully tomorrow-I am tired of looking at those boxes and the dogs want their window seat back. :) Happy Friday. Hugs-Erika

  6. Fabulous pages, I love your lights :) The decorating looks cozy and festive. Cheers xx

  7. bright and festive decorations make me happy.But yes, it is a lot of work and time so I have cut back this year as I have too many things on the calendar this month. I actually wrote down this quote to try and get in a journal page for the new theme-but I'll look for another. Yours is so beautiful! Hoping to get something in and be able to post for next week.Big internet issues yet again-so frustrating.

  8. Yep I'm with you on's the taking everything down that's a pain!! Fab journal page too of course Susi ;)
    Donna xx

  9. Wonderful christmas decoration !! and so gorgeous Art Journal page Susi !! just great ! Happy weekend ! big hugs.

  10. I agree its is much better doing things that inspire us. Its a wonderful journal spread.
    Your daughter has made the rooms so welcoming with the decorations.
    Yvonne xx

  11. How nice that your daughter does all the decorating - though I agree the tidying away is not much fun! Your page is great with the warm glow of candlelight, and that wonderful rich plum colour in the shadows.
    Alison x

  12. Your decorations are gorgeous Susi - do hope putting them away is not too onerous. Love your journal page, it is a great illustration of the theme

  13. I don't mind decorating, but putting things away seems to take much longer. Why is it, I can never get things back in the boxes as neatly as I removed them? Your decorations are lovely and your daughter did a fabulous job.

    Of course, I am in awe of that candelabra. It is over the top gorgeous! Seriously. You draw SO well! Have a great weekend, dear.

  14. I love the colours and sentiment on your pages Susi! And, your rooms are looking very festive, your daughter did a great job!
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Alison xx

  15. What a truly delightful page Suzi!


  16. Beautiful page, Susi! And I love the sentiment. It's harder said than done ;-)

  17. Love your page and your sentiment will be my goal for 2017.
    I have heard that Germany has the most delightful Christmas festivals. Loads to see and buy and some really good sausages.
    Merry Christmas !
    Sandy Claus

  18. I kind of suspected you did not live in Germany so went to find out more about you - Austria! So beautiful and so I know that Austria has all of these delightful Christmas markets too!
    Sandy xx

  19. The thought of putting all the decorations away kept me from decoration overload this year too. Guess this getting older stuff is getting to me...LOL! Because like you, I'd rather be playing with my journals and art supplies.
    Have a great weekend....what is left of it!

  20. love the sneak peek in your house, and your pages are beautiful

  21. Sehr gemütlich ist es bei dir und da kommt echt Adventstimung auf.
    Und deine Journal-Seiten inspirieren mich wieder ;-9
    Einen gemütlichen 3. Advent
    ♥lichst Jutta

  22. Genau, man sollte viel öfter etwas für's eigene Seelenheil tun! Mit Kerzenanzünden kann man schon anfangen...
    Einen schönen 3.Advent wünsch ich dir - liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  23. This is absolutely GORGEOUS, Susi! I hope I get a chance to participate in Valerie's challenge this month! Thank you!!!!!

  24. I love decorating the house for Christmas, infact my dining area gets decorated each season :-). I agree you should always do more of what lights your soul on fire so creating art pages works for me too! I love the lights and your chandelier, it reminds me of the one in our lounge - so pretty! The colours give it such an elegant and exuberant feel - perfect! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and wishing you a happy new start to the week too! J :-) x

  25. Gemütlich sieht es bei dir aus.
    Deine Seite ist wieder wunderschön... auch die anderen Werke der letzten Zeit. Ich muss mal wieder ein "Sammellob" da lassen.
    LG Carola

  26. eine wunderschöne Post mit deinem Bild liebe Susi !!!
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne gemütliche Adventzeit!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  27. Was du übers Dekorieren sagst, stimme ich voll zu - bei mir ist das genauso. Gut dass deine Tochter diesen Part übernimmt :) Sieht alles sehr liebevoll aus!
    Herrlich diese violett-gelbe Doppelseite mit dem Licht-Zitat und wunderschöne Zeichnung des Kronleuchters!!
    Alles Liebe, Rike

  28. Your festive decorations are lovely Susi - well done to your daughter. I love those Santas especially.
    Over the last couple of years we have put our decorations up from about the 3rd week of November and then take them down about Jan 6th to enjoy them up as long as possible. I hate the taking them down part as it seems so bare afterwards and I miss all the lovely twinkling lights.
    Your journal spread is really beautiful - I love the colours and your wonderful artwork and agree totally with your sentiment.
    Hope your week going well (and hope you are getting lots of time to enjoy your new TV and watching lots of arty videos)
    Gill xxx

  29. I love purple and I love that quote. Beautiful spread! :)

  30. Beautiful pages and please tell your daughter the house looks lovely as well!
    Jackie xo

  31. What a great quote, Susi - I think I need it tattooed in reverse on my forehead! Many thanks. :D


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