Monday, January 9, 2017

AJJ and T- Stands - For - Tuesday on Monday

A little bit too early for Elizabeth's TSFT - but I hope that is o.k.!

A bit like  Siberia is our landscape and weather  here just now...brrr....

so indoor playing is on my agenda .

playing and drinking a lot of tea and decaf!
 coffee?? Kaffee? ( in German ) ..

no - better decaf for me - otherwise I get too nervous.

 o.k. - I am sorry that it is  not a very exciting story linked to
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY - Every page tells a story-
hosted by Erika this month.

Just about Kaffee - Coffee  and me....

I avoid coffeine since a few years now and it is so much better for my body.
 I was very affected by coffeine.
I sleep well now and I am not so nervous since I try to drink just decaf and herbal teas.



  1. Lovely pages, happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Liebe Susi,

    Deine Seite ist Dir wieder wunderbar gelungen, die Vögelchen schauen entzückend aus. Du bist so talentiert, bewundernswert !!!

    Herzliche Grüße
    von Anke

    Ps.: Deine Mail ist angekommen, meine Post ja leider nicht *schnüff* Melde mich die Tage bei Dir ...

  3. Liebe Susi,
    eine wunderschöne Seite, dieser bunte Vogel würde sehr gut in die Winterlandschaft passen - ein Farbtupfer sozusagen.
    Genieß den Tee.
    Wünsche dir einen gemütlichen Wochenbeginn.
    Lg Sadie

  4. Beautiful pages and I can't believe how few strokes you needed to do before you created a bird with character.

    I would love to be able to give up coffee or just have decafe but I haven't ever managed that for very long at all. I am pleased it works so well for you Susi

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Liebe Susi
    ich halte mich auch zurück mit Kaffe so trinke ich mal am Wochenende 1 Tasse Kaffee sonst Tee und Wasser.
    Ich finde es so süss das Journal und passt doch toll auch die Technik wie du es gemacht hast!
    Schöne neue Woche besser Schnee wie kalt mit Nieselregen und dicken Dunst.

    Lieben Gruss Elke

  6. This is a great page Susi. What a wonderful bird and It is cool the way you showed your process and how just a little bit of the printing shows through. I hope this little bird stays warm and brings us some more spring like weather. Yup, we are in the cold and snow too. I don't want to go out to work as this is not my kind of weather. Oh well, it is what it is. Have a great week. Hugs-Erika

  7. ach, ich trinke morgens eine Tasse Kaffee und nachmittags nochmal eine... wenn ich aber keine habe, auch kein Problem. ich kann auch sofort danach einschlafen und Kaffee um mitternacht ist auch kein Problem für mich;) allerdings Kaffee neben einem journal-in-der-mache, das endet immer mit dem pinsel im Kaffee:)))
    liebe grüße aus dem ebenfalls weißen Bayern (nicht mal der kater mag raus...)

  8. Ach liebe deine Vögelchen immer, sie sind immer so lebendig! Dein roter Piepmatz hat sogar ein Bärtchen...
    LG Ulrike

  9. Your colourful bird is so friendly and is thinking about something, maybe he likes the blue bird?
    Your pages are stunning with the wonderful complex background.

  10. Its a beautiful spread in your journal. I love how you showed the little bird as you were painting, such a gift to paint like you do.
    We have no snow yet just frost, but its on its way.
    The post was good to read and I wish you a Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  11. such a sweet journal spread Susi-adorable birdies! That is the one good thing about bad weather/snow - it keeps us in and allows for more art time:) Happy T day ( a bit early too)!

  12. Hach, was ist das wieder schön! Jedesmal ist es eine Freude, deinen wunderschönen Arbeiten zu sehen. Du bist wirklich eine Künstlerin!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  13. I'm actually glad you posted today, because it makes it easier for me. Thanks for sharing your decaf with us for T, and your story for AJJ. I actually LOVE your darling bird and the process you went through to get it.

    I can't give up caffeine because I'm an addict. Yes, an addict. I get terrible headaches without it, and I don't sleep with headaches. I drink so much coffee, I can fall asleep any time I choose. In fact, yesterday I (sadly) slept most of the day, first with one cat, then the other.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful birds and your decaf with us for T this week. I'm delighted you shared this, because I ALWAYS love your art.

  14. Brrr - I would play inside too it the weather was like your is Susi. Love your spread, and the birds are gorgeous. I love the coloured one in particular

  15. Such sweet little birds! I'm sure they would love something to help keep them warm :-)


  16. Forgot to say Happy T Day Susi

    Love Chrissie xx

  17. I love your little bird Susi!
    I always drink decaff coffee to avoid migraines.
    Have a lovely creative day, and keep warm.
    Alison x

  18. Ooh I love your birdies Susi and these ones look really characterful. Wow you have soooo much snow brrrrrrrr
    Donna xx

  19. I love this page Susi. I always enjoy your little birds. Especially this lovely robin.

  20. Nice artistic work!
    I love the colourful cute birds.

  21. Happy T-Day! Wirklich - du machst ein paar Pinselstriche und zauberst zwei niedliche Vögel und mehr in eine Buchseite, einfach traumhaft!
    Ich trinke auch keinen Kaffee, lieber Tee.
    Liebe Grüße!

  22. What an adorable Journal page Susi! The colors on that bird take my breath away...just love it! Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  23. A little caffeine goes a long way with me too Susi.
    Decaf is good!
    Lovely painting on book text.
    I saw COLIN in your beautiful birdie ;-)
    Happy T Day oxo

  24. Oh Susi, you are such a fantastic painter and your robin is gorgeous and looks so cheery sitting on the branch. I can hear him singing his song too! I like the way it looks like the blue bird has popped by to say hello, just like we all do on T Day :-). I don't drink caffeine either, I haven't done so for over 10 years now and feel much better as a result :-). Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  25. beautiful page!
    groetjes Karin x

  26. Hummmmmm, you got a bird with just a few strokes of your brush??? WOW!! I am totally amazed, and the pages are a real delight to see.
    I have gone to drinking my coffee 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf, and since it has made a huge difference I'm now ready to do total decaf coffee.
    Happy T-day

  27. Just wonderful spread Art Journal page Susi !! Love the little birds !! gorgeous ! I always drink tea !! love herbal tea !! Happy week ! hugs.

  28. Ach sind die wieder schön deine Vögelchen und so locker mit ein paar Aauarellstrichen skizziert,so klasse gemachte Seiten sind das mit dem Buch-HG und den Noten dazu.Spitze!
    Liebe Grüße

  29. Another wonderful bird page!! And wow, so much snow.... I am feeling quite jealous, we have not had any snow at all so far....

  30. Gorgeous painting, I love it. It's fun to be inside when it's cold and snowy out :) Cheers xx

  31. Love your little birdies, they look like free spirits! beautiful spread...I too have to be careful of the caffeine... happy T day

  32. Beautiful watercolor...and I love, love that its on book pages!!!!!
    Happy T day!

  33. I love your little birds! Such a beautiful spread! I love my coffee but two of the four cups I drink in a day are decaf! The rest of the time it is usually water! I think staying indoors is a good idea when you have cold weather outside! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx ps going for a catch up while I'm here!! xx

  34. I love your birdies and how freely you drew them. That's a charming 2-page spread. Happy T Day, Susi!

  35. Oh so much snow!
    I love your page and the birdies. And I agree, decaf is better, and the taste is the same.
    Sorry I'm so late in commenting, I've been away from my desk.
    Belated happy T-Day,

  36. I truly love your post, yes, your story is...a cold winter day in January, you are missing the birds who are hunkered down from the snow, so whilst keeping warm with your cuppa, you paint your pretty little friends to share with us!! I love it!hugs xx

  37. Was für eine wundervolle Seite mit diesen beiden goldigen Vögelchen! Eine wunderbar harmonischen Komposition!
    Liebe Susi, es freut mich sehr, dass ich dir mit meiner Weihnachtspost eine Freude machen konnte. Ich weiß ja, dass es bei dir in den genau richtigen Händen ist! Viel Freude damit.
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  38. Oh, I just adore your book page birds - what beautiful colours, and your painting really captures a life and beauty in its simplicity. Just delightful. And at least your snow is prettier than our grey rain!
    Alison x

  39. What a wonderful spread, Susi - love, love, LOVE that bird!

  40. If I could play half as well as you do, I would be absolutely delighted! I really love your bird!
    Sandy xx

  41. Beautiful birds and gorgeous page Susi. You always know exactly how to balance the page with everything you add - I love it!
    Gill xx

  42. OLÁ
    Que bela página é a sua amei. Pretendo voltar outro dia. Um feliz final de semana paravc. Já estou te seguindo.

  43. Olá
    Tentei te seguir mais não consegui


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