Monday, January 2, 2017

Every page tells a story

I love to feed the birds - specially during winter.

it's a very satisfying activity. Watching the birds is  great!

 Here is a spread in one of my Altered Books -
a little whimsical winter bird.

No special story - just my love for birdies....
and that we are well prepaired for winter.

Let me  show you my
 well-stocked feed-storage .

20 kilos sunflower seeds, 10 kilos  skinned groundnuts, 150 tit dumplings

I will link this to Erika's January theme over at 
where we have 
as our topic.

And for Elizabeth's Second on the 2nd I want to show another bird page from last year
which was one of the most popular posts here on my blog.



  1. Oh my goodness, Susi. You DO love to feed the birds. And your lovely AJJ spread proves it, too. It's a beauty.

    I can see why your Second on the 2nd was such a popular post last year. I suspect it is still popular the second time around. Not only is your bird adorable, the sentiment shows hope, especially since it's been so much colder this year than last year here. Thanks for sharing this beautiful second look with us today.

  2. Guten Morgen Susi,
    tolle Seiten, vor allem die letzte gefällt
    mir besonders gut.
    Da werden sich die Vögel freuen, haben sie doch
    ein Paradies bei dir gefunden.
    Entspannten Wochenbeginn, aus dem klirrend kalten
    Mühlviertel (-10 Grad).
    LG Sadie

  3. Wonderful pages, old and new, and I know how well you look after your birds. Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  4. Ganz entzückend, deine Vögel !
    Auch ich bin ein großer Fan von unseren gefiederten Freundin.
    Aber ich glaube, dass ich mit dem zeichnen von Vögeln Schwierigkeiten habe, muss ich mal ausprobieren ;-)
    Eine schöne neue Woche wünsche ich dir
    Liebe GrüßeW

  5. They are both fabulous! The birds are adorable and I love the colors and your backgrounds.
    Happy New Year, dear Susi!

  6. Oh I love your birds Susi - thankfully our winters are not as harsh, but i still put some food out fairly regularly.

  7. Both beautiful birdie projects Susi. It is wonderful to be able to feed the birds and watch their antics.

    Happy 2017

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. A beautiful page Susi! I love the birds too - our caravan birds are spoilt as I buy those big bags of food - it's cheaper that way(I tell myself!) I loved this second look bird the first time I saw it! Hugs, Chrisx

  9. Wow !!! I love your birds so much Susi !! They are great!! and also love your big heart feeding the little birds during winter ! ♥ I wish you a very happy week ! big hugs.

  10. Birds must come to your house from near and far. I'm sure they tell one another where to get a good meal. I can understand why the page you showed for a second time was so popular. Its perfect.

  11. Da kann der Winter für deine Vögelchen kommen, du bist gut gerüstet sie durch zu füttern. Deine Bilder mit den Vögeln sind wieder total schön gestaltet,beonders das Zweite mit dem Notenpapier gefällt mir sehr.Die Farbwahl ist auch genau Meins,superschön.
    Liebe Grüße

  12. Susi I am sure your birds are delighted to visit you , you have a wonderful store of food for them to enjoy. I love your journal pages and the sweet birds look beautiful.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I love your story today. And your bird today is just so cute! I love feeder birds too. Of course that brings along a bunch of squirrels, which I will tell you that story soon. I also love this second on the second piece too. Nice story. :) Glad to see you found one to tell over at AJJ. Hugs-Erika

  14. Love to feed the birds too. I call it the bird ballet. Such happy pages all. xox

  15. I know I've said it before but I really enjoy your little birds. They are so whimsical and sweet.
    We have talked about feeding the birds but we have so many squirrels around that I think I'd just be feeding them instead...

  16. Two wonderful pages Susi I too love to feed and watch the birds from my studio (large shed) - love the whimsical birds and the wording especially about winter not lasting forever is just brilliant

    Hilda xx

  17. alle vögel Österreichs werden sich bei dir treffen, wenn da der tisch so reich gedeckt ist! das sind ja unfassbare mengen an Vogelfutter...
    schöne Story-seite und das wiederholungsbild passt so gut zu dem Schneefall, der hier gerade eingesetzt hat. klasse auch, wie du einen journalteil mit digitaler Schrift versehen hast, dieser ausschnitt gefällt mir sehr!
    liebe grüße, johanna

  18. I saw your comment on my blog post. Not sure what the name of the product will be in Austria, but you can do an internet search for "fusible web." That should at least explain what it is.

    You can buy it either with or without backing. There are times you do not want backing, but most times I prefer the backing. Had I not had backing for the project I shared on the 2nd, I would have lost my felt.

  19. oh how I adore your birdie pages !! And i too just love feeding them and watching them eat, play , and drink and bathe in my little bird bath.Such delightful creatures!

  20. How nice that you have made a little hat for this bird, I wonder if they would all like hats in winter? This bird looks like an intellectual bird, he knows he is in the right place. Your art is just so gorgeous. I like the cropped piece too with the flowers and the words, it stands perfectly on its own and the colours merging together are sublime.
    I well remember the second bird and loved it then and love it now. You have a special magic when you paint your birds.

  21. Oh your bird pieces are real favourites, they are filled with Winter magic, how I love looking at the birds, it's so great to feed them in the Winter, a beautiful post and Happy New Year to you! xx

  22. Hi Suzi, love these beautiful pages. The colors are all so nice and drawings very pretty. I too love to feed the birds and the squirrels also. They come every morning and wait for me to fill the feeder. Happy New Year to you and yours my friend.


  23. Beautiful pages!! Your lovely birds always bring a smile to my face, - the backgrounnds like usual, look amazing!!

  24. Jetzt weiß ich, warum heuer so wenige Vögel zu meinem Meisenknödel kommen - sie sind alle bei dir!!
    Traumhaft dieses Eisblau, in das du deine Vögel setzt - so richtig Winterstimmung! Und der Kleine mit der Haube ist so süß, aber das zweite Vöglein mit dem Notenbauch ist der totale Eyecatcher!
    Ein gutes neues Jahr mit viel Kreativität wünsche ich dir!
    Rike oxo

  25. Love LOVE your post and beautiful artwork Susi - I always adore your bird pages especially.
    We have huge containers of bird food too - thankfully they are delivered and we don't have to carry them. It's so easy to forget the time when you are watching the birds but I love doing that.
    Have a great day..Gill xx

  26. I love your birdies Susi! This is a wonderful spread!
    Happy new year!
    Alison xx

  27. Sehr schöne Piepmätze, total schön in Szene gesetzt.

    Ich füttere die Vögel auch inzwischen fast das ganze Jahr über. Mag sie so gerne beobachten

  28. I love feeding the birds, too. Both the new and old birdy pages are great! :)

  29. Deine Vogelwerke schauen entzückend aus, liebe Susi.

    Alles Liebe für 2017
    wünscht Dir

  30. Susi! Delightful post! I love both of your birdies!
    I too am a bird watcher, my hub and I love to keep them coming by offering delicious treats as well! I never heard of Tit Dumplings, are they like a suet? We have been making our own suet as of late and they are really loving it!
    I always enjoy my visits here to your blog as I can gain inspiration and feel a part of your world! xo

  31. Yes I agree...I love watching the birds feed too! I fed them for years until rodents decided to join in and ruin all the fun!! Beautiful artwork! Love the whimsy of your first bird!

    Hugs Giggles

  32. I love your birds and your art Susi! And do you know what? With your bird feed stock you are like my husband :))) There must be a lot! The winter birds have five star culinary restaurants in your garden and in mine!

    Happy Creative New Year!

  33. Liebe Susi,
    ich mag es auch, den Vögeln zu zuschauen und wir füttern mittlerweile das ganze Jahr. Allerdings ist mein Vorrat doch weitaus kleiner als Deiner.
    Deine Werke sind wieder zauberhaft!!!
    Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute und viel Gesundheit für 2018.

    Viele liebe Grüße


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