Saturday, January 20, 2018


The most adventurous tours always  are those with the dogs. They often smell or hear such exciting things, and so I must always  be aware of  little adventures with them. We are normally late in the morning out for our walks  - but since it is so snowy, stormy and cold  we stay much more inside. The most dogs love snow but my girl Quinnie ( the left one with the black nose) don't like cold or wet weather, she is just a sun warshiper whereas the boy is an all-weather dog. The same breed - even far relatives - but so different.

I would often love just quiet an peaceful walks in the woods, but this enjoyment is not granted to me with their company. 
So I painted at least a quick peaceful tree with watersoluble pencils for me in my journal .....

Meant for Erika's theme over at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY 
where she hosts
for us. And I want to link to 
Mascha's Color of hope 

Happy weekend!
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  1. Simply STUNNING. You know how much I love trees, and this lone tree with the birds in the distance is no exception. The shading is great and I love how you added shade at the bottom of the tree. That's a big tree. I can tell by the size of the fence. I love how you used perspective to achieve the depth, too. The idea of more trees in the background that are blurred from view is wonderful. Great composition, and a perfect painting. It's a fabulous addition to Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    I so enjoyed the photo of the dogs, and enjoyed the story of how different they are. They are both really beautiful and their coats are so shiny. You DID get snow, didn't you?

    Loved your latest painting for Art Journal Journey. You are such a good leader and administrator, and you always inspire me.

  2. Liebe Susi,
    Dieser Baum ist wirklich ein Abenteuer, ich bewundere immer wieder deine Vielseitigkeit, ich habe noch nie etwas von wasserlöslichem Bleistift gehört ;-) aber das Ergebnis ist einfach toll.
    Ich wünsche dir noch ein gemütliches Restwochenende.
    Viele Grüße aus dem Mühlviertel.

  3. beautiful dogs, so so so sweet AND cute. great tree to ;O))

  4. Das sind zwei wilde Racker, das sieht man gleich;)
    Was du mit wasserlöslichen Bunststiften auf's Papier zauberst ist Wahnsinn. Einfach grossartig. So ein Talent!,
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende mit den beiden wilden Burschen😍.
    Liebe Grüße

  5. I can totally relate to what you said about the dogs being adventurers.
    Their noses seem to always be on high alert for an interesting scent.
    The photo of your two looks lovely, I think Quinnie has got the right idea about preferring warm dry days, to cold wet ones.
    It is a beautiful tree painting Susi, it is a scene of rest and tranquility.
    Hope your weather is a bit better this weekend for the walking the dogs.
    Yvonne xx

  6. I love your tree so much-you are such an awesome artist.
    I can see where the dogs would get into all sorts of adventures-lol enjoy

  7. How lovely to see your gorgeous dogs! Yes, dogs just want to be everywhere at once! I love your Summer tree- walks would be great along here on a sunny day - a place to stop and rest awhile! Hugs,Chrisx

  8. Lovely journal and I too love the adventure of walking the dog, so much to learn of their behavour too.xxHave a lovely weekend.♥

  9. es ist ja interessant, wie unterschiedlich deine hunde sind. aber bei menschen ist das ja nicht anders ;)! ich musste mich gestern auch sehr zwingen bei der eklig feuchten kälte eine stunde rauszugehen! da kann ich deine quinnie gut verstehen!
    dein baum ist wunderschön, so frühlingshaft auf der einen und noch winterlich auf der anderen seite.
    danke für deine lustigen ausführungen zu den fingernägeln - ich staune immer nur, dass die den damen beim werkeln nicht abbrechen ;))! ich schaue ja nur selten videos und mir ist das daher noch nicht aufgefallen, dass das viele so machen.
    liebe grüße

  10. Dein Baum ist wunderschön, liebe Susi! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Spaß beim Gassi gehen mit Deinen zwei Süßen.
    Herzliche Grüße

  11. I always love to see your beautiful dogs! They look so attentive and happy joining you for your walk and how wonderful that they make them into an adventure too 😁. Your pretty painting of a tree looks so peaceful and relaxing! It really captures my imagination ... how lovely would it be to sit underneath it for a while in the warm sunshine and watch the world go by 😉. Hope you are all staying warm on your adventures with all the snow and cold temperatures your having, and wishing you a Happy weekend dear Susi! J 😊

  12. Ich mag große alte Bäume wie sie oft als Solitär auf Viehweiden stehen. Genauso sieht dein Baum aus, schöne Szene. Deine Queenie ist noch ganz Afrikanerin, sie liebt die Wärme. Der Rüde ist schon an unser Klima angemaßt, was eigentlich selten ist. Die meisten Rhodesians sind Frostbeulen. 😁 Schön daß du mit ihnen durch die Wälder streifen kannst.
    Schönen Sonntag
    Sabine xox

  13. Hi Susie love your journal drawings and how cute are your dogs,the snow looks so pretty xx

  14. Your dogs are beautiful, Susi! I love your great watercoloured journal. Kisses, my friend.

  15. Your beautiful artwork is a great complement to your story, Susi! Yes, walking with a dog can be an adventure. Walking with two dogs elevates it to a new level. Your dogs are beautiful - they must make you smile...

  16. Great photo of the dogs and nice piece of art

  17. A beautiful journal page. I love the peaceful scene with that tree. I have never tried water soluble pencils but I did get some for Christmas. Looking forward to trying them out.
    Your dogs are beautiful. I can see why you want them close by when crafting. :)

  18. That was a brilliant idea about the dogs.It is never a quiet out and about, is it? They are very cute and Qunnie reminds me of my girl Maddie. Neither of my dogs care about the weather, in fact Maddie sees water and goes in, even if it January and ice is forming. We took them with us this weekend and now my car looks like it has fur seats. What a mess.
    But I do love that beautiful tree scene. It looks so quiet and peaceful. I would like that too. It would be a good place to sit in summer, read a book and watch the birds. :) But if my dogs were there, I don't know if I could do that. This post is perfect for AJJ, and I am glad you shared the doggie photo. Hope it was a good weekend and happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  19. die Zwei wie sie dich an gucken was du machst bitte recht freundlich in die Kamera schauen *toll* und dein Baumbild ist wunderschön so leicht und sanft!
    Schöne neue Wooche wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  20. A very peaceful composition, trees feature so much in my person work and I often find myself drawing them without noticing. We can not have too many trees. Fabulous adventures evoke beautiful art work.
    Warm wishes Tracey x

  21. Eine grüne Hoffnung in grauer Winterzeit...
    Ich kann immer langsam gehen, meine Katze erlebt ihre Abenteuer lieber ganz ohne meine Begleitung ;-)
    Eine schöne neue Woche wünscht Dir

    Ich hab übrigens jeden Freitag (und bis jew. Do. danach) eine Linkparty für Grünes jeglicher Art, ob Garten, Kunst oder ein grüner Pullover. Vielleicht magst Du ja auch mal dabei sein? Würde mich freuen.

  22. What an amazing tree scene Susi - it is stunning - love it!! Your dogs sound as theough they have plenty of character and keep you busy when you walk with them!!

  23. zum knutschen... ich halte es mit quinnie:)
    dein aquarellbaum ist dir wieder sensationell gelungen. ich hoffe, dir werden meine komplimente nicht langweilig, aber es ist halt einfach immer alles so schön!!
    hab eine schöne woche, liebe susi♥

  24. It's a beautiful painting, and a lovely photo of your sweet dogs Susi!
    Alison xox

  25. Lovely tree sketch. I miss taking my dog for was good to notice the flowers and trees. My dog is RIP. But I do love the cuddles from my kitty!!

  26. Elizabeth at the top of the comments said it all. Her comment also made me see things in your painting that I didn't see at first glance. Everything about it is calm and beautiful. The way you have used the soft colours here is marvellous.

  27. Oh this is stunning! Love your tree, those colours are so soft and beautiful!

  28. Hi Susi! Your dogs are absolutely adorable! I love them!!! And the work of art you created is so beautiful, serene and wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Hugs, Sharon

  29. A beautiful tree painting and your dogs are gorgeous.
    xxx Hazel.

  30. Das kann ich mir gut vorstellen, dass du mit den Beiden immer neue Abenteuer erlebst auf euren Spaziergängen! Quinnie kann ich verstehen, bei diesem kalten unwirtlichen Wetter bin ich auch lieber in der Nähe der Heizung. Überhaupt jetzt, da ich verkühlt bin.
    Als Ausgleich für die Außenabenteuer hast du diesen schönen friedvollen Baum gezeichnet, wunderbar! Ich stimme ganz Elizabeth zu, was sie über die Perspektive etc. sagt!
    Rike oxo

  31. Your tree is beautiful Susi, peaceful and so green! I long for greenness about now! We have had yucky rain which has melted all the snow it it is muddy and yucky all over!

    Those beautiful babies of yours are the best! Quinnie does not like the cold? How funny they should be so different! Thank you for sharing- I always love to see what happens in my blog friends worlds!
    love & hugs,Jackie

  32. I smile at the thought of stopping to paint with a couple of dogs in did amazingly well to get that tree done. Congratulations! Love the pups - they look like a ton of fun!


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