Tuesday, January 23, 2018

2246 *** FIRE & ICE***

A new theme over at 
which is "FIRE & ICE"

 I made a spread with Robert Frost's
FIRE and ICE POEM as sample for the challenge, it's in my REMAINS OF THE DAY JOURNAL and is also meant for AJJ and Erika's Adventure theme,  even though I would not like to experience a big adventure like in the poem neither with fire nor with ice.
I will join in with the black decaf in my new Emma Bridgewater mug  that I found in mint condition at our local charity shop for just -,50 € .  Up to 50£ are these mugs listed online - wow. My boy-dog is thrilled  to be on the photo together with the pansy mug and my diet microwave soft cheese sufflé with berries and together we send our love out to the T-Gang and all their pets.

 And a special message from my babies to Mrs. Elizabeth, who asked somewhere at a dog mom's blog about cleaning dog paws...

Susi , Liyongo & Quinnie
Wie immer steht Dir rechts oben in der Seitenleiste das praktische 
Sprachübersetzungstool zur Verfügung. 


  1. Liebe Susi
    tolles Bild, ich freue mich Farbe zu sehen,
    wenn ich raus schaue, alles weiß in weiß ;-)
    Das Weichkäsesouflee schaut echt lecker aus.
    Ich wünsche dir einen sonnigen Tag.
    Viele Grüße

  2. Your fantastic fire and ice poem is the perfect entry for TioT, but also perfect for Erika's theme, too. Like you, I wouldn't want to experience either. It's a beautiful Art Journal Journey entry, though.

    I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful find at the charity shop. In case some of the American players didn't realize, that was 0.50 euros and 50 pounds. I had to read it twice myself before I totally understood what a great bargain you got. I'd be happy, too.

    Thank you Liyongo and Quinnie for setting me straight on your paw prints (grin). That was funny. What is also funny is I have never been married, so the Mrs. is a bit premature (also a big grin). Thanks to Liyongo, Quinnie, and you for sharing both your beautiful Art Journal Journey art and your decaf with us for T this Tuesday. Hope it's a great one and the pups are having fun in the snow.

  3. Hehe, meine Tischdecke ist auch immer schön gemustert... direkt vom Fenster kommt Miez rein und übern Tisch, dann sind die Pfötchen sauber -
    Tolle Journalseiten, den Text kannte ich noch nicht... und Dein Soufflè sieht lecker aus. Der Becher ist ein echtes Fundstück und die Blümchen kann man im Winter gut brauchen.

    Hab Deinen Link hinzugefügt, ich selbst hatte das im Friday Five eine Zeit auch - es ging nach Erneuerung des Firefox bei mir wieder und manchmal ist es wohl auch ein JavaSkript-Problem. Ach ja, die Technik, wer kann das immer wissen !?
    Ich schick Dir etwas Sonne mit, hier scheint sie grad, liebe Grüsze

  4. Wie lustig ist das Hundefoto aus dieser Perspektive! LG Ulrike

  5. Your Fire and Ice creation is amazing! I love how you used the modeling paste with the stencils and then added the contrasting red and blue colours to match the poem and theme - beautiful 😁. Oh my, your dogs look so adorable and I love their comments about paw graffiti ... paw-fect...lol 😉. Maybe I could try some of that yummy looking soft cheese soufflé before Liyongo sees me...lol 😉. Your new mug is so pretty and wow, such a bargain too! Happy TioTs, TSFT and AJJ to you too dear Susi! J 😊 x

  6. das hast du toll gelöst mit den beiden seiten - feuer und eis, rot und blau. so passt es hervorragend zum text!
    deine beiden süßen sind ja entzückend auf dem foto. warten sie gerade auf ein leckerchen ;)?
    liebe grüße

  7. A stunning spread Susi and how perfect to use the Robert Frost poem.The soft cheese soufflé looks delicious and that's such a bargain with your mug find. Love the paw graffiti quote, just brilliant.
    Avril xx

  8. I love the poem you used on the Fire and Ice journal spread. They look fabulous pages with that great stencil background.
    The dogs look so innocent, with eyes that absolutely melt the heart.
    I'm sure the paw graffti is their way of being artistic like their talented human mum.
    Happy T day wishes Susi, that souffle looks delicious.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Compliments on a wonderful post, Susi! Your Fire & Ice creation is perfect for the challenge - that poem has always given me the chills. It is haunting...
    Great find at the charity shop! Love the focused look on your dog's face. My dog looks like that every time he gets near the dinner table. And he is fond of making
    paws graffiti, too! Thanks for putting a smile on my face.
    Kind regards, Chris

  10. What a cool spread and the perfect poem to go along with it Susi!!
    Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud when I read about the paws graffiti!! how funny!! Yes, i will tell my husband that same thing! heeheee

    Wow your dish looks just scrumptious, I would happily sit and join you- is there enough for two? ")
    What a great bargain- don't you just love a great thrift find?!

    Happy Tuesday my dear!
    Jackie xoxo

  11. In the US, we fill out forms and check MISS, MRS, or MS. The MS (pronounced miz, is because of the feminists a few decades ago who didn't want to be called either Miss or Mrs. Technically, I am a Dr. (because I have a Ph.D., not a medical degree).

    Sounds like you have a lot of doctor appointments going on the next two weeks. I sure hope you will be given a clean bill of health in all of them..

  12. I love your fire and ice spread and I love your dogs - I got back from walking the dogs not so long ago and have lots of paw graffiti too.
    xxx Hazel.

  13. I just love your artwork Susi, I always love the way you find a perfect sentiment too. Ha ha your dogs are just adorable, love them
    Donna xx

  14. Your fire and ice piece is stunning and I love the photo with one of your pets peaking in at the dessert haha Loving your new mug too says spring is coming.
    Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  15. lovely pages and what cute dogs

  16. I have a pansy mug I use during the winter, but it pales beside your treasure. Sweet deal! Your dogs look quite the pair, ready to help with the crafts and the dessert :) I'd like some of that dessert myself ;) Happy T Tuesday

  17. What a fantastic take on our theme Susi! Love the poem along with great design! Happy rest of the week my Friend!
    P.S. Your dogs are adorable!

  18. das rot und blau krachen mir richtig entgegen, so schön die Textur. ein gedicht toll umgesetzt! und das mit dem pfotengraffiti merk ich mir g*, ich muss den boden eigentlich auch nur wegen dem kater putzen;)
    hab eine schöne Woche:) lg, Johanna
    ach ja, eine tolle Tasse für t/day!

  19. What a great bargain you found and so pretty. I love how the colors of your souffle match the colors on the pansy mug. Your puppers are adorable.

  20. Deine Doppelseite ist wieder klasse, Susi. Wiedermal eine tolle Idee.
    LG Carola

  21. love your fire and ice one of my favorite poets. I too love thrift shopping One ladies trash is another ladies treasure!

  22. Super pages and I love the fire and ice poem too


  23. Ein wunderschönes Werk, liebe Susi, Dein Dessert macht mir Appetit. Deine Wauzis sind sooo süß.

    Hab einen schönen Abend, Bussi

  24. That's a great fire and ice page, Susi! I don't recall having read this poem by Robert Frost. I love his poetry.

    "Paws graffiti" - lol - we have that in our house too.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  25. Love how you have celebrated the Hot and Cold Challenge by having a page each for the representing colours the wash over that stencil work is so striking. The poem creates warmth bringing your journal pages together.
    Love your bargain mug and your sweet dogs look so adoringly towards the camera!!
    Warmest of Hugs Tracey xx

  26. Hi Susi,love your journal pages and what great buying,love your new mug and boy how cute are your fur babies xx

  27. such beautiful pages...and wonderfully fitting Frost quote! and oh those faces of your dogs! too cute for words! hope you will stay warm and toasty - not too hot or too cold! ;) happy T day!

  28. Fire and Ice, we need the ice here to put out the bush fires, great post.xx [aNNie]

  29. My floors get paw graffiti too! At least it looks like your floors don't show them as much as mine. :) And I am glad to see that Austrian dogs like to beg as much as American dogs. My dogs would love your souffle, but not the tea. But I like the mug. Liyongo and Quinnie are awfully cute. And your latest art is cool. I love the colors for fire and ice, and you picked one of my favorite poets. Robert frost was born here in New Hampshire and he is a man who really speaks for my part of the US. I wonder if he wrote any poems about begging dogs or dog graffiti? That gives me some ideas for some new pages. Thanks! Hope it was a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  30. Love the journal page...the texture is amazing! Cute doggies too!
    Happy T day!

  31. The texture in your background is beautiful for those velum words. So pretty. And the cheese dessert looks so yummy!
    Happy Tea Day,

  32. LOVE seeing the dogs!
    Your page fit the poem perfectly. I would much prefer to end by ice and not fire--whew! ;)

  33. Love your pages Susi - they really are a graphic representation of the poem - which I love how you have pieced onto the page
    What a beautiful mug and dessert :-)

  34. Liebe Susi,
    Das Weichkäsesouflee sieht sooo lecker aus und das Hundebild ist echt süß!!!! Du hast wieder eine tolle Journalseiten gezaubert!!! Liebe Grüße

  35. What a wonderful fire & ice spread Susi, and I love the poem and your sweet doggies.
    Happy T-Day!
    Alison xox

  36. So schöne Strukturen auf deiner Feuer und Eis Doppelseite samt Gedicht! ABER - die beiden Fotos von deinen Hunden und toller Süßspeise mit Getränk in außergewöhnlicher Tasse stehlen die Show!
    DAS sind die Hingucker (die beiden Herausgucker)!
    Knuddel, Rike

  37. A wonderful fire & ice page. And a poem that is food for thought.
    Lucky you to find that mug! Not only is it a bargain, it is also beautiful with the pansies.
    Your dogs are gorgeous. Paw grafitti is a good expression.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  38. What a stunning spread, Susi - I love the powerful contrast in colour to illustrate your concept. Knocked it out of the park, you did!

  39. Your page looks great. I love the background.

  40. Wonderful fire and ice interpretation, Susi! Love how textural the paste makes it and the colors are so juicy. Frost is one of my favorite poets, too. xoxo


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