Wednesday, March 7, 2018

2270 - M I N D F U L N E S S

At MOO MANIA & MORE  we start a new theme today:  Our Challenge theme No. 161 for you is chosen by the lovely Majo and it is a really nice theme in my mind:
Colour Effect 
Hop over to the challenge blog
to see Rosie's and Majo's
examples for the challenge. Those two designers are simply fantastic.
160 times they came up with the most beautiful pieces. Majo always even creates a Moo format for the topics since the early beginnings of our fortnightly challenges. 

I started in my Zen - Balance - Journal with a few colour splashes on an  already with some white gesso prepaired spread.

 Yes that is a big bottle for spraying, I once made a dye with acrylic colour for dying fabric and had so much left over paint that I decided to fill it in a big empty window cleaner spray bottle. And guess what? This is the one and only spraynozzle yet  that doesn't clog up! I will keep some more of this bottles and make some more spray inks. But it wasn't exactly to my liking at that point, so the pipette of the acrylic ink bottle came just to the right time to my mind and this gave the intended effect.

 This was a colour effect now that I liked.

And after this the ZEN-BALANCE part began. I used  some daisies waiting for me from last year as I dried different plant material in the microwave oven ( like so ) .They were already glued to an gessoed book page and sealed with Mod Podge since then. Some little additions like sewing with the machine, loose silk thread ends, cheesecloth and the word, typed on my lovely vintage typewriter 
completed the spread and if you suspect that this pages are also meant for Rosie's current theme of "SPRING" over at 
you are totally right!
Thank you so much for visiting me and for your interest in my work! I appreciate this very much ! I normally don't write how I create my pages- that is because I am not so good in explaining and it's always a bit difficult for me to find the right English words and phrases, but if you have any questions concerning my process or materials please don't hesitate to send me an email or ask in the comment field. It's always a great pleasure for me to answer questions relating to my passion of Mixed Media Art. 

And now I have no more projects for this week to share since I am 
very busy with my "spring" house- and studio cleaning and I decided to do it  m i n d f u l - so it will take a lot of time!

Mindfulness is something I really have to integrate more in my every day life. Are you already mindful in everything you do?
Please let me know!
Here is a  quick YT explanation about MINDFULNESS .


  1. I've never heard of using the microwave for drying plants. The effect is lovely. Thanks for the link :)

  2. Liebe Susi
    ein wundervolles Thema, hier werde ich auch bestimmt was dazu beitragen können - zumindest hoffe ich es. Die Idee mit der großen Sprühflasche ist super, ich bin auch immer genervt bei den Sprühfarben, wie schnell sich die Zerstäuber verstopfen,
    Tolles Bild, gefällt mir sehr, vor allem die Blumen.
    Ich habe mir das Video von: Mindfulness angesehen, wirklich sehr imteressamt und es ist keine schlechte Idee, das in Erwägung zu ziehen bzw. zu versuchen.
    Wünsche dir eine stressfreie Umräumzeit.
    Viele Grüße

  3. Beautiful journal page and fabulous colours my friend... 💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning your co-designers :) I am thrilled to be part of our little team and yes, I do take up on the challenge to create *Moo-Size* from the beginning. It's always a challenge but well, that's it, isn't it?

    You created yet another beautiful page, dear Susi, I love the colours and envy you a bit for all the different ideas you come up with.

    And no, unfortunately I'm not mindful at all, I will have to work on this ♥

  5. Liebe Susi,
    für mich ist das sehr interessant, dass Du Deine Technik erklärst und die Idee mit der Glasreinigerflasche ist genial. Ich werde mir auch eine aufheben, allerdings brauche ich so einen Sprüher nur für das Verputzen von Wänden.
    Ich habe mir vorgenommen achtsamer zu sein, aber ich brauche ständig kleine Erinnerungen, so wie Deinen Post, sonst vergesse ich das leider meist. Und dass, obwohl ich Achtsamkeit für sehr wichtig halte, ja für einen echten Gewinn an Lebensqualität. Aber leider holen mich Alltag und Stress jedesmal wieder ein. Ich habe da noch einen langen Weg vor mir.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  6. Beautiful spread Susi!!Love that lime color

  7. ein tolle Ideenreichtum von dir diese Seite zu machen!
    Faszinierend was du alles benutzt hast dafür und gewerkelt hast!
    Gutes gelingen beim Hausputz und umräumen!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  8. What a wonderful, textural and colourful spread Susi - I think it is marvellous!

  9. Das sieht super aus ... und macht auch mehr Spaß als Fensterputzen.

  10. wow Susi beautiful page,love the colours,well done my friend xx

  11. So eine umwerfende Journalseite mit den Farben und dem Materialmix - du bist eine Meisterin im Mixed Media!
    Dann viel Spaß beim Räumen und Putzen...und schmeiß nicht zu viel weg!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  12. That is a gorgeous page Susi. I do love the color palette. That is an interesting theme. And for sure-I am glad you shared your no clog nozzle. There is nothing worse than clogged up nozzles and it seems all those craft spray bottles you buy clog and can't get unclogged. I think these companies that make spray inks and paints need to work on their nozzle construction. Anyhow, hope your cleaning is coming along and the studio is looking better and better as you clean. I am still jealous you are finding time to do it. Happy Wednesday. Hugs-Erika

  13. deine journalseiten sind wirklich wunderschönst geworden, ich mag die dreidimensionalität, die durch die gänseblümchen und die fäden entstanden sind. und deine worte gefallen mir auch sehr. achtsamkeit ist so wichtig, gerade gegenüber sich selbst. man schadet sich nur selbst, wenn man sich über andere aufregt oder sich ständig sorgen macht.
    viel spaß beim putzen und aufräumen!
    liebe grüße

  14. Ich liebe deine Mixed Media Seiten! Du findest immer die richtige Farb-Balance - wie hier so schöne zarte Frühlingsfarben! Toll dieser Fensterreiniger als Sprühflasche! Das Sprühen kann ich nur draußen machen, denn ich sprühe sonst alles an weit rund um das Zeichenblatt. Ich habe noch nicht die richtige Sprühflasche gefunden oder ich bin zu ungeschickt :)
    Die getrockneten Gänseblümchen von oben und von unten aufgeklebt sind wunderschön!
    Achtsamkeit beim Putzen ... ach ja, die guten Tipps, mögen sie uns helfen!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt, Rike

  15. Such lovely spring colors and look!!! What a great idea with the inks and old window cleaner spray bottle!!! are so talented and always create gorgeous art!!!

    Big Hugs 💕

  16. Ganz einfach wundervoll, liebe Susi

  17. aww great zen - love the colours and sweet daisies

  18. Das gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut, liebe Susi! Ein wunderschöner Hintergrund und die Blumen sind auch toll.
    Uihh, so ein gründlicher Frühlingsputz! Da fehlt mir noch die Motivation. Gönn' Dir zwischendurch ein paar Päuschen und mach' was Spaßigeres! :)
    Viele liebe Grüße

  19. This is so beautiful dear Susi, I always love dried flowers, used in mixed media, and this is so lovely on your wonderful background.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  20. Wunderschön was du alles machst. Sehr kreativ eine feine Farbabstimmung.
    Lg aus Wien

  21. I love those splashes of colour, and beautiful daisies! A wonderful spread Susi!
    Alison xx

  22. ooohh wie wunderschön die seiten sind,der hintergrund zu den hellen blüten ist traumhaft,alles wirkt so luftig und leicht,das gefällt mir sehr,liebe susi.
    das bist du ja schon fleißig im haus,ich bin noch zu faul *LOL*
    es müssten alle gardinen gewaschen werden,und auch sonst muss noch viel gemacht werden,mal sehen das ich mich bald mal aufraffe.
    einen schönen abend noch.

    schöne grüße jenny

  23. I am in AWE of this beautiful mixed media entry. I love how you incorporated the flowers (I have yet to try this drying technique in the microwave), the sewing, and the painting. And I have serious envy for your beautiful typewriter.

    I tried to spray some shimmering mists today and not a single one would spray. Even after cleaning the nozzles not a single one would spray. I like your big sprayer that actually works.

    Have fun cleaning.

  24. Love your journal page - how lovely to work with pressed flowers at this time of year x Beautifully balanced page xx Thank you very much for dropping by my blog earlier it is so appreciated HUGS xxx

  25. A beautiful soft colour combination for your fantastic journal spread.
    I love the dried flowers and backgrounds.
    Its a great idea to use the household spray bottles when they have fulfilled their purpose, I will remember that tip for the future.
    You got me thinking about Mindfulness today, I must pursue this subject more.
    Yvonne xx

  26. Oh Susi this is such a super page and I just love that you were able to utilize the flowers you dried last year. They add such a wonderful tactile touch to that super background! Your English by the way is excellent and I enjoyed reading how this page came together! Good luck with your house and studio, and what a fun mindfulness video. I have been practising it for years and agree with everything he says!

  27. Schon wieder so ene tolle Seite.

    1. Dein Gänseblümchen Arrangement sieht ganz zauberhaft aus liebe Susi und die HG-Sprenkelei gefällt mir auch gut dazu. SUPER GEMACHT!
      Liebe Grüße und schönes Wochenende.
      Sabine xox

  28. Hi Susi this is one of the most impressive creations I have seen in a long time. Beautiful idea and so inspiring. The outcome is a masterpiece and is super gorgeous. Hugs June x

  29. Hi Susi! I loved your mindfulness little video! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! And wow! Your art journal pages are absolutely beautiful. I love the background and I really like the bottle you use for spraying! The flowers are gorgeous and I love the whole effect! Thanks for your inspiration today! HUGS!!!

  30. Susi , I just love when you show your steps and I always understand what you mean!Your explanations are very good! I do have a question about your stitching the pages on the machine. How do you get the book under the machine and turn it? I love your style ,but have a hard time getting my pages in my book stitched.
    On to those flowers, Perfect for this spread What a gorgeous set of pages and the way it all came together is just brilliant! From your HUGE -teeheehee spray bottle to those beautiful flowers- so lovely!
    Thanks for that little video as well, I think mindfulness is something I need to work more at!

    Have a beautiful day my dear friend!
    much love,Jackie

  31. What a beautiful piece, Susi and you certainly did that theme up proud - colour effect, indeed. It's just stunning, and I enjoyed seeing how it was created.

  32. I adore this page Susi! The flowers really do look wonderful with the background you created! I think I have been lucky with my nozzles, although the shimmery ones pose more of a problem than ordinary ink sprays! As for Mindfulness - I think it must have been called something else at one time - I have always followed this way! Friends and colleagues used to comment on how calm I was - if only they knew the process it took to be that way! Good luck with your mindful tidy! It will go much quicker and easier that way! Hugs, Chrisx

  33. I knew there would be a post I had missed, so Sorry Susi. How could this have been hiding from me. A stunning display using natures very own beauty. I have to agree with you regarding the spray bottles, those little bottles really do not live up to their expectations, I find myself having to clean them out constantly. Which can not be very eco friendly. Loved your how it came to be tutorial..
    Hope your spring cleaning is going well?
    Happy Weekend Tracey xx

  34. this is just so beautiful! thank you for showing how you completed the look! Amazing!

  35. The background you created is perfect for your dried flowers and being in the moment fully and engaged is being alive, so you must. xoxo

  36. WOW WOW WOW, das ist ja wohl super geworden. Fantastisch, gefällt mir sehr, sehr gut.
    LG Carola

  37. your journal page is so lovely and inspirational as always. mindfulness practice is very beneficial. i am not always faithful to it but when i am, i'm so much happier and more relaxed. xo

  38. ich hab zwar keine mikrowelle, aber glasreinigerflaschen hätte ich, bloß werden die so selten leer;)
    susi, deine journalseiten sind einfach wieder toll geworden.
    mein langer kommentar wurde leider vom nirwana verschluckt kurz vorm veröffentlichen, wieso auch immer, hab dann gewartet, ob er es nicht doch geschafft hat, aber offensichtlich nicht. das schöne WE, das ich dir gewünscht hatte, ist mittlerweile vorbei, also wünsch ich dir jetzt eine schöne woche ♥
    liebe grüße, johanna

  39. Gorgeous piece Susi - love the dried flower and the sprayed background. What is it with nozzles clogging up, thats so frustrating when it happens and so great when you find one that works :)
    I have a book on mindfulness - I hope I try to be mindful... and twice tried an online free course on the subject
    but didn't complete it for one reason or another... There never seems to be enough time to do everything - although its probably down to bad time management on my part :)
    Good luck with all the spring cleaning, I hope its a bit warmer and sunny at your end of the world - that always helps when doing jobs like that.
    Have a great week..... Gill xx

  40. LOVE your daisies journal spread Susi!! They are so light and airy-much like your home must be getting with all that Spring cleaning :)

  41. I have dried flowers in the micro wave years ago. Such a pretty page, can't go wrong with daisies! Your art is so beautiful and ever changing, and your talent flourishes. Love to you my friend.



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