Tuesday, March 20, 2018

CALL OF SPRING on the International Day of Happiness

Happy T-Day and happy International Day Of Happiness
for my lovely visitors and the Gals at 
where we share a drink related post with friends every Tuesday. 
It would be a pleasure for us when you stop in and join us.
Herbal tea for me today with a slice of my 
diet cream cheese strudel.

In Austria we call it TOPFENSTRUDEL. In Germany they say QUARKSTRUDEL. However it is called - I love it. The best for me is I can buy ready to go "light- low fat"strudel dough and I take the law fat variation of curd as well to fill the strudel and a calorie- free sweetener, vanilla- and lemon aroma and just  beaten egg white - so it is really a diet variation of a Topfenstrudel and I can take more than one slice...yeah! Not as delicious as the fat variation with whole eggs and butter, but I enjoy it and that's the only thing that counts! I reached my desired weight meanwhile after nearly 4 years and the best way to hold it is to do a kind of diet furthermore.  I would otherwise gain weight again very soon I guess. I lost exactly 20 kg / about 44 lbs since  2014 - an I am really proud of me. It was hard sometimes -  I gained a bit of weight along the way again - but I always checked my weight and my nutrition. I feel so much better meanwhile, more fit and I like myself even more. I had this dream weight before I got pregnant with my daughter in 2000. And now it is back- amazing and unbelievable, but true. If I was able to manage that beyond 50  I think everybody is able to do it. If you think you can't manage it - just start - now at springtime it's the best time to give it a try! And there is so much help to find on YT, and blogs and social media! It really can even be fun to do it!

As you already know for sure  SPRING is our topic at
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY  right now and I have a spread in my 
Circle Journal for this theme today as Spring starts officially in the northern hemisphere. We have under zero and a bit of snowfall today, but I am sure spring comes soon. I can wait. Initially I made the pages for our new theme over at TRY IT ON TUESDAY where we celebrate: THE CALL OF SPRING for the next two weeks and there is also a wonderful moodboard to be found at the 
TIOT's blog for you beside of wonderful samples by the teamies to get your creative juices flowing. 

As it is TUESDAY and I hope my post today fits the general idea of neutral colors I will link up to Wen's SIMPLY NEUTRALS #38.
You should visit Wen and the participating blogs at the challenge -
wonderful inspiration is awaiting you. And please don't forget to call in at froebelsternchen tomorrow again when Moo Mania & More starts the new fortnightly theme. Thank you for reading all my trivial stuff today, normally I don't write such long and boring posts. But I like to share what makes me happy just today with you on this 



  1. Good morning Susi, and I want to first thank you for the information about the wine I shared on my post.
    so proud of you with your weight loss and your low fat strudle sounds delicious-I will look for that dough for my hubs. I have always been able to keep my weight where I want it until two years ago when I turned 66 and now I am not the weight I want to be at all-I am continuing my walks and now that it is getting warmer hope to lose those pounds. thanks for the encouragement.
    I am in love your art piece this week too. Happy T Day Kathy

  2. A very happy post Susi with the wonderful cake and very beautiful journal spread. Lots of ideas on that for sure

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Wow Susi. That is amazing and impressive. I am very excited for you. You must be very happy and excited for yourself too. It is hard work to lose weight-I know I try and try and it never quite works.You havea good body to work with your mind. Low fat strudel-still sounds yummy! An I love your page today. The stitching adds some fantastic texture. We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow-UGH! Hope your weather has warmed up and you have a fantastic T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Das ist eine sehr schöne Frühlingskomposition, liebe Susi! Ich mag's ja immer sehr, wenn die Nähmaschine auch mitspielen darf. :)
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Gewichtsverlust! Du hast wirklich tapfer durchgehalten!
    Herzliche Grüße

  5. Love the spring feeling of your journal spread Susi! Wonderful take on our mood board!
    Congrats to you my dear Friend on loosing so much weight! Enormous success! Stay strong and healthy!
    Lula oxo

  6. Such an uplifting post! I love the look of that cream cheese strudel and could happily eat a slice of two ... Lol 😉. You are such an inspiration dear Susi loosing all that weight! I can relate to your story as I feel very blessed to be at and maintain my happy weight too 😁. Your spring collage page is beautiful with it's soft colours, pretty blooms and circles - perfect! Happy T Day and wishing you joy this International Happiness Day too my friend! J 😊

  7. Congratulations Susi on your weight loss!!! You used will power, and took the weight off slowly...more importantly, you changed your eating habits! I am so proud of you!!!
    I always love to see your beautiful artistic creations! You are an inspiration to me and to others! Today's piece is so wonderful and I agree that it fits into all of the themes that you used it for.

    Big Hugs Always ❤💮❤

  8. Huge congratulations to you dear Susi on your fantastic accomplishment!! You persevered and it has paid off in that you not only look better but feel much healthier too. Your lo cal version of the strudel sounds quite good to me-especially with my morning coffee. Your Spring page is just fantastic- I love the birdhouse! Wishing you a continued day of happiness, and a happy T day too! Big hug!

  9. Susi I really enjoyed reading your post today. The cream cheese strudel sounds and looks delicious and if can can be a treat to eat when dieting that is a bonus. Well done as well, for reaching the weight that keeps you happy and healthy.,
    Your Springtime page is beautiful, lovely soft colours and I love how you added the sewing that seemed to join every detail together.
    Happy T day wishes Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  10. ich bewundere Dich liebe Susi!!!! 20 Kilo wegzubekommen ist es nicht einfach und immer darauf zu achten was man isst !!!Hut ab
    ich könnte es nicht:( zum Glück muss ich auch nicht aber das schafft nicht jeder...Deine Frühlingscollage ist wieder klasse geworden. Liebe Grüße

  11. Quakrkstrudel, zum Reinsetzen lecker! Jetzt läuft mir doch gleich das Wasser im Mund zusammen...
    ... und futtere nicht zu viel davon, damit du dein Traumgewicht in den hoffentlich bald kommenden Frühling mitnehmen kannst! Alle Hochachtung für dein Durchhaltevermögen und ganz liebe Grüße - Ulrike

  12. Congratulations on your weightloss and keeping the weight off. That strudel doesn't look like diet food. Love the little birdhouse in your circle journal. Perfect for the First Day of Spring. Happy T Day

  13. Thank you for sharing from your life Susi, such a fantastic result for you , loosing that many kg. Going on eating sensible, will make you feel better for ever,- congratulations,.
    And the beautiful feeling of spring is so present in your spread, it is wonderful with all the sewed and stamped circles . Hugs, Dorthe

  14. Hello, Susi. Your lovely, inspirational post just brightened my morning!
    And congratulations on your weight loss! Very hard to do (I know this).
    Kind regards, Chris

  15. Diet cream cheese strudel, Susi? Somehow the words "diet" and "strudel" just don't belong together ;-) It looks delicious and I like the idea of "more than one piece!" Congratulations on reaching your goal weight! We share the very same history down to the same amount of weight gain with (and after) pregnancy. It took me more than a decade to get back to a healthy weight.

    Now I don't think of the way I eat as a diet. It's just the way I eat and I'm very happy with it. My manta is "everything in moderation."

    Your post wasn't boring at all! I enoyed reading your inspiring diet story and seeing your wonderful spring neutrals circle jounal page.

    Happy Spring, International Day of Happiness, and Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  16. hi susi,

    wow deine seiten sind fantastisch,sehr künstlerisch gearbeitet hast du,das gefällt mir sehr.
    darf ich ein stück von deinen käsestrudel haben,der ist bestimmt lecker!
    der duftet bis hierher,ein tässchen cafe dazu und die welt ist in ordnung.
    ich war heute spaziren,es ist echt warm und sonnig gewesen,hat spass gemacht.
    einen schönen abend,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  17. I am having a terrible week. I can’t stop coughing, my internet keeps going offline, and my keyboard works about half the time.

    I truly LOVE your spread in your journal. It is fabulous, and so are you for losing all that weight. I'm so proud of you and your new look, too.

    I realize I’m not a very good host, but want to thank you for sharing T with us this Tuesday. Happy Vernal Equinox, too.

  18. Hallo Susi, so langsam "stehe" ich auch wieder auf... mich hatte die Grippe erwischt. So langsam geht es wieder bergauf und ich kann bei dir stöbern. Tolle Seiten hast du in der Zwischenzeit wieder gemacht. Bin wie immer sehr begeistert.
    LG Carola

  19. A great post today Susi and a wonderful journal page, love the added stitching. Congratulations on your weight loss, such an achievement and the strudel looks delicious.
    Avril xx

  20. Your strudel and mug are just my style :) I've never had low-fat strudel, but it looks good. Happy T Tuesday!

  21. Well done for achieving your weight loss goal- I still have a lttle way to go but I'm not giving up! I love this journal spread - such a lovely way to add some texture! Your strudel looks delicious and good to be able to make a light version of a favourite dish! Happy T day! Hugs,Chrisx

  22. Your journal pages are always so beautiful! I love the white circles and the circular stitching around her face. So much texture with just paint and stitching. I Love it!
    Your strudel looks amazing. I had to laugh when you called it diet strudel. You are so inspiring to loose that much weight after 50. It is so true that saying, "You are what you eat." I love that you gave a little pep talk. It was exactly what I needed right now. Today was free cones at Dairy Queen to celebrate the first day of spring. Everyone got one but me. I am feeling good about that.
    Happy Tea Day, Friend!

  23. Dass du dein Gewicht so reduzieren konntest und es auch hältst ist wirklich sehr bewundernswert! Dieser Topfenstrudel sieht köstlich aus und schmeckt sicher genauso gut wie die fette Variante - das muss ich mir merken!
    Diese neutralen Farben auf deiner toll texturierten Journalseite machen sich gut zusammen mit den genähten und gestempelten Kreisen!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt, Rike

  24. I had to search for this post Susi as the TioT link did not take me to where I wanted to be, so glad I sat with a cuppa before I headed out today. Your post was so encouraging and huge congratulations to you for being so successful in losing weight and being where you want to be.
    I have an underactive thyroid which can cause me to struggle with my weight at times so this subject is very close to my heart. Thank you for sharing your Positivity for all that feel they are getting nowhere when dieting.
    Your Call of the Spring page makes me long for those *No Socks* days and short sleeved T-shirt.
    Sending Big hugs your way Tracey xx

  25. Susi~ never boring! and wow 44 lb. gone. congratulations!! I know how hard it is. I keep trying to lose the same 5 lb. and have been losing the battle, (not the pounds) for over a year. I know what to do, just need to do it! LOVE your journal pages...they are always a joy to see, and the stitching is a wonderful accent. happy T day a bit late!

  26. such a beautiful journal post ! You have given me much inspiration on your weight loss! CONGRATULATIONS because that is not an easy feat. I actually meet with doctors again next week in regards to it (50 pounds I have gained since my brain stem stroke in 2014). It is nice to know for some the battle can be won!

  27. Hi Susi,
    Wow, losing that much weight takes dedication. Well done. My partner lost 30kg over a year, and changed his attitude to fruit and vegetables as a long-term diet strategy. He now loves salads! We put cans of food into a hamper to see how much he lost, and we could not safely lift it! We could see the strain on his body when he was carrying it all around. It's like he's ten years younger!
    Your slice looks very yummy. We do still need treats, don't we? So enjoy! Your circle book is a fun idea. Happy creating...
    Jesse XX

  28. Wow! I absolutely adore this spread Susi!
    So happy for your weight loss, well done you! It's true, we have to keep up the healthy diet. Mine has been slipping this winter, and I've gained a few pounds. I think it's the stress of missing my daughter and my husband's job situation. Food has always been my comfort.
    A happy day to you!
    Alison xxx

  29. Oh sweet Susi!!
    Huge congratulation to you!! That is absolutely fantastic that you have reached your goal- I am so happy and proud of you and for you! You are awesome!

    Your spring journal spread is so beautiful! If only it would feel like spring0right?
    hugs,Jackie xx

  30. Your tea time cake looks so tasty! So do your card too :) Some rings and face and ... Oh! Love it. And it was very nice to read what you wrote to me. Thank You!

  31. Congratulations on reaching and maintaining your dream weight, Susi - very well done. I'm loving that spread for spring, and hope it brings it on sooner, here as well as your part of the planet! xo

  32. Congratulations on attaining your weight goal, Susi, and maintaining it as well. Well done! And your spring spread is lovely - I do hope it encourages warmer weather here too, as well as your part of the planet! xo

  33. Oh yummy, that cake looks GOOD! Beautiful spring journal spread you created sweetie, with the gentle colour splashes here and there in the neutral coloured winter background. Big hugs xx

  34. Congrats on your weight loss, I know how hard it is to lose and how easy it is to gain when you go off from eating correctly.
    Your journal has such a lovely spring look to it, so fun!

  35. Congratulations on your weight loss! I love that you've made it a permanent lifestyle! Good for you! Beardo lost 60 a few years ago just by eating more plant based foods...it's now my kids lifestyle but they dont deprive themselves at all!

    Peace Giggles


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