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We start a new Challenge at 
MOO MANIA & MORE today and our theme is

I really was inspired by my favourite colours here,
but I have to admit that I just love all colours - so always difficult to decide which ones to use.
And I feel a special respect for the life of their own and their reacting  to each other . In short I am happy to have learnt enough about the theory of colours meanwhile.
It was a bit difficult at the beginning of my 
Mixed Media Journey . I got muddy colours or I didn't get the results I was looking for. 
But skill comes with practice .

I  was in awe of  the ballpoint drawing RIKE showed recently (HERE) and decided to try this once. I don't draw as well as Rike, so I had to use some tricks with colour and some white gesso in the end to get the result I was looking for. 
But then I was pleased with the spread in my Zen-Balance -Journal and decided to practise ballpoint drawing soon again. The simplest art supply you can think of, isn't it?!

I am linking to Gill's AMAZING and popular theme over at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY.
INSPIRED BY ... it's just a fantastic topic! 
 Thank you Gill for your great hosting this month! And thank you very much to all the fantastic artists playing with us over at 
By the way there are still a few days left for you to join in the 
Inspired by - challenge!



  1. Actually Susi, you are a fantastic artist. I simply adore the pen drawing you created. Like you, I also like all colors. I have never been good with composition, perspective, or even balance. But I have always been good with color and color theory. I knew color theory before I knew about a color wheel. Your colors impress me. The tiny bits of red really pop and set the stage for the rest of the art. It was great to read you are also sharing this today at Art Journal Journey, dear friend and co-administrator.

  2. Liebe Susi,
    ich habe gar keine Kenntnisse davon, wie man Farben kombiniert, aber es mir doch ein leichtes zu sehen, dass Du ein sehr tiefes Verständnis von Farben hast. Wenn ich ein Bild sehe, dann fühle ich immer etwas, was ich nicht immer beschreiben kann, aber das Gefühl ist da, und bei deinen Bildern fühle ich sehr viel Freude und auch Respekt vor Deinem Können.
    Ich bin übrigens dem Link gefolgt und habe mir Rikes Kunstwerk angeschaut, es ist ein sehr schönes Bild und verrät viel Fertigkeit, aber Dein Bild spricht mich weit mehr an, weil es in mir einfach viel mehr auslöst.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Mittwoch.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  3. You really are an amazing artist indeed, the whole movement of your sketches are draw with skill showing how comfortable you are using the pen. An underestimated tool that many people forget, so glad you shared this magnificent, vibrant piece of Susi art with us all.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  4. What a gorgeous spread Susi, and I would never have thought you had drawn it with a ball point pen!!

  5. Great post Susi - I love your page, stunning background, drawing and the quote which definitely is one to live by :) Your amazing art always inspires me!
    I was pleased to see that this spread was inspired by one of Rikes lovely drawings with a biro. I usually doodle with a biro when on the phone but don't really think of it to draw properly with - but it does give great marks, so I must remember to use it more in future.
    I do struggle with colours and theory still, so I have book marked the link to go and read later - thanks for sharing that.
    Moo Mania theme is going to be fun too and a good excuse to experiment with colours :)
    Thanks for the your support and lovely ocmments again.
    Have a wonderful day dear friend.
    Gill xx

  6. Fabulous pages Susi, the sketched flowers are beautiful and that's a very true quote.
    Avril xx

  7. Rike is an amazing artist for sure. But I think your drawing is great also. Way better than mine would be. But I know what you mean about colors. I have some I lean towards but they all have their own personality for sure. It is hard to pick a favorite combination. The only one I like in small small doses is purple, not a favorite of mine to use as it looks great in flowers, and I don't know why. I am also drawn to color and it is one of the magic parts of art. MY dogs are all sitting next to me as I write since I didn't take them for a walk today. I really need to go work on the closet project (cleaning out the one in my daughter's old room) so I guess they will have to wait for a bit more. I feel bad though. Anyhow, hope you are having or had a great day. (Depending when you read this) Hugs-Erika

  8. Hallo Susi, was hast du in letzter Zeit wieder fantastische Seiten hier gezeigt. Diese und auch die Anderen gefallen mir sehr gut.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  9. I love this spread, Susi, just wonderful and your flowers are perfect! xo

  10. Hi Susi beautiful pages my friend and i love the words,well done xx

  11. Your pages are lovely, Susi! I love ALL colors as well and I can see how hard it is to choose sometimes. I love the notebook paper in the background and your beautiful flowers.

  12. Oh yes, practice, practice,practice!
    and your flowers are simply beautiful Susi! hoping to join in with Moo Mania! this time around!
    Jackie xo

  13. Dear Susi, I would never have thought of a ballpoint pen to draw with, and also only figured it out, when reading your post :-) it stands totally wonderful and sharp, your flowers, and, the green tones, with gesso on top makes it so beautiful, and alive,- the yellow/green backgrounds, also giving the flowers a push , and makes them ,the stars !! I love your quote, so true, and the red dots gives lovely warmth to your gorgeous creation.
    Thank you dear friend, for your sweet birthday wishes .
    Hugs, xo

  14. Your drawing is wonderful, these flowers and your little sparrows too. You have created very delicate effect with such bold colours very skillful and effective. Thank you for sharing and all the enthusiasm you show for the work of others, generous and positive lady. x Amanda

  15. Susi I love this spread and your loose style of drawing, so don't put yourself down!
    I have never tried a biro in my artwork, but I guess anything is possible as you have demonstrated with this piece....

  16. ooohh susi,das ist soo ein tolles bild und ich möchte mich gern wolfgangs worten anschließen,auch bei mir löst dein bild sehr viel aus,was ich nicht in worten fassen kann,es hat soviel können und kunst in sich,und die harmonie zu einem bild hast du sehr gut drauf.
    einen schönen abend,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  17. Wise words in the quote you used Susi and the page looks fabulous. I have many favourite colours as well, so it would be a hard choice for me as well.
    Hope you are having the hot days we are in the UK.

    Still trying to get to AJJ, I wonder if it was because you kindly added my last post, if you can would you delete it and I'll try again
    Yvonne xx

  18. Beautiful and "inspiring" as always!

  19. You are a wonderful artist and always have such life and "color" in you art.

  20. Ball point pen? Wow you have so many talents my friend and love this fabulous show, thanks for sharing again.xx

  21. Knowledge of the color wheel, awesome drawing & painting skills, and a playful artistic spirit - all of these things are apparent in every piece of art you create, Susi! It is always a pleasure and inspiration to visit your lovely blog!!

  22. I love your beautiful pen-sketched flowers Susi! And it's a great quote also!
    Happy Friday,
    Alison xx

  23. Hi - so sorry I've been missing so much... I really hope to do some proper catching up soon. I think your ballpoint flowers look amazing, and the colours are so uplifting - a real summertime feel to these pages. Delightful!
    Alison x

  24. I don't think you are giving yourself enough credit for your drawing skills. Your flower blooms are exquisite. Happy Moo Mania and Blessings!

  25. Ballpoint pen drawing takes guts, and you have just that, Susi! You did a great worries at all.

  26. Your art work is always wonderful Susi - I don't think you could ever make anything that wasn't pleasing to the eye! Your clearly follow our own advice in that great quote! Hugs, Chrisx

  27. A gorgeous spread Susi, I love your ballpoint drawings and the colours are beautiful. Have a lovely weekend.
    xxx Hazel.

  28. Kugelschreiber-Kritzeleien während des Telefonierens kennen wir ja alle, aber zum Zeichnen sind mir persönlich Bleistifte lieber. Aber egal zu welchem Werkzeug du auch greift, dir gelingt alles immer super!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  29. Amazing pages! Rike is such an inspiration and I love how you used the blue Biro for your beautiful flowers 😁. The colour combination you chose is fabulous too! Muddy backgrounds happen to me sometimes, it's all part of the fun and aagrest way to learn 😉. I hope you are having a lovely day and wishing you a happy weekend dear Susi! J 😊 x

  30. Wonderful spread, Susi, and sage advice. I love your art and how you play at it. I'm learning to do that ;-)

  31. I love your colors, and I especially love the words on the page.........
    I love color also, and I love to color, it is like therapy to me so calming.


  32. Du zeichnest und malst ganz fantastisch, liebe Susi! Die zwei Seiten gefallen mir sehr gut und die roten Kleckse passen super!
    Herzliche Grüße

  33. amazing pages Susi! Ballpoint pen? it doesn't look like it to me. Not something I'm comfortable with but you certainly have me inspired to try again:)Love the color choices along with the red sentiment.

  34. Really beautiful pages, Susi, and SOOOOOOO inspiring. I love that you used the ballpoint pen to your creation. And I love the spots!!!!! Kisses, my friend.

  35. Ohhh, das ist aber lieb von dir, dass du meine Kugelschreiber-Märzenbecher als Inspiration hernimmst! Du hast etwas ganz Spezielles aus deiner Kugelschreiber-Zeichnung kreiert, das gefällt mir sehr! Super Mixed-Media!
    Bussi, Rike


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