Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2314 - ART FOR ART'S SAKE and more

  I promised to show  a lot of collages with natural materials this month  as it is so relaxing to play with the materials and mix them with handmade papers, paint and gesso.

 Here I played with the first dried poppy seed heads of the poppies that bloomed in  my garden recently. ( I showed them  HERE)
As this one was so pretty small I wanted to use  it on a page. And it was a good idea to cut the seed head in half to glue it on. This worked pretty good as you can see.

A bit of sewing - just for fun .
I love Chris'
theme  of
This spread will be linked to this new theme for  July at  
Hop over to learn more about our new theme and take a look at  Chris' example page for us, if you hadn't done yet.
And it will be linked to MOO MANIA & MORE as well where
we have  "Your Favourite Colours" as our current theme.
Blues and browns are definitely one of my favourites !
 I will join T-Stands-For-Tuesday  over at 

to meet up with the T-Day friends this week again , 
where we share something drink related in our posts each week. Just once again my beloved black decaf and some water with lemon as I created the pages.
Liyongo thinks that ART FOR ART'S SAKE is a theme where even he could participate as it is such a wide and open theme this time .
But unfortunately he has not enough time for art as for dogs is strongly recommended to at least sleep 17 hours a day. And so unfortunately no  time is left for collages and painting for him in additon to  his long walks in the woods and much needed security work in the garden. You can see how stressed he is the whole day long!
And he is already over 12 years - so he has to rest even longer than 17 hours a day!
Thanks a lot for your lovely visit here!

Much LOVE from



  1. An amazingly gorgeous post using handmade papers, paint and gesso. Very nice indeed.xx

  2. I soooo love these! The needlework is a beautiful addition. Your creativity is phenomenal, Susi!

  3. I love that you are using things from nature in your art, Susi, also handmade paper! There’s a certain kind of feeling that brings...a connection to our earth. My poppies did not do well, but other things are doing good! A lovely piece from the poppies!

  4. Auf deine Reihe der Natur-Arbeiten freu ich mich jetzt schon, der Anfang ist schon so vielversprechend! Wieder super Inspiration, liebe Susi
    Beste Grüße Ulrike

  5. Gorgeous pages again Susi! I love the idea of cutting the poppy heads in half-thank you!
    Oh your poor tired pup, WOW over 12? I would not guess that! I love that she is right by you in your area, Chum is the same, never leaves Momma's side...unless to chase a chipmunk! heehee
    hugs,Jackie xx

  6. Really beautiful pages dear Susi- I love that you used the dried poppy pods! I'm working on pages for my Book Of Trees and am also incorporating leaves and things from nature. So fun! I also love your sewing. Liyongo is so sweet. Happy T day!

  7. I LOVE you page! The poppy seed pod makes a gorgeous centerpiece to it. And a little stitching can never hurt at all. And I didn't realize Liyongo was such a well lived gentleman. Your little story made me laugh and I read it to my daughter while we were on the phone. She laughed too. I don't think it matters if they are 12 or not. Our Pete is 4 and he waits for me to go lounge on my hammock on the porch and read in the later afternoon. Yesterday he was trying to talk meto go out there starting at about 11 in the morning. He likes to lounge out there because he can watch the squirrels and chipmunks. Silly dogs. Have a great T day my friend. hugs-Erika

  8. I'm in love with this new series of journal pages you are creating. The natural beauty is gorgeous!
    Happy T day!

  9. Your poppies are lovely. Your doggie looks as if he is enjoying his nap. I didn’t know dogs needed that much sleep. Happy T Day!

  10. Susi, love your telling about your sweet tired dog, - he seems good company ,even no time for creating, lol-
    And also love your spread, with the poppies and sewings- which makes the pages so special , thank you for showing a bit of your life too :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe

  11. this is so beautiful! I also love to use items from nature in my,projects. I currently have lots of flowers in my flower press. Summer is so beautiful and s perfect time to collect treasures. Hugs to your lovely dog xx

  12. beautiful pages Susi, poor Liyongo!

  13. du machst mir fast ein schlechtes gewissen... jedes jahr hebe ich die mohnkapseln auf (in einer vase auf dem terrassenregal) und dort vergammeln sie dann zielsicher... immer wieder das gleiche... aber man kann wohl einfach nicht alles machen. - deine seiten sind jedenfalls toll geworden und wieder stelle ich fest, wie gut blau und braun harmonieren...
    hab eine schöne woche, liebe susi!

  14. Well Susi my first comment disappeared.. I have no idea if you'll get it.. But i said more or less that yes your puppy dog looks very much stressed.!! lol And i love your clever idea of cutting the poppy in half! Gorgeous! Hugs! deb

  15. Halle said how I feel about this series. Stunning, polished, and dignified, you are creating nature at its best. It's amazing with everything you have going, how you are able to start this series and sew such beautiful art at the same time. Your skills as an artist are comparable to your skills as an administrator at Art Journal Journey.

    Poor Liyongo. He leads SUCH a hard life (grin). But he certainly knows how to be a good companion to you while you are sewing and drinking your decaf. Thanks for making him part of T, along with your sewing and decaf this Tuesday.

  16. Such pretty pages totshowcase your beautiful dried poppy! The fabric provides so much lovely texture for the paints and I love the blue stitching that you added too 😁. Liyongo looks so relaxed and chilled ...lol ... life is treating him well ...lol 😉. Wishing you a creative new week and a very Happy T Day dear Susi! J 😊 x

  17. Coffee and water with lemon would suit me well :) I remember your poppies, and it'll be nice to have this reminder. Happy T Tuesday!

  18. Ungemein attraktiv! Und ich mag die verwendeten Farben - toll geworden, liebe Susi. Eine feine Idee.

    Ein herzlicher Sonnengruß... von Heidrun

  19. Wonderful pages Susi! I love the organic feel and the stitching is a perfect touch~ Thanks for sharing. Your sweet 'pup' (12 yrs:)
    looks pretty cozy~ Have a nice day! Hugs, karen o

  20. God, it's beautiful. Can you show some DYI one day??

  21. Oh it's a hard life! By the way, I didn't know dogs had to rest 17 hours.
    Your journal page is absolutely beautiful. The poppy seed heads turned out wonderful and I love the stitching.

    Happy T-Day,

  22. Geniale und wunderschöne Komposition mit der Mohnkapsel und den Samen.
    Eine Hundeleben ist kurz deshalb muss Schlaf eingeholt werden. Hihih
    Lg aus Wien

  23. This is really lovley Susi, very 'arty' indeed. Have a lovely week, Sue xx

  24. Gorgeous pages Susi, I loved the idea to half the seedhead and get two details for your wonderful art.
    I love the photo of your dog, they have the 'art' of looking relaxed and content.
    Happy T day wishes
    Yvonne xx

  25. Stunning pages again Susi!! I so love the poppy heads and the stitching just looks fantastic!! Another super spread! I can just see this is going to be a fantastic month!!

  26. Ohh yes! I love natural materials mixed with collage, great pages Susi!

  27. Absolutely gorgeous, the colours are just perfect. Fantastic artwork. Tracy x

  28. Another lovely spread, Susi. Your natural materials pages are so calming. I just stare at them for a while.

    I enjoyed what you wrote about Liyongo - especially after I realized that's your dog's name! He's beautiful.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  29. Hi Susi beautiful pages my friend,well done ,hope you have a wonderful day xx

  30. Aah Liyongo! I shall forgive you for not joining in as your owner is creating such beautiful art! I'm sure just watching her create these wonderful pages is very relaxing - it would certainly relax me! She is so good drinking coffee and water! Wish her a Happy T Day! Chrisxx

  31. Oh I do love your page Susi - and your helper Liyongo is so handsome!

  32. Das sind wunderschöne Kreationen, liebe Susi.

  33. Wonderful use of your dried poppy seed head on this beautiful spread Susi! I adore that fabulous textured background!
    Alison xx

  34. Fantastic spreads as usual, Susilein! I do love blues and browns, and anything to do with nature, so this is right up my street LOL! Liyongo has got the right idea.... and as he is an elderly gentleman, of course he needs his sleep! He looks so happy :)

  35. It is a so gorgeous and precious page Susi !! I love these poppies seed heads, they look great on the page, with those beautiful colours that you have chosen. Great spread page !! Congratulation !!
    Your beautiful dog is 12 years old, just like mine, you can tell fatigue is true, but they are loved and are very well cared for, they will live several years more.
    The drink you are drinking is delicious.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, Besotillos & hugsss

  36. Merci pour le gentil commentaire sur mon blog. J'adore cette jolie page Art Journal cousue, les tons sont magnifiques.
    Je vois que le chien profite de cette belle journée d'indépendance. Chez nous ce sera le 14 juillet...
    A bientôt.

  37. Wowww, das ist ja wohl wieder genial gemacht. Einfach SUPER!
    LG Carola

  38. Blau und braun ist eine schöne Farbkombi und Deine Seiten sind toll geworden, liebe Susi. Eine wunderschöne Komposition und wie so oft begeistern mich die verwendeten Naturelemente und die Nähmaschinennähte.
    Liyongo kreiert wahrscheinlich im Schlaf. ;)
    Viele liebe Grüße

  39. Wow. I absolutely love your page <3 the use of Poppy seed and stitching is really amazing <3

  40. How softly beautiful this is, Susi - love it all, from the colour combo to the stitching to the use of the seed pod. Fabulous!

  41. Wow! I LOVE this beautiful page, Susi! You always inspire me, my friend. Kisses!

  42. Love your page dear Susi, great idea how you used the seed heads! Hugs, Lenie

  43. I knew there would be a post I had missed, I hope you are keeping well dear?? You beautifully sewn paper poppies are beautiful, delicate blues surrounding the wonders of nature. I wonder what you will be using these sweet little creations for.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, sorry I am late to visit with laptop issue's it seems to take twice as long to catch up with everything, but I will not give up..
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  44. Susi, this is a gorgeous piece! I love the colors and nature you incorporated into it! Lovely!

  45. Deine Seiten sind sehr inspirierend, das macht Lust, sofort auch so etwas zu probieren! Deine Farbenwahl ist wirklich wunderbar, herrliche Lieblingsfarben!
    Liyongo's Beitrag ist absolut passend - so hingegossen auf das Sofa ist er ein Kunstwerk für sich - da muss er gar nichts weiter tun!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt! Rike oxo

  46. So wunderschön, ein herrliches Sommerbild.
    Liebe Grüße

  47. How I love your artwork, Susi! I especially enjoy your use of natural materials & this color palette! The blue stitching is just perfect.
    And your Liyongo looks so content. He has that same look on his face that our dog has after his long early morning walk - same body pose, too!
    Really enjoyed this post, Susi! Hugs to you and Liyongo!

  48. moin susi,

    das ist ja eine traumhafte doppelseite,wunderschöne farbkombi,und die mohnkapseln und deine nähte sind großartig,liebe susi,liyongo ist doch ein netter kunstgeselle und scheint von deinen wunderschönen seiten zu träumen.
    heute ist es mir endlich auch mal gelungen eine seite zu machen,ich bin im moment nicht so fit,gelobe aber besserung.
    eine schöne neue woche,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  49. Hi Susi, blues and browns are favorites of mine also. Love the poppy and the sewing looks great too. Your dog is so pretty, and sleep alot they do, when they are not barking that is.......Ha, we have a barker! Have a good week.


  50. Liebe Susi,
    ich kann mich nur wiederholen, auch dieses Mal, Dein Werk ist ein Schmaus für die Augen, einfach fantastisch!!!
    Wie wenig Zeit Hunde haben, weiß ich ich nur zu genau durch Snuppi. Er ist auch immer mit Sicherheitsaufgaben beschäftigt, wenn er nicht gerade spazieren geht oder frisst. Und natürlich muss er sich von diesen anstrengenden Tätigkeiten erholen. Auch er schläft sehr viel, ob es ähnlich viel ist, weiß ich nicht.
    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderbaren Start in die Woche.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  51. These pages are truly amazing, Susi. Wow, never seen before dried poppies sew to an AJ page...it is so brilliant, and the colors so delicate and soft. LOve it!

  52. I am always so inspired when I come by to visit you Susi! Your pages are so beautiful with the inkings - that fun poppy pod! the stitching and pretty blues! two lovely pages! and so fun to see your dog enjoying crafting with you! my cats seem to need a lot of sleep as well!! accept when they are chasing each other around the house! Julia xx

  53. Hi Susi, just popped round to thank you for the lovely comment over at mine. I have to say that your art never fails to please me, this is brilliant. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  54. Love the blue-sky feel in these - beautiful!


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