Thursday, August 2, 2018

2325 - LOVE


is the most wonderful blessing here on earth!
There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. ...
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

  I am joining   Elizabeth's theme : COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS over at 
I have a spread in my Letter Journal 3 to share.

I used the last two beautiful and delicate die cuts lovely Linda 
sent me ( see here)
and combined with dried rose leaves and other microwave dried plant material, washi tape and a piece of lace on a background made with distress inkpads on a plastic sheet moons ago. 

Liyongo told me to say thank you for all your lovely well wishes for him. He appreciated it very much and it helped to recover very quickly! He is already completely back to his old self. At least he feels so, so much better than before his surgery. This Friday he will have the stitches taken out and we hope he will be with us for some more years of LOVE. The vet praised him for his patience and loving character. He is just a wonderful dog.



  1. Hello dear Susi,
    Another beautiful spread, with so much delicate details. I love the use of dried rose petals , to spell LOVE- yes it is the most important in our lives :-) also so lovely with the laces , and die cuts - it all makes up for a wonderful nature experience. Susi , so hot here still , yes- it is just tooooo much, and puuuuhhhh as you write :-)
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. What a fabulous spread; the stamping on the rose petals is gorgeous, and so in keeping with the organic theme. You're on a roll!

  3. Lovely! Dried flowers and lace and your sweet dog are perfect for love :)

  4. This is a very pretty and delicate interpretation of “ Love”, Susi. But I hope you won’t mind if I say Liyongo has displayed “Love” as much. Just look into those trusting and unconditionally loving eyes. I want to hug him!

  5. To me, love is the most important blessing of all. I really loved your interpretation of it. I especially enjoyed the beautiful lace which made it feel even more romantic. Those rose petals you stamped are GENIUS. I love everything about this entry and am simply thrilled to have you as the head of Art Journal Journey. You have saved me several times this past month and I am so grateful to you. Thank you again for supporting my theme at Art Journal Journey, dear, dear friend.

    I am SO thrilled to learn that Liyongo is well on the road to recovery. He is such a sweetie and a very loving dog, just like his master. I think our pets take after their caregivers and he certainly looks quite content in his surroundings.

  6. Dear Susi,
    what a wondurful stamping. I am so glad your Liyongo is better now!

  7. This is sheer delight, Susi, so delicate The way you have created the word "Love" is beautiful. The lace and the lovely soft colours give it something extra.
    You are right, Love is all.

  8. Oh was für eine tolle Idee wieder. Sieht super aus.
    LG Carola

  9. I can almost feel the love you share with this beautiful journal spread Susi.
    The lace and detail look lovely.
    I was so pleased to read that Liyongo is getting well our pets are precious to us and love us I'm sure as much as we love them.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Beautiful spread and a beautiful thought, Susi. "A smile is the beginning of love." I'm so happy to hear that Liyongo is doing well :D

    Hugs, Eileen

  11. Beautiful quote and spread. Glad Liyongo is feeling better!

  12. LOVE this. Your love reaches out to me through the screen...I could just jump in and cuddle your darling fur baby, I miss mine so much but find it hard to get another one can replace my beloved fur baby...big

  13. Liyongo is looking good and back to doing typical dog things, at least he looks that way in his photo. Maddie is sound asleep right now but Pete has the same look as Liyongo does in that photo. :) And your journal spread is gorgeous. I love all the layering and the lace that you added. And those die cuts look beautiful also. Glad all is well, and hope you had more zucchini today. :) Hugs-Erika

  14. Such beautiful soft colors and layering, Susi! Your pages are just beautiful!
    Liyongo looks very mellow and content. A relief for all!
    Hugs, Chris

  15. wunderschön sind deine seiten,liebe susi,tolle ideen hast du hier gemacht.
    schöne zarte texturen und mit der spitze so feminin,TOLL!
    einen schönen tag,liebe susi.

    knuddels jenny

  16. Oh Susi what a delicate and beautiful spread!! Love how you have made the word 'love'. It's lovely to have some time to visit again and see your wonderful work.
    Lovely to know your Liyongo is recovering well.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  17. ...und ganz viel Liebe steckt auch immer in all deinen Arbeiten! Ich freu mich mit dir, dass Lyongo sich so schnell wieder erholt hat und wieder ganz der Alte ist! LG Ulrike

  18. Die Seiten gefallen mir sehr gut. Spitze passt zu echt allem ;) Gut, dass es deinem Hündchen wieder besser geht.
    Schönes Wochenende, Petra

  19. Such a lovely page spread - the delicate pastel colours are perfect with the lace, and I love the flower cuts. Very happy to hear that Liyongo is feeling better.
    Alison x

  20. I couldn't agree more, to love and be loved is truly a blessing! I adore your pages, they look so beautiful with the soft colours, dried flowers, lace and dies 😁. I'm so pleased that Liyongo is feeling better, he must bring you so my joy and happiness! That's such a wonderful photo of him too 😁. Happy Friday and wishing you a lovely weekend dear Susi! J 😊 x

  21. This spread is so beautiful Susi! I love how you stamped on the petals for your title.
    It's also great to see Liyongo looking so well!
    Alison xxx

  22. was für eine erleichterung, dass liyongo wieder okay ist - da fällt einem doch ein stein vom herzen. ich finde, die tiere sind einem hinterher auch richtig dankbar (und anhänglich), als wüssten sie genau, dass man sich gut um sie gesorgt hat.
    all die elemente auf deinem journaleintrag ergeben eine wunderbare textur... wunderschön ♥
    hab ein schöne WE, lg johanna

  23. So glad Liyongo is doing well!
    Now I can hear "love is all you need" in my head. Love that song! ;)

  24. I do not know how I missed this beauty Susi, it must have skipped my blog feed like many things this week as life has been extremely busy. I adore the rose petals and lace together, giving a true vintage feel.
    LOVE is a blessed thing, one we must never take for granted and as Tennyson once said "Tis better to have loved and lost than never been loved at all"
    I am so happy to hear Liyongo is doing well, I hope he has been a good boy having his stitches out today??
    Hugs to you dear Susi and have a wonderful weekend Tracey xx

  25. This is so beautiful and romantic! I LOVE your page! It just belongs to the word LOVE. Hugs, Lenie

  26. Beautiful spread, Susi - love the lace :-)

    And I especially love Liyongo… give him a big hug from me. We get so attached to our doggy friends, don't we? He's certainly a beautiful boy.

    Cath x

    1. Buchstaben auf Rosenblätter gestempelt, wie einfallsreich.So schön diese Seiten mit Spitze und Näheffekten gestaltet.
      Ich freue mich für dich, daß es Liyongo schon wieder besser geht. Auf dem Foto kann man seine ruhige,geduldige Ausstrahlung gut erkennen. Ein schönes Tier.
      Liebe Grüße und eine schönes Wochenende.

  27. Love, LOVE LOVE these pages, Susi!!! Another wonderful sample for me of art journaling in a style as the one I really want to reach and teach now, free, fun, beautiful, happy, such art journaling that help us to feel good. You show me the path, with your great experience and best style, thank you!!!
    Hugs, Coco
    PS: Still no way to followw you by Bloglovin' ???... Boohoo :)))

    1. You can subscribe here via Email - the tool is on my right sidebar Coco!
      Thank you !
      Hugs, Susi

  28. so eine schöne idee, den schriftzug auf rosenblätter zu drucken!
    weiterhin gute besserung für liyongo!!
    liebe grüße

  29. Sorry I've missed several of your posts lately dear Susi - will catch up asap - this heatwave must end soon :(
    I'm so very sorry to hear that your sweet Liyongo has been poorly and good to hear that he is feeling better - hope the stitches were removed and all ok - sending him big hugs x
    Your journal spread/collage and words of Love are so very beautiful in every way..and now all of a sudden I can hear the Beatles singing in my head 'all you need is love' :)
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend dear friend and the weather nice - not too hot and not too cold :)
    Gill xx

  30. achso,sorry susi,natürlich es ist toll das es liyongo besser geht,ein so schöner hund,er weiß auch das ihr euch um in sorgt,ich hatte auch mal einen hund den ich sehr lieb gehabt hatte,von daher weiß ich wie schwer das ist,wenn das tier krank ist.
    das ist eine besondere liebe die man für das tier entwickelt.

    knuddels jenny

  31. Did I miss the post about dear Liyongo!oh my gosh, i feel terrible to not recall!:( Poor baby,so happy to hear he is doing well!This is always a hard time when our fur babies are not well,it breaks our hearts. I do hope you are well also Susi!

    As for your journal spread,can I tell you, I LOVE that you stamped those flower petals! What a beautiful way to spread LOVE!
    Love to you my friend!,Jackie xo

  32. A really lovely layout, Susi! I really like how you put the petals under the letters. All those patterns from the washi tape and lace really go beautifully together.
    So glad that your buddy is recovering and back to his old self!

  33. A beautiful journal spread Susi and I’m so glad that your lovely dog is making a good recovery..
    xxx Hazel.

  34. Love this Lovely journal spread!
    And Liyongo looks like a love bug :D

  35. Happy to see your sweetie recovering well and that lace made me smile big!!! So true, a smile begins love, xoxoxo


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