Tuesday, August 7, 2018

2326 I feel blessed in many ways

 I had a lot of fun recently with stitching . 
I found a lovely embroidery tutorial (YOUTUBE). 
Woven roses with french knot centers.

 I  ended up came up with a spread for my Free Spirit Journal, 
that I will link to Elizabeth's "Count your blessings" theme over at

I often hear music on youtube and at the time I created this pages I added a song of the Scottish Celtic Rock Band 
"The Electrics" to my playlist. I can tell that my spread is inspired by this song. You can hear it HERE

 There are 15 lines of this song - so I came up with 15 flowers and embroidered the number 15 to it.
The words are added digital. It's one verse of the song.
HERE  you can read  the complete songtext.

We start a new theme over at TRY IT ON TUESDAY
today,which is:


and this is my DT piece for this challenge. 

Our  teamies have created some amazing inspirational pieces for you too, so please hop over to Try it on Tuesday and take a look. 

Happy T-Day!

I was also blessed to find  a German version of a free  audiobook  on YT.

I enjoyed it very much.

Mr. Liyongo feels well, thank you for all the lovely thoughts and requests. We got the results at the vet last week and this splenic tumour  fortunately was a bening tumor. That are really good news.



  1. Wow, this is a fabulous spread! Love the embroidery!

  2. Susi this is amazing, the flowers look awsome! I'm so glad that Mr Liyongo is feeling better - that is such good news. Have a very happy week, Sue xx

  3. Hi Susi what a wonderful piece of work,it's stunning,well done my friend xx

  4. First, this is an incredibly amazing and beautiful spread you created. The roses are out of this world and the sewing is simply perfect. 15 beautiful roses and I love everything about this spread. I SO love the way you combined sewing with painting using your watercolor pencils. And the fact you included it as part of my theme at Art Journal Journey is even more impressive and enjoyable.

    SO glad Liyongo has been given a clean bill of health. That alone is a blessing. I am SO happy for you, because I KNOW how worried you were. To think what a good boy he is and to get the good news is PERFECT. Now you can relax for awhile.

    What a great audio book and perfect for T day, as is your tea. Thanks for sharing your tea and that great audio book with us for T this Tuesday dear friend and co-administrator of AJJ.

  5. Wow, Rosie this is a gorgeous page, the roses are beautiful, it must have taken you hours to create this spread.
    Thank you also for introducing me to the song you chose for the TioT's theme. I hadn't heard it, but have noted it and will be listening to it again.
    It is such good news for you about Liyongo, now you can be free from worry and enjoy the summer.
    Happy T day wishes Susi, have a lovely rest of the week.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Wow, die Seiten sind wieder suuuper. Tolle Idee auch.
    LG Carola

  7. Servus Susi, das ist wieder wunderschön!
    Lg aus Wien

  8. Was haben deine Rosen für schöne Farben! Das Video habe ich mir gleich angeschaut und auch die schöne Musik gehört und grüße deinen so traurig in die Kamera schauenden Hund! Dabei hat er doch allen Grund, fröhlich zu sein jetzt.
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  9. na, dieses video muss ich mir gleich mal anschauen... machen sich sehr gut, diese rosen, und sind mal ganz was anderes! wie du die sachen immer nur findest! was für eine erleichternde nachricht, dass der tumor von liyongo gutartig war! - so, ich verzupf mich wieder in den keller, hätte gar nicht gedacht, dass mir das aufräumen dieser messy-zone direkt spaß macht. ist allerdings eine uferlose angelegenheit, 25 jahre zumüllung braucht durchhaltevermögen;) liebe grüße, johanna

  10. I am so so happy that your lovely Liyongo feels better Susi!! That´s the better new, very happy for you dear friend.
    Then you embroidery is really gorgeous, espectacular, wonderful!! love these fabulous roses, I´ve seen the video, thank you very much for sharing with us. I also had in mind, some months ago, to create something with embroidery, you know I ´m always searching things, and I also bought a telar (a loom for embroider), but not yet used it. I'm really happy to admire your lovely embroidered flowers.This page is fantastique !! congratulations!
    I wish you a very nice afternoon, besotillos, Caty

  11. I was so excited for you when I heard about Mr. Liyongo's good news the other day. That was the same thing that happened to Miss Maddie last fall so I know how relieved you must feel. Yahoo. Glad the zucchini bread worked out for you also. I made a double batch and I have been sharing it also as there are more to pick in my garden. :) Loving your 15 flower page today. Using the stitching to make the flowers is really beautiful. I can't believe it is already time to a new challenge at TIOT. I have 2 pages made-I guess I will use them for Elizabeths challenge as they work there as well. Or I will add a song to them. I have summer vacation brain I think. I checked out the song as I didn't know it and it is pretty. Perfect for 15 flowers! Hope you have a wonderful tT day and are staying cool. Hugs-Erika

  12. Liebe Susi,
    das sind wirklich gute Nachrichten !!!! Das ist wieder ein Meisterwerk, sehr schöne Seiten hast Du gezaubert, bin hin und weg!!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  13. So happy for you that Mr. Liyongo is all well, and nothing severe found. And OHHH your spread is a joy to watch- I love your roses Susi, they are really gorgeous, and the lines from that song so beautiful. A lovely and healing visit with you, thank you.
    Hugs from me- xx

  14. What adorable roses!!!
    And so glad to hear it was benign!! whew!!!

  15. Such a beautiful journal spread! I enjoyed seeing how you created the pages and wow, those french knot flowers are so amazing 😁. The song that inspired you may only have 15 lines but they are so meaningful and heartfelt - I love it! It's lovely to see dear Liyongo up and about, and I'm so pleased he has been given the all clear, that's fantastic news! Sending him wishes for a speedy recovery and wishing you a Happy T Day dear Susi! J 😊 x

  16. lovely stitched roses, and such good news on Liyongo.

  17. Your embroidery is gorgeous! I have wanted to try my hand at this but if I tried everything that catches my eye I would be broke and be a hermit. HAha. Your roses are stunning and I love that this beautiful song inspired your page. We LOVE Celtic bands in our family. I will have to check out The Electrics. We love listening to Gaelic Storm, The High Kings, BarleyJuice and Great Big Sea.
    Liyongo is looking handsome! So glad that his tumor was benign.
    Happy Tea Day, Susi!

  18. Beautiful roses, love the French knot centresand the watercolouring too


  19. I have just listened to the music from the link and I loved it


  20. A fabulous page Susi, those roses look amazing and must have taken ages, but so well worth the effort. It's a lovely song and the words are beautiful, thanks for the link.
    I've been an absent blogger lately, but I'm pleased to read Mr Liyongo is doing OK.
    Avril xx

  21. So happy to hear that it was benign and I so love your roses!! xo

  22. ahhh very good news for your sweetie
    I love your page-those flowers are awesome
    Happy T wishes hugs Kathy

  23. The 15 3D painted flowers are terrific and enhanced by the stitched stems and stitched border. It's very clever how you combine painting and stitching and make them come together.
    Hello Mr. Liyongo, glad you are better now. Have a nice week, you and Susi.

  24. Amazing page. And good news about your pupper. A blessing, indeed.

  25. Congratulations on your good news! I think the embroidery is lovely and goes well with those flowers. Happy T Tuesday

  26. So very glad t was a benign tumour ! Your roses are perfectly beautiful xx

  27. Gosh Susi, I thought I HAD added my T post to AJJ. I'm such a dufus at times. I guess I need more coffee. I'll try not to make the same mistake again.

  28. Oh Susi, a beautiful page and a beautiful song that I shall listen to again! I love the roses and the stitching! Great news about Mister Liyongo too! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  29. Beautiful Susi, the embroidery flowers are sheer delight to look at and your pages are just stunning...give doggie a big hug from down under.xxx

  30. A beautiful page to go along with beautiful news for your puppy... HappyT day! Hugs~ deb

  31. What a wonderful spread Susi, and awesome roses, so beautifully stitched. Love how you painted around them, and incorporated so many details of the song on your pages!! What inspired work!

  32. Beautiful spread, Susi. I loved the song. Thank you for all the links and the good news about Mr. Liyongo. What a funny picture of him. He looks like he's all nose - lol.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  33. Meine Güte, was für wunderschöne Seiten, liebe Susi.

    Ich freue mich, dass es Eurem Hunde-Mann wieder gut geht.


  34. Gestickte Rosen, wie schön! Sie geben den gemalten Seiten eine plastische Seite, so schön. Das Video ist super und gut verständlich, danke dafür. Auch die Musik ist schön und enthält einen liebevollen Segnungstext.
    Ulrike hat Recht, Lyongo schaut etwas traurig, aber vielleicht war er nur müde von der Hitze. Alles Gute weiterhin für ihn.
    Liebe Grüße

  35. Beautiful roses, I love the stitched stems Susi! xx

  36. Your flower garden is summer personified, and I love that embroidery! Drooling here in Canada! xo

  37. Wonderful work, the roses looks marvellous.

  38. Such great news to hear about Mr. Liyongo!!!
    Boy, what a beautiful spread Susi! from the composition ,the roses, the painting- really beautiful my friend!
    Jackie xo

  39. Ich staune, so eine wundervolle Arbeit.
    LG susa

  40. Das sind wunderchöne Seiten, liebe Susi! Malen und Sticken hierfür zu kombinieren war eine tolle und ausgefallene Idee. Super!
    Es tut mir leid, dass Du Sorgen um einen Deiner Lieblinge hattest und es freut mich sehr zu hören, dass es Mr. Liyongo gut geht. :)
    Viele liebe Grüße


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