Sunday, August 12, 2018

2329 ◘◘◘◘◘ C O L O R

Blessed are the creative for they will color the world.

I am once again joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth over at 

our wonderful hosts this month over at 
with their theme


 Craziness with washi tape this time. 
I bet it was the heat of this hot summer.

And of course I am going to join the T-Gang 
this week again  over at Elizabeth's
and I can tell you that I also love to see color on my plate when it comes to enjoy my meals.

Zucchini frittata with feta and zucchini juice.
My hubby calls me Susi Zucchini meanwhile as I harvested so
many zucchinis and got them from other gardeners that I nearly just ate meals with zucchini 

And an update on Liyongo :
He feels wonderful - 
Quinnie and he are enjoying walks very early in the morning in order to prevent the heat of the day.

During the day they stay most of the time indoors with me
and we relish days without having anything on the agenda.

from Susi


  1. What a beautiful post. Many blessings today, including how well Liyongo has snapped back from his surgery and how happy he looks next to his adopted sister, Quinnie.

    Color is truly a blessing and so is this very colorful spread. I love what you did with the washi tape. I never seem to think to use mine, even though I now have loads. It is all very beautiful and colorful, too. Thank you for sharing it as part of my theme at Art Journal Journey, dear friend.

    I love zucchini. Zucchini frittata sounds wonderful because I LOVE feta, too. I can tell I would never go hungry at your house. I can't believe you actually drink zucchini juice. I've never heard of drinking it, but it sounds good. I like the beautiful green in the glass and of course, your lovely and colorful zucchini frittata on the plate. Thanks for sharing this bold and beautiful food and drink with us for T this week, dear.

  2. Lovely colour theme today! Sweet Liyongo!

  3. Buenas noticias dibre tu perro...😉👏👏también sobre tus calabacines ...en fin así ya sabes qué cocinar.

    Maravillosa tú propuesta de COLOR !!!

    BESOS ....Feliz Semana!!

  4. Dein Farbthema ist wundervoll... deine Hunde machen es genau richtig bei der Wärme. Deine Zucchini sehen wirklich sehr köstlich aus.
    Liebe Grüße und schönen Abend noch

  5. Blessed are you Susi Zucchini for coloring my world! :) Your dogs look so satisfied and relaxed while sleeping - hugs to them <3

  6. Susi, you are not alone with your thoughts on colour. I would call it a blessing as well.
    Your page looks fabulous.
    I am also drawn to your delicious meal, the fritters look so yummy and how true that our food should look colourful as well.
    Happy T day on Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. I forgot to say how content and rested your two dogs look, such a joy to have them both so well.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Hi Susi wow i love your colourful journal pages,well done my friend ,and i love zucchini's too xx

  8. Colour my world and you do with your fab work of art love this and oh love your doggies...think I will have to get another one...xx

  9. This is a fabulous composition Susi, reminds me of one of those high end cards we see in those expensive shops. Colour is a fabulous blessing, as my Husband is colour blind I often wonder how he see's the world.
    Good to see both dogs enjoying their snooze after their hard day hee hee & a full recovery really is a blessing.
    Happy T Day Hugs Tracey xx

  10. What wonderful colour Susi - I don't mind if the heat affects you so much you use loads of colourful Washi as I think this spread is stunning!! I love zucchinni too and am looking forward to planting them soon... do you grow the yellow ones - I think they have more flavour

  11. eine spannende umsetzung! ich "darf" mir keine neuen washi-tapes kaufen, ehe nicht die meisten alten aufgebraucht sind (ich habe sie gesammelt und konnte nicht genug davon haben!). ich sollte sie auch mal in collagen einsetzen!
    ich hätte da auch noch eine zucchini für dich ;))! wir bekommen sie immer von den nachbarn geschenkt!
    die beiden hundis sind einfach zum knuddeln süß!
    liebe grüße

  12. Sommerbunt, wunderschön...und wieder ein prima Anstoß, einmal wieder die Riesen-Washitape-Sammlung zu dezimieren.
    Hier könntest du mit deinen Hunden inzwischen auch Tages-Spaziergänge machen, denn die große Hitze ist vorbei!
    Eine gute Woche - Ulrike

  13. Wow! A fabulously, arty and colourful page Susi! I totally agree with the sentiment! ;-)
    Have a lovely Monday,
    Alison xx

  14. La comida tiene una pinta riquísima.

  15. sehr schön farbig ist die Seite und das Thema liebe Susi,
    bei uns gibt es auch sehr oft Zucchini und in aller Form ;) ich liebe das Gemüse so sehr. Beiden Hundis sind einfach zum Knuddeln Ich könnte mich dazu legen:)
    Liebe Grüße

  16. Thats one cool piece of artwork Susi and great quote - I really love everything about it - it would make such a fanstatic design for a book cover.
    Adorable photo of your two sweeties - so good to hear that Liyongo doing so well too.
    Have a wonderful new week.
    Gill xx

  17. Color is a blessing, isn't it? Life would be pretty dull without it. You made a great page that is certainly inspiring. And I love the photo of your dogs. They look like mine right now. It is raining so they didn't walk and I think they are laying down resting in hopes the rain will stop soon so they can walk. And your zucchini frittata looks yummy. I have to go grate some as soon as I finish this posting as I have a ton too. I love your new nickname too. :) Happy T day my friend. Hugs-Erika

  18. And you did color my world, dear Susi, what a bust of happy colors, and fun with washi tape and pensils- a spread to get the smile on my face- thank you . And also your beautiful meal looks so yummy, and fresh, as does the drink, pure vitamins and goodness for the body.
    Your two friends, just know how to spend those hot days, lol- I can`t blame them,:-) Big Hugs, Dorthe

  19. I'm glad Liyongo is recovering so well. That zucchini looks delicious! I admit I've never heard of zucchini juice, and I can't begin to imagine how it'd taste. Happy early T

  20. Ah, a riot of color in your journal and on your plate! A feast for the eyes!
    Great photo of your babies. Tired dogs are happy dogs! So glad Liyongo has bounced back to good health.
    Lovely post, Susi Zucchini!

  21. Oh this is such an inspiring use of washi tape. I've got quite a collection but they just sit looking beautiful and unused. Isn't this a wonderful world where we have such things as washi tape.
    I also raced to Mr. Google to ask him about courgette frittata. I've only ever eaten frittatas in cafes (twice) and they were rubbery. Yours looks so delicious and I am going to make one soon. Courgette juice! - just courgettes?!!!! What a great idea.
    So glad Liyongo is well again.
    Happy Tea Day!

  22. susi zucchini hält eine washi session - wie cool ist das denn? die tapes sind bei mir auch sträflich vernachlässigt, werde die kiste gleich mal herausstellen... und zu diesem mittagessen würde ich sofort vorbeikommen!
    heute u. morgen angenehme temperaturen, dann nochmal eine woche hitze... das stehn wir jetzt auch noch durch. gut dass es liyongo wieder gut geht:)
    lg und eine schöne woche!! ♥

  23. Hi Susi! I absolutely love your gorgeous work of art about color! It is so creative and beautiful! And I also like the fritatta, made by Zucchini Susi!!!! I am happy to hear that Liyongo is feeling good! I love the photo of Liyongo and Quinine - absolutely adorable! Take care of YOU, my friend! HUGS!!

  24. well bummer the computer just ate my comment while I was typing ha ha
    I love the quote for your art page
    Your fritatta looks so delicious! I lost both of my zucchini plants early on from the extreme heat we had in June.
    So glad your fur family member is healing well--Hugs Kathy and Happy T Day

  25. Woww Susi, it's an awesome page !! what beautiful colours, how much joy, I like it very much. I love how the letters stand out, wonderful!
    Liyongo and Quinnie look lovely together. ♥ That Zuchini has to be delicious without a doubt !! I like it too.
    I wish you to have a nice afternoon, hugsss and besotillos.

  26. Color makes me happy, lots of color. I like zucchini but since it grows so well here I'm usually pretty much done with it by the end of summer. I'd be happy to have some of your fritatta though.

  27. What a brilliant post Susi! Your colourful pages are wonderful, you can't beat a good roll of washi tape! Your dogs look so happy too, just lying around. I'm so glad that Liyongo is feeling better! Have a lovely week, Sue xx

  28. I'm loving your color pages! You have worked your magic again using the washi tape, it lights up the page with colour beautifully 😁. Glad you are enjoying your veggies and the name Zucchini Susi made me smile 😁. Liyongo and Quinnie look so content and must be very well looked after with their early morning walk and relaxing days - perfect! I'm so happy to hear that Liyongo has recovered and is back to normal again. Happy T Day dear Susi! Hugs J 😊 x

  29. Deine schönen, farbenfrohen Seiten verbreiten gleich gute Laune, liebe Susi!
    Mhhh, Dein Lunch sieht lecker aus! Bei uns gab es heute mittag auch Zucchini. Ich habe sie in Scheiben geschnitten und in einer Panade aus Semmelbrösel und selbst gemischtem Cajun-Gewürz gewälzt und dann gebraten. Dazu gab es Tzatsiki. War lecker.
    Herzliche Grüße

  30. What a pretty journal page!! I love color!! :) That looks like washi tape super fun! I wish I lived closer to get some of those zucchini!! Zucchini bread is super yummy! Your dogs look so cute trying to avoid the heat. ;)

  31. Your zucchini frittata looks amazing. I love cooking with zucchini. and if you have it, it shouldn't go to waste. I just made walnut chocolate chip zucchini bread last night with zucchinis from a neighbors garden. I love seeing your food creations.
    I can't believe you created all that crazy color on your journal page with washi tape. I would never have such luck. But I absolutely love the outcome. You have the most creative, artistic yet modern style to your art.
    Happy Tea Day, Susi!

  32. Oh i know zuchinni can produce alot just like squash... Look at all the inventive ways you use it! I'm so glad to see your puppy is doing well. They both look mighty happy lying Your artjournal page is wonderful Susi... Just love all the color. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  33. Love your colorful page...and that you have a red couch! ;) you do bless us with color...and I've never heard of zucchini juice, but it sounds very refreshing! happy T day!

  34. Das ist eine schöne farbenfrohe Seite. Washitape habe ich auch noch eine Menge, vielleicht sollte ich auch mal auf eine Seite benutzen.
    Ich habe endlich auch mal wieder eine Journalseite gemacht, leider ist sie zu klein für Art-Journal-Journey. Mal sehen, vielleicht schaffe ich ja noch eine größere Seite.
    Sei lieb gegrüßt! Carola

  35. Wonderful post, Susi! I love, "Blessed are the creative for they will color the world." Your dogs are beautiful and I'm glad Liyongo is doing so well.

    Zucchini is a joke in our house. I love it; he doesn't.

    I almost forget to say what a colorful fun page that is - lol.

    Wishing you a respite from this stifling heat.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  36. Your colorful art work is a joy to behold. I love what you did with the washi tape. So creative. And so colorful. A real blessing indeed.
    Seeing your dogs so content and relaxed must be a blessing too.
    We also have a glut of zucchini (we call them courgettes) and I have almost run out of ideas to use them. The frittata is a very tasty way of using them. But I have never made zucchini juice. Although I have a juicer. I didn’t think they had that much flavor.... do you add lemon juice?

  37. Hello my friend!How are you doing? Hope you are well! Love your post. I am a fan of colors. They brighten my day. Your page is amazing! Your fritatta looks perfect. My mouth is watering.Hope your furry friend gets better and better.I have never tried zucchini juice but it must be good too. Have a magical wednesday!

  38. Yes, I like zucchini, but hubby doesn't. I used to make a great zucchini pineapple cake when the kids were home. But, now I would have to eat it all! Not that I couldn't! LOL I do make baked buttered zucchini once in awhile. I am glad your doggies are doing well, but yes have to get out in the mornings to beat the heat! Happy Tea Day, yesterday! :)

  39. Love zucchini, we are eating lots. Need to try in a frittata. Gorgeous spread, Color is my art oxygen (my motto!). xoxox

  40. What a stunning spread...I'm positively drooling. And I love the comment below...yes it's SO true!

  41. Yesss, color the world! Great spread and I love the dogs!

  42. Happy to hear that Liyongo is doing so well. Another beautiful and colourful page! The courgette frittata looks very yummy xx

  43. Liebe Susi,
    ich bin fasziniert von dem Kontrast. Das Wort "COLOR" weiß auf schwarz, eingebetet in ein buntes, farblich perfekt abgestimmtes Bild. Durch dieses Spannungsfeld wird das Motto betont, hervorgehoben und in Bewusstsein des Betrachters gebracht. Ich bin begeistert, einfach toll. Du hast wirklich ein sehr gutes Gespür für die richtige Komposition.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Wochenende.

    Viele liebe Grüße

    P.S. Endlich habe ich es wieder geschafft, bei Dir vorbei zu schauen.

  44. wow susi,die washi tape seiten sind großartig und ich schließe mich wolgangs worten gern an.
    ich habe auch sehr viel washi tape,vieleicht mach ich damit mal eine seite.
    einen schönen sonntag,liebe susi.

    knuddels von jenny

  45. Love that your pup is on mend. Zukes yum but no zuke juice for me. Fab color. Xox

  46. Great page, Susi. Oh, I love zucchini too.
    Beautiful dogs. Kisses, my friend.

  47. Frittata ist immer lecker... mit Zucchini und Feta muss ich das Rezept direkt einmal ausprobieren. Zucchinisaft? Wie schmeckt denn der? Und ist bestimmt gesund und erfrischend bei der Hitze.

    Die beiden Lieblingshunde bringen mich zum Schmunzeln. Das sieht so nett aus. Jedoch stelle ich mir vor, dass sie auch unter der Wärme leiden. Die Szenerie insgesamt kommt mir bekannt vor - allerdings mit zwei Katzen, die ab und an derart ruhten.

    Habˋ eine angenehme Woche und ich sende herzliche Grüßle, Heidrun

  48. Beautiful journal page! Love all the patterns. Cute pic of your dogs, too!

  49. eine sehr schöne bunte und fröhliche Seite ;9
    macht gute Laune
    sind deine Hunde eine ungarische Rasse? (Vizsla)
    Sie sehen aus wie mein Pflegehund

    liebe Grüße

  50. A fabulous journal page Susi! I just remembered that when I attempted to comment last week while at the caravan the connection was lost halfway through my comment and I never got back here! Glad to see both your dogs happily resting! Hugs, Chrisx

  51. I know I have commented on this thread before, but I just want to tell you, yet again, how happy this color spread makes me. Many thanks!!!!!

  52. I just love the COLOR spread! Did you print out those letters or were they a lucky find,Susi?

    Happy to see the pups relaxing and whoa!! Zucchini girl!You love that zucchini for sure!
    Jackie xoxo


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