Tuesday, August 21, 2018

2330 ♥♥♥ TAKE A RIDE

" Take a Ride "
is our new theme over at Try It On Tuesday
I have a spread for my Free Spirit Journal with collage.

I liked the photos I used  from a postcard pad I found at a fleamarket some years ago. They reminded me of my daughter and her boyfriend as they both love to drive their cars, enjoy the cabrio now in summer and a motorbike. We like our daughter's  friend , 
he fits our family so well and it's a pleasure to see how much he loves his girl.
This 18 years of nurturing my daughter  flew just by -
I feel so blessed with her and I am  absolutely grateful for my family.
And the young couple  just makes me happy.
I will also link  to
theme over at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY.

I was blessed to get wonderful mail as a surprise from the artistic blogger  Mano !
I so adore her unique art ! She is an upper talented collage and assemblage artist.
Visit her blog Mano's Welt .It's always worth a visit!


And last but not least!
Happy T-Day dear TSFT- Gang!

I've been blessed in so many ways! Some of the best things
that happened to me recently is that I eat vegetarian since the beginning of this year.
I am more a pescetarian type as I still eat fish and  seafood from time to time. 
I so love to cook all the many fascinating recipies with veggies and enjoy this meals so much. Here I had Zoodles (Zucchini noodles) with selfmade Pesto ( herbs , walnut, garlic, pumpkin seed oil)  and a bowl of lettuce. All veggies are fresh from my garden!
And fresh water is a blessing too.
Here I had it with a slice of lemon to my meal. 



  1. Cute kids! Family and children are a blessing <3

  2. Oh Susi I think your spread is gorgeous - the images are lovely and you have really made them even better the way you have mounted them.
    Your meal looks delightful! I have planted my first spring lettuce plants, but they are in danger of betting drowned with all the rain we have had this past week!

  3. A beautiful spread Susi, the images are lovely and your meal looks yummy. Have a lovely day.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. As as Mother, I see and feel everything within your page Susi, the blessing of a child and the good feeling when they have grown that they have someone to share their life with and will continue to give as much love as we do. A beautiful piece to see and feel.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day, i'm sure you are feeling the benefits of a change in diet, I eat so much more fruit & Vegetable since my Daughter became vegetarian 4 years ago.
    Big Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  5. Lovley spread including your well spread out meal. Lemon is a fav additional food for my plate too..hugs.x

  6. Servus Susi, diese Fotocollage gefällt mir wieder ganz besonders gut.
    Lg ins W4tel aus Wien

  7. Ah, the photos of kids look like my era so long ago. Very cute! Your meal look lucious. I’ve started to develop a non-appetite for meat, but my husband loves it. So we cook it, but my meals often have very little. I do have concern about not getting my B vitamins wiihout it, but I know there are other ways.,

  8. I do like this jolly collage, Susi, and it is something a bit different from you too, I think.
    I like the sound of the courgette noodles with your homemade pesto, that sounds worth making, I'll give it a try with our many courgettes.

  9. Such a beautiful journal spread! I love how you were inspired by your daughter and her boyfriend, it is lovely to hear your backstory of inspiration whilst looking at the page - they must be so happy together 😁. Your collage with the stitching, washi tape and fabric is so amazing - I love it! The photo of your meal looks like a work of art too with everything placed just so, fabulous and yummy! Happy new week and T Day dear Susi! J 😊 x

  10. Love the story of your daughter and her boyfriend! And of course I love your art, so beautiful!

  11. Oh dear Susi, your journal pages are full of sweetness and just gorgeous!! I love the colors and patterns and all that loose stitching! Your meal sounds perfect to me-yum. I too am pretty much vegetarian/ pescetarian. I've gotten hubby away from eating a lot of meat now too - much healthier:) Happy T day!

  12. It is a fabulous happy journal page. You can see the joy in the smiles on the childrens faces.
    It was good to read the story you shared on the creating of the page. You must be so happy about your daughter finding a love that fits so well into your family. Our children's happiness means a lot to us.
    Your meal looks delicious and it must taste so good with the vegetables from your garden.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  13. So süß ist die Kinder-Motorradliebe auf deinen so fröhlich leichten Seiten und die Erinnerung an Familiengeschichten!
    So eine echte Vegetarierin bin ich zwar nicht, kaufe aber seit vielen Jahren schon für mich weder Fleisch noch Wurst...nur wenn mal Besuch kommt. Und damit geht's mir gut.
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  14. I looked up how to make zoodles since I have a pile of zucchini right now. I think tonight they will be a good dinner. Your meals actually looks yummy to me. And I love your page. THose kids are so cute. Is your daughter really 18 already? Wow. Time does fly. I hope to actually finish a page for TIOT this time. I started another one, but all this studio cleaning has gotten in the way. It is looking good though-but not done yet. S far I donated 2 big trash bags of items which is good for me and for the people who got them. Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  15. Lovely inspired pages glad they brought back happy memories! Your meal looks healthy.

  16. This is a so gorgeous Spread page Susi !! Love it, really fantastique, with the beautiful photographs, the sewing, the layers and colours, great !!
    Then, you are right, our children are our treasures, they are a blessing, our joy and the motor of our lives, I think the same as you. Many Congratulations to that young couple.
    That vegetarian food has a delicious pint, good profit! And nice details that you have received.
    I wish you a very happy afternoon, big hugssss & besotillos, Caty

  17. Those children are adorable. You certainly found some priceless images to use for that spread. It's so good to read that these images remind you of your daughter and her new found love. How time flies. Soon she'll graduate and head off to college. Then it will be left up to the fur babies to take care of you and your husband (grin).

    I'm so glad she and her boyfriend are fitting so well together in your family. That is truly a blessing. I'm also delighted you shared this at Art Journal Journey. It's a great way to honor my theme there.

    It's much easier to be a vegetarian/pescetarian when you are at home. You can control things so much better. The fact that I don't like to eat alone when out and about and my foodie friend is NOT a vegetarian nor do we go places that have a lot of HEALTHY vegetarian food (some deep fat fried appetizers are NOT healthy, but ARE vegetarian) doesn't help my diet. Of course the fact there are NO strictly vegetarian restaurants in my town doesn't help.

    Your zoodle looks wonderful and I like the sound of your handmade pesto. Different from mine, but delicious sounding just the same. It's a great way to use your excess basil. Of course, when I'm not drinking coffee, I like water with lemon, too. Thanks for sharing your meal and your water with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend. BTW, congrats on receiving the happy mail. You deserve it!

  18. your art with the children is just wonderful-love it-and wonderful that it fills you with good family thoughts.
    Your meal looks delicious
    Happy T Day wishes Kathy

  19. Your meal looks delicious! Water is a blessing, and is usually my drink of choice. I keep lemon to add to it, but I so often forget it lol Happy T Tuesday

  20. Dear Susi- some cute little riders,- and with much love and good memories hiding here, for you. A gift that your daughter have fallen in love with a good and caring friend- whom also fits into the family- so much worth ..
    Your meal looks beautiful, for both eyes and mouth,- and I`m sure tasted wonderful. You have beauty in your life in so many ways,- and it is always a joy , visiting you . Hugs, Dorthe

  21. A wonderful journal spread Susi and I love the images you used, so sweet. It's lovely that you were inspired by your daughter and her boyfriend to create this page. The zucchini noodles with pesto sound lovely.
    Avril xx

  22. I love your journal page centered around your daughter and her boyfriend. What a sweet way to remember young love.
    The stitching is a lovely touch.
    Your meal is delicious looking and so green and fresh looking. And I love that you included a little succulent in your photo.
    Happy Tea Day,

  23. A super page. Wonderful textures and colours. Love this!

  24. OOOOoooo... my comment got ate... again... i never know if it will eventually show up here or not.. Wish you well this T day dear Susi!! Hugs! deb

  25. Deine Fotocollage ist einfach wundervoll. Man sieht all die Liebe darin♡.
    Dein Pesto sieht köstlich aus.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  26. A free spirit journal, Susi? I love hearing about your various themed journals. Every one of them is quite special. How nice that you like your daughter's beau. The two pages are charming.

    I checked out Mano's Welt and came across her eco-printing post. It made me think of Kathyinozarks.

    Pescatarian - I like that. I think I coould do that - but not vegetarian. I've been making "zoodles" for a friend who can't have pasta. I like them myself; but hubby doesn't ;-(

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  27. I think I accidentally entered before I was finished commenting. Wonderful page. Always a blessing when our children's friends love and respect them in the manner we do. Veggies from the garden taste so much better. I'll have to look up Zoodles. Himself has been advised to go on a keto diet. Protein and lots of veg. I'm going to miss my pasta. Happy T Day

  28. I love your 'Take a ride' pages. The yellow accents make it.
    I was a vegetarian for 220 years while living in the UK. I loved cooking the meals, there is so much variety and I could experiment to my hearts content. I still eat zoodles and all sorts of spiralized veg. I cook spiralized butternut squash 'en papillote' in the oven with a piece of white fish on top. delish!
    Happy T-Day,

  29. This is such a lovely post and a wonderful memorie 😀

  30. Oh Susie! This is such a lovely page and when I read your post it made me smile even more! Your zoodles look delicious and with the lemon water is very good for you too! Happy T Day and Hugs, Chrisx

  31. Great “take a ride” journal page. A blessing for sure! I wish I could cook like that; I might be a vegetarian. You make it sound so good. Happy T- Day!

  32. (gestern ist mein kommentar wieder kurz vor abschicken weggerauscht und ich hatte grad keine zeit für einen neuen. ich muss mir angewöhnen, zuerst in eine email zu tippen und das dann zu kopieren für das kommentarfenster. du kannst bestimmt nichts daran ändern, aber ich könnte mal mein gedächtnis schulen!!;))
    dein eintrag ist wieder sooooo schön gestaltet, die bilder vom flohmarkt einfach zucker!! beim linken bild hätte ich ja auf dich und deinen bruder getippt... und ich muss mich dran erinnern, die box mit den washis rauszuholen, die vergess ich regelmäßig. die schnipsel peppen deine seiten nochmal richtig auf!
    deine zoodles machen mir den mund wässrig! wir essen zu hause auch kein fleisch (außer ich weiß, dass besucher drauf stehen), ich komme vielleicht auf ein-, zweimal im monat. das ist aber schon lange so, und ich vermisse es auch nicht. mein jüngerer sohn ist schon seit vielen jahren strenger vegetarier, bei meinem älteren wechselte das ein bisschen mit den jeweiligen freundinnen *g*... aber nach den "kindern" brauchen wir uns ja nicht mehr zu richten;) - ja, schön zu sehen, wenn die kids verliebt sind und alles gut passt:) ♥
    jetzt muss ich mich wieder den zwetschgen widmen... ein eimer voll (geschenkt bekommen) wartet auf verwertung. meine finger sind braun, ausnahmsweise nicht von stempelfarben;))
    hab noch eine schöne woche, lg johanna

  33. Tolle Seiten sind das geworden, liebste Susi.
    Ich freue mich, dass Dir die vegetarische Ernährung genauso gut gefällt, wie mir auch. Zeitweilig schaffe ich es auch wieder, mich vegan zu ernähren (Käse ist leider meine Schwäche, aber dafür nur wenig).

  34. Lovely pages Susi and your food lokks very enticing too !


  35. wie schön, dass dein journalseiten dich auch immer wieder an ganz persönliches denken lassen!
    und ich freue mich, dass dir meine post gefällt, denn ich erfreue mich immer so sehr an deinen kommentaren bei mir! ein schöner austausch an gedanken! die karte "offenes atelier" ist übrigens nur aus versehen bei dir gelandet ;)! sie war nur zum ausmessen gedacht, ha, ha!!
    gut, dass du vegetarierin geworden bist. ich schaffe das leider nicht ganz, brauche doch manchmal schinken und ein schnitzel. aber es wird immer weniger und zu hause essen wir meistens auch vegetarisch.
    liebe grüße von mano

  36. What a wonderful spread, Susi - I love it that the children remind you of your own, and the happiness that comes from that!

  37. Susi- you go girl! Look at you now- A vegetarian as well? What made you stop eating meat and do you feel better for it? Let me know! Do you still eat chicken?

    Your spread is beautiful and As I read about your daughter and boyfriend, I had tears thinking about how fast life goes by us- right?
    Sending you love & hugs,Jackie xx


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