Saturday, September 1, 2018

2334 - A World of Fantasy

I can't believe that it is already September! Where did the summer disappear to? But I am glad it feels like fall and is cooler now.


 Starting a new theme at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY always feels good to me. This last month with Bleubeard and Elizabeth was a blast as they rocked the challenge and their enthusiasm was boundless. Thank you to Bleubeard and Elizabeth! Your month positively brimmed over with zest and a most infectious personal charm. You made us happy at Art Journal Journey!  

I am really excited about the new theme our highly gifted Design Team Master YVONNE has chosen for us. I am looking forward to her hosting month again as she is simply a pro! Her theme: 
this month at 
and I am really looking forward to seeing all the ideas for this versatile topic ! 

 I have a spread in my Letter Journal 4  as a first entry for Yvonne's theme and I was happy with the background made of many different collected papers and a feather I found at one of my walks.

says my sentiment.
 A happy start of September for you all and I really hope to see
many of you linking to

A World of Fantasy 

over at

where we look back to a post in the past I want to reshow
 my very first Letter Journal 
started last year in January
original post HERE.



  1. An absolutely perfect first entry for Yvonne's theme. It holds wonderful color and a bit of mysticism. I think you have ROCKED this first entry for Yvonne's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    I remember the first time I heard about letter journals was from you and your post. This turned out to be a really popular entry and everyone, including me, loved the concept AND the lovely cover you shared with us. Thanks for sharing this as your second look on the 2nd.

  2. Brilliant page, love that feather which adds interest to this journal.xx

  3. Liebe Susi, das türkis ist ein Traum. Ich bin direkt ganz berauscht über so viel Schönheit.
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende noch

  4. What an encouraging page Susi, love how you have used the papers, washi and introduced the feather. Really looking forward to seeing how people interpret the fantasy theme & keeping my fingers crossed I get a moment to join in again.
    Big Hugs & creative wishes Tracey xx

  5. Deine Doppelseite regt die Fantasie an! Bei diesem fantastischen Hintergrund entdeckt man erst nach längerem Betrachten die ganzen tollen Einzelheiten, Texturen, Farben ... ich habe sogar eine Echeveria entdeckt :), die sich vom Hintergrund abhebt genauso wie diese schöne Feder!
    Ein schönes Wochenende!
    Knuddel Rike

  6. Jetzt habe ich vergessen - das Letterjournal 2nd look zu erwähnen, dieses Cover gefällt mir nämlich besonders, weil du darauf Kuvert-Innenseiten verwendet hast :) - genau passend für ein "Brief"journal!

  7. Susi I love this page, the background is fantastic, I'm sure it weaves its own story with all the papers and textures you used.
    Now the beautiful feather really stirs up my fantasy imagination..... did the bird know it was collected by someone who would treasure it and use it in their art? I hope so and I think they would be delighted to see it in your journal.
    Thank you for your kind words Susi, I am looking forward to the coming month at AJJ
    Yvonne xx

  8. Oh Susi what a gorgeous spread - love that it is basically monochromatic with the drama of the feather and sentiment.

  9. Gorgeous page as always Susi, love the colour palette and feather.. and the quote just perfect to inspire us this month. ( love Yvonnes theme).
    Your letter journal is awesome - the stitching across the page looks like the path the bee would have flown too :)
    So nice thats its cooler here also but have still had fans on a few times last week.
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friend and Happy September.
    Gill xx

  10. Wow, your collage background looks amazing! I love the colours and the washi tape, drywall tape, postage stamp and stamped accents 😁. So lovely to use the black feather too, it adds such a magical quality! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and very Happy September my friend! J 😊 x

  11. Hallo Susi, ich liebe diese Blautöne sehr, sie machen mir gute Laune.
    Deine neue Seite ist ein echtes Träumchen, super gemacht.
    Da schau ich mal was mir so einfällt zum neuen Thema.
    Schönes Wochenende und ganz liebe Grüße.

  12. Susi this is beautiful, I love these clean colours, and the feather is perfect! Have a very happy September, Sue xx

  13. Dear Susi, I always love to use found objects, as you did here, and your spread really show your wonderful fantasy in work- the tones of air-sky and plants or wood and everything nature, is a brilliant choice, and the dark washi putting the rest in perspective- a wonderful spread.
    Hugs to you and a lovely weekend- xoxo

  14. Wooowwww What a so wonderful spread page Susi !! Lovely background, lovely colours, so beautiful feather which leavessss imagination going up around the world, washi tape are fabulous, as the little plant too. That´s an amazing Artwork, and fantasy is free for sure.
    Shall see AJJ and Yvonne ´s theme for this month.
    I wish you a very nice weekend, big hugss & besotillos my friend.

  15. ahh Susi, I ´ve fogotten to ask you about Liyongo, and I hope he is much better now, ksssss for him :)

    1. Thank you dear Caty! Liyongo feels well and is really back to his old self meantime! We are really happy !

    2. I´m so happy to read he feels better!!kssss for him! :)

  16. I love the yummie colors and little details on your beatiful spread Susi, great theme!!

  17. Yvonne chose a great theme and your first piece looks so creative! A great background and I love the addition of the feather!

  18. OK, let me see if this will let me post. I've written 5 comments and they don't go through. Hmmm. I want to say I love the patchwork quilt look of this gorgeous piece Susi. And the colors you chose. My favorites. I think you rocked this great new theme of Yvonne's. Hope you are having some fun this weekend. I am enjoying mine but it will be getting hot again at the end of the weekend. Hugs-Erika

  19. Oh and love seeing your second view again too. I forgot to mention that.

  20. Hi Susi wow love your journal pages,love the pretty colours ,lovely work my friend,well done xx

  21. Susi, your fantasy inspired journal page is beautiful! That feather is a wonderful focal point! There are so many magical fantasy creatures that have feathers.
    And I love the cover of your letter journal. The stitching along with that bee is fabulous. You always inspire me to want to add stitching to my pages. If only I was creating while reading your posts I would actually remember to include it. Perhaps, one of these days I will.
    Have a great weekend.

  22. wooooow susi,deine seiten sind ein traum,dieser fantastische hintergrund wo es soviel zu endecken gibt,dazu die feder,sagenhaft schön,bin beindruckt.
    ich hab auch schon was gemacht zum thema.
    ein schönes we,liebe susi.

    knuddels von jenny

  23. Lovely fantasy spread and a nice look back at your letter journal.

  24. Susi, I love this little fantasy you have created so beautifully. Yummy colors, and your whole spread with the feather from your walk as a genius addition is fantastic!!
    Great theme indeed
    Happy Sunday, hugs Coco

  25. Wow Susi, beautiful art! I love your fantasy piece-gorgeous background and love how you added in the feather.
    and I really liked your second the on the 2nd share-I visited the link-and enjoyed reading that post-I need to learn how to bind some pages-I love that
    Happy second on the 2nd-enjoy your day

  26. Did you make that up, Susi, "Let fantasy be your guide." I love it! And the pretty page too. Hugs, Eileen

    1. Yes - this is my very first own quote in English. Thank you dear Eileen!

  27. Both journal page quotes , present and past, are great. Love both pages, too, but specifically the .fantasy one as it uses my favorite colors! Happy Second on the 2nd.

  28. Happy September to you dear Susi!
    Please send some of that cool weather you are speaking of our way! It is still hot and humid here!
    This spread is gorgeous, those blues are the best Susi and the feather brings it all together beautifully!
    Happy Sunday!
    lots of love,Jackie xo

  29. in die welt der fantasie einzutauchen ist immer eine wunderbare sache, die du mit bravour geschafft hast! so viele bunte schnipsel zusammengefasst ergibt ein sehr schönes bild. und die feder ist mit den bunten punkten der höhepunkt!
    liebe grüße von mano

  30. ...damit bringst du mich gleich wieder auf eine Idee für ein dieses Mal schnelleres Kalenderbild...Danke liebe Susi!
    So schön wieder diese frischen Farben, alles federleicht!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  31. Love the colors and texture so much!

  32. It's a beautiful spread Susi! I love the background and dotty feather.
    Happy new week,
    Alison xxx

  33. The blue/green/turquoise background is crazy good and I think you must have had great fun making it. The dark feather is a perfect addition.
    Oh the letter journal is terrific, it would make an extra special type of card for someone special. I like the sewing too, it does add something different.

  34. WOW was für ein traumhaft schönes Werk, liebe Susi. Die Farben sind wahnsinnig schön.

    Liebe Grüßlis
    von Anke

  35. What a gorgeous spread, Susi...I just want to walk in there and stay for a while. You've done a wonderful take on the theme!

  36. FANTASTIC and inspiring page, Susi. I LOVE your talent. Hugs, my friend.

  37. Hallo Susi, was für eine hervorragende Art journal Seite ... Deine Farben sind Märchenhaft zum träumen schö gefällt mir sehr gut!! Vielen Dank für Seine Inspiration!! Xoxo

  38. The blog are the best that is extremely useful to keep.
    I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for,
    I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!

  39. I hit the wrong key or something and my comment disappeared. Oops!
    Love your collage background which reminds me of one of those beautiful patchwork quilts. In fact you are using my favourite colours here and if I could find this replicated in fabric I would be happy to use it on my bed.
    I love feathers and your background is the perfect foil for this black one.
    What a lovely spread.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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