Saturday, December 15, 2018

2357 LIVE --- LOVE --- CREATE

Even though we have a lot of snow here, I am more in spring -summer - mood. Spring and summer - my favourite seasons ... so without further ado...voila:  I started with a boring background made with teabags, string and other bits and pieces  and went a bit crazy with collage...

and ended up with a spread meant for Elizabeth's amazing
December theme of 

Thank you for all the nice thoughts and comments for Liyongo.
He is doing quite well just now - it seems the mistletoe therapy -that shall keep the tumor from growing too fast - works quite well.
We have to inject the stuff every second day by ourselves and we have to get it fresh every week from the vet. It seems worth the effort as our lovely boy is feeling so well now. 

 And oh.... wait - I have a second spread - a digital one for Elizabeth's theme as well. I made it to honour the wonderful gifts CRAFTARTISTA , Mia from Greece sent me as a surprise.

 Thank you so much Mia! These presents are priceless!
I like the Greek coffee so much, you sent me already one package a few months ago and I treasured each single cup of coffee.

It tastes simply amazing. I appreciate this taste.
Even though I don't own this special metal coffee pot that’s used specifically to make Greek coffee in the traditional way called "briki" . - I just cook it in a bigger pot and I do make a very thin version - but for me it's a wonderful taste, I feel like I am in GREECE for holidays !

A wonderful time to all of my dear blogging friends round the world!
Sorry for my lack of visits -
You know: 'TIS the season...where we can easily get a bit stressed.

HAPPY early T-DAY my TSFT - friends!



  1. Hi Susi, Next time I will send you a "briki" for your greek coffee!!!
    Enjoy all your goodies, sweetie. You are a precious blogging friend and you deserve even more. I love your Christmas cups!
    And your pages are always amazing!!!!!!!!
    Hugs and kisses, sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vengo del "blog de Mia" felicidades Susy por tus preciosos regalos que los disfrutes!!!


  3. I´m so happy your little liyongo is feeling "well", and I hope the medicine will work better.
    I love your spread page Susi, it is really wonderful, love these seasons too, You have created a gorgeous and fascinating page, great !
    your second digital spread is jus amazing!! This cup is wonderful. The presents are so beautiful, enjoy them! Thanks so much for your good wishes, I also wish you a lovely Christmas holidays.
    I send you big hugs & lot of besotillos,
    Take care dear friend.

  4. It is good to read that the therapy is helping your lovely Liyongo. I liked the photo you shared and your lovely Santa and Christmas mugs.
    Your journal page looks fantastic and summery. Its good to be reminded of warmer days on a snowy evening like the weather forecast folk have said is on its way.
    The digital page also looks great, you got a lovely package of goodies from your friend.
    I hope you have a good week Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  5. So happy to hear that the mistletoe is helping Liyongo (how appropriate for the time of year that it should be mistletoe!). I don't think your background is boring at all - the teabags give a lovely rustic texture - and there's a lightheartedness about those flowers in the basket of the wonderful turquoise bicycle - so uplifting.
    Alison x

  6. Lovely spreads the coffee looks so good! Glad Liyongo has some therapy.

  7. Where do I begin, dear friend? First, I love the spring inspired art you shared for my theme at Art Journal Journey. I have this romantic impression about riding a bicycle around town again like I did when I was a child. This is a lovely, lovely spread with a great background of tea bags, too.

    It was good to see Liyongo look so healthy still. Let's hope that treatment works and keeps him young and healthy for years to come. Had to laugh at the Santa mug and Liyongo looking bored.

    You got some incredible things from Mia. WOW, I've never had Greek coffee. I take it you got decaf. You also got some incredible gifts, too. Those stencils really were fabulous and the washi tape is unbelievable. I'm thrilled for you.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful page with the coffee and the gifts from Mia with us for T this coming Tuesday, dear friend and AJJ co-admin.

  8. Two lovely pages Susi, it's good to have a bit of a Springtime feel during the middle of winter! I have never heard of Greek coffee, I expect it will be similar to Turkish... my husband loves that.

    Glad to hear your dog is feeling so much better. I had never heard of mistletoe therapy for animals, but I know it for human cancer patients.

  9. Liebe Susi,

    Deine Seite mit den FahrrÀdern schaut wundervoll aus !

    Und ich freue mich sehr, dass es Eurem Liyongo etwas besser geht. Weiterhin alles Gute fĂŒr ihn.

    Einen schönen 3. Advent
    wĂŒnscht Dir

  10. Wonderful artwork and photos. I'm happy to hear Liyongo is doing better with the injections. Pets become part of the family, and dogs are so loving toward us humans, despite all of our flaws. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. I LOVE your bicycle page. We have fresh snow coming tonight so I know what you mean about being in spring/summer mode. I would love to go for a bicycle ride today! And have flowers blooming and green grass and leaves. :) Even better it is good to see (and read) that Liyongo is doing so well. The effort is definitely worth it. I enjoy your holiday mugs too and your glasses are similar to mine. You look good in them! happy new week. Hugs-Erika

  12. I'm happy to hear you've found a treatment that's helping Liyongo feel better :) Those mugs are a cheering addition to the season. Good coffee is always a plus. "Merry and Bright" wishes for you, too!

  13. Hallo Susi, endlich bin ich mal wieder bei dir gelandet. Mit der Besinnlichkeit dieses Jahr will es nicht so recht klappen.
    Deine Seite ist mal wieder fantastisch, gefÀllt mir sehr. Auch die Werke weiter unten gefallen mir allesamt.
    Ich wĂŒnsche dir eine schöne Adventswoche.
    LG Carola

  14. Hello dear Susi. Firstly I am so sorry for not visiting your blog for a while, I hope you are ok. I am sorry to read that your poor Liyongo is not well but good that you have some treatment for him - I wish him well.
    As always, your AJJ piece is beautiful.
    Wishing you a good (and non stressful) new week.
    Gill xx

  15. A wonderful good news and happy post Susi, so glad your gorgeous furry friend is doing so well and I adore your bicycle pages. Have a great week xxx

  16. Fabulous journal pages Susi xx Wonderful colours and details x Like the others I am delighted to hear that your lovely dog is doing so much better tooxx

    Huge hugs Annie xx

  17. Gerade im Winter mag ich sommerliche Bilder sehr gerne - tolle, fröhliche Fahrradseiten! Deine Vorliebe fĂŒr FrĂŒhling und Sommer teile ich vollstens und bin immer froh, wenn die KĂ€lteperiode ein Ende hat. Aber wir können uns freuen, schon in ein paar Tagen wird es mit dem Licht wieder aufwĂ€rts gehen!
    Oh, ich hatte gar nicht mitbekommen, dass es Lyongo wieder schlechter ging, aber jetzt hört es sich ja nach einer wieder positiven Entwicklung an. Weiter so!
    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe Ulrike

  18. Susi, I love this layout! Wonderful to see a touch of Spring at this time of year and the bike images are perfect! Happy Holidays, sweet friend.


  19. Lovely to hear that Liyongo is feeling better because of the treatment, dear Susi .
    Your spread really shouts spring and joy of moving outside on the bike - gorgeous texture, and love your colors used,- they are truly not boring !! But so very lovely backgrounds.
    And so cozy mugs you have for your December tea :-) - you was spoiled with all the gifts from your friend. Hugs to you, xx

  20. A beautiful summery spread Susi, you know I love the teabags in the background!
    I'm happy to hear that Liyongo is responding well to his treatment, bless him!
    And, what a lovely surprise from dear Mia! You created a wonderful digital spread!
    Wishing you a lovely week,
    Alison xxx

  21. Dear Susi, your Spring/Summer pages are very appreciated by me! (they are my favorites too) and I love the freshness and fun they portray with the bicycle~ Great color and light mixed in with the textures~ I like to see your 'digital' pic with you enjoying your Greek coffee! wonderful gifts from your friend. blessings to you for the holiday~ karen o

  22. So glad to hear that your boy is feeling better.
    I love your spring spread with the bright colors and blooms. I am longing for a bit of snow for Christmas. It never seems like Christmas without it.
    Merry Christmas,

  23. A beautiful pair of spreads Susi - love your 'boring background' converted to a fabulous page, and the digital one is lovely too.
    So glad to hear Liyongo is feeling better!

  24. Such beautiful pages! The colours remind me of spring and I love the collaged elements that you included - perfect 😁. I hope you are doing ok dear Susi, I didn't know that Liyongo was unwell again and I'm so pleased to hear that his therapy is working 😀. You must have been so worried, he is such a lovely boy! Wishing him well! Have a Happy T Day and a very Merry Christmas too my friend! J 😊 x

  25. Lovely page Susi and I'm happy to see that your sweet dog is feeling much better! Hugs, Lenie

  26. ich freu mich sehr zu hören, dass es liyongo besser geht. das ist eine schöne adventsfreude und ich hoffe sehr, dass er noch ganz lange bei euch bleiben wird!
    deine fahrradseite gefĂ€llt mir sehr - ich freue mich schon jetzt auf die ersten radtouren im neuen jahr im frĂŒhling!
    liebe grĂŒĂŸe

  27. Das ist so schön, wenn es Liyongo besser geht, es ist jede MĂŒhe wert!
    Deine doppelseite mit dem geteilten Fahrad gefĂ€llt mir sehr, eine außergewöhnliche Komposition!
    Griechischer Kaffee - die Zubereitung klingt interessant, und er schmeckt auch sicher so, ein tolles Geschenk! Jede Menge Spass wirst du auch mit den anderen Sachen haben, die da in der Packung waren, wie lieb von Mia!
    Schöne digitale Fotocollage hast du da gestaltet!
    Knuddel, Rike


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