Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2369 **** ROMANCE

A spread in one of my journals for

where our new theme "ROMANCE" starts today.

It is also meant for  ART JOURNAL JOURNEY  where Rike hosts:

Oh, and it's Tuesday again - where we always come together at
Elizabeth's T-Stand- For-Tuesday with a drinks related posting.

Hello lovely T-S-F-T Ladies!
Hope you are all well!
I discovered Matcha for me recently and can tell that I LOVE it.
I put the powder together with cold water in a jar, close it  and shake it well. Afterwords I fill up with hot water.
Due to the high chlorophyll and amino acid content, it has a unique vegetal taste and a lingering sweet aftertaste.
From time to time I drink it as my first drink instead of tea or coffee now and recognized that the days I start with Matcha are the best days for me. (lol)

Thank you for visiting!



  1. Oh wie romantisch! Wunderschön.
    Lg aus Wien

  2. Ach, wie lieb sind doch diese Journalseiten!!! Aber sag mal, schmeckt dieser grüne Tee wirklich? Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  3. Love your romantic spread Susi! It's a feast for the eyes!
    Lots of love from

  4. ohh
    das ist ja zuckersüß

    liebe Grüße

  5. Your art journal pages are fantastic and romantically lovely. Happy T-Day!

  6. Your little loving children are so cute and make a fun and warm page. Perfect for yellow! Yellow is a color I don't usually use but I don't know why. Now that I have been making some pages with it I find it is making me so happy. We have such warm weather t=right now, it feels like APril. But they say after today it is going to disappear. That is too bad but I know spring will actually be coming. I had lots of matcha tea in Japan, it is all you can get there. It took some getting used to for me, but matcha flavored ice cream is very good. Have a great T day my friend. Hugs-Erika

  7. This is such a sweet page, love it!

  8. I can imagine the conversations between these two - we have been watching a programme called 'The secret life of 5 year olds' and some of the things the girls say to the boys and vice versa are so funny! I love the colours you have used Susi! Hubby thought your Matcha tea looked great...me?....err...maybe not!!!! Happy T day, Chrisx

  9. Hello Susi! How are you doing? So glad to be here after long! The collage is beautifully made! Love those little kids together...so adorable! :) <3

  10. Those images are SO cute, Susi - they look wonderful on your page. I notice there are lots of yellow accents again ;-) lol. Fab layout. Wish I could say I was tempted by your Matcha tea, but sadly, I'm not... I love my morning coffee!

    Cath x

  11. Herrlich romantisch sind deine beiden Bilder, das Gelb passt da sehr gut dazu gemeinsam mit dem Rot macht es die Doppelseite noch wärmer! Ich bewundere, wie du es geschafft hast, das Wort Romance exakt auf die Seite zu bringen (mir würde zum Schluss wahrscheinlich der Platz fürs E fehlen).
    Mit deinem grünen Matcha Tee schreckst du ein paar Leute ab, haha :)
    Danke für den romantischen Beitrag zu meinem Gelb-Thema bei AJJ!
    Knuddel, Rike

  12. oh what darling mages you have used on your pages Susi, and your stitching is superb! The pops of yellow are delightful too. I have heard so much about matcha tea that I do want to try it for myself.

  13. This is a beautiful journal spread Susi. The images of the children look adorable and loving.
    I will have to look out for the matcha tea, its not a brand I have seen in our supermarket. Perhaps it will be sold in one of the larger stores
    Happy T day wishes Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Zwei wundervolle und romantische Seiten, liebe Susi.

    Mit Matcha bin ich durch, ich mag ihn nicht, obwohl er so gesund ist. Vllt. deshalb???

  15. What a beautiful journal spread! The images are so romantic and I love how you have captured the feeling of rain and sunshine on your pages with the fabulous colours you used - perfect 😁. I think there must be a rainbow somewhere ...lol 😉. Your macha tee sounds invigorating, I drink cinnamon tea in the mornings and it fills me with energy ...lol! Thanks for the inspiration and sending you wishes for a Happy T Day and Happy February too dear Susi! J 😊 x

  16. Hi friend!! How beautiful are your pages, they seem to have life, they transport you with imagination! I like them a lot, you are an artist!
    I've heard about green tea, they say it's good for these places. There are not, but there are other types of tea!
    Hugs to Liyongo so that my Lord may be merciful to him!

    Kisses friend !! 😚😚

  17. Aww love your piece and this theme! Your matcha looks healthy and good!

  18. schnuckelige romantiker... toll was du draus gemacht hast:) und man sollte wirklich öfter gelb benutzen, hebt die stimmung! den tee werde ich mal testen, bin bei gesunden tees immer etwas skeptisch *g*. hab eine schöne woche, liebe susi!

  19. So sweet they are , surely having their first romance, together , dear Susi, a wonderful spread .
    And your tea looks gorgeous and very healthy , maybe I should take a closer look at Matcha . Hugs to you , and thank you for many informations on healthy food and drinks . <3 xxx

  20. This is such a sweet spread Susi! I love it! xxx

  21. eine ganz reizende romanze!! matchateee habe ich noch nie probiert, aber vielleicht teste ich ihn mal, obwohl er ja sehr giftig aussieht ;))!
    liebe grüße

  22. Your fan club officially approves of your beautiful new journal pages, Susi! I just love how you've interpreted the theme and your use of gorgeous color!
    And thank you for the Matcha tea recommendation. Can't wait to give it a try :)
    Stay warm!

  23. AWWWWW! These pages are just darling!
    Happy T-day

  24. Woowwww this spread journal page is really GORGEOUS Susi !! I love it, it is so romantic and tender, with so beautiful colours !! Great .
    I don´t know matcha tea, but as you describe it, it may be delicious.
    I wish you a very nice T day, and send you big hugs and besotillos.

  25. A beautiful journal spread Susi, gorgeous images of the children.
    Haven't tried Matcha tea, although I once had a 'Matcha Gateaux' which was a pale green sponge with buttercream filling, delicious.
    Avril xx

  26. Romance is in the air, even at that young and tender age. The children are simply adorable. They are precious. It was great that you found a way to share them with Art Journal Journey using Rike's yellow theme, too. This is pure joy and love is really in the air.

    I've never had Matcha, but I was tickled you shared the link so I could learn about it. I'm glad it puts you in a good mood. It sounds like it's well worth investing in, too.

  27. Niedlich diese Pärchen auf deinen wieder so super gestalteten Seiten. Blau geht zu Gelb immer wieder gut, genau wie Orange.
    Liebe Grüße

  28. I am SO sorry. I don't know where my manners are. I'm so grateful you shared your Matcha and link with us for T this Tuesday.

  29. Aww, what sweet pages, Susi.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  30. love the sweet little couple on your pages. Don't fancy the green tea though!

    Joan x

  31. Such a sweet spread! Beautiful!
    Lenie x

  32. This is just beautiful.Thanks for having me in your ROMANCE challenge as Guest Designer at Try it On Tuesday challenge. It is an honour. x
    [aNNie]Guest Designer for Try it on Tuesday Challenges

  33. wunderschöne romantische seiten hast du gemacht,die bilder sind soooo niedlich,gefällt mir mega gut,auch das wort romance passt perfekt dazu,einmalig,liebes.
    ich war heute beim hn o,und der hat eine chronische sinuitis maxillaris fest gestellt,die kifernhöhle ist voller polypen und die möchte man nach der bestrahlung ausschaben,ich hab echt die faxen dicke und bin nur am heulen,was muss ich noch aushalten.
    ich habe heute ja wieder bestrahlung da wünsche ich eine visite und das soll dann gleich nochmal ein hno sich angucken,vieleicht gibt es andre alternativen als gleich eine op.
    wünsch dir heute einen schönen tag,liebes.

    knuddels von jenny

  34. What beautiful and whimsical journal pages Susi - love them! That drink looks interesting, and sound as though it is a great way to start the day

  35. A really beautiful spread Susi with lots of romance on the pages.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  36. I've never tried Matcha, but it looks interesting :) Happy late T Day

  37. What a weonderful yellow romance page. I love those children. so cute!
    Matcha sounds interesting. I have never tried it. (hadn't heard of it until now) I learn something new every day.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  38. Gorgeous and fun! These pages are special Susi~ You capture the moods with your beautiful water-color inking style! TFS Hugs, karen o

  39. I have had matcha tea in a latte but have never had it hot. I have wanted to try it but it has such an unusual taste that I think it would take getting used too. Now I need to go get some to try.
    Your journal layout is lovely with the yellows and romantic images. So pretty, Susi!
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  40. This is so sweet, Susi, and literally says everything there is to say about romance. Love it!

  41. Oh this is a GORGEOUS page, Susi. And sooooooo cute and romantic!!!!!!!!! Hugs, my dear friend.


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