Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2393 **** LETS PARTY

We are celebrating our 10th Birthday at TioT's.
Join us ....have fun........... be colourful......
 share your ART and the things you like to create
with us.
  Yvonne even made a special badge for us and our lovely participants.

We hope you will celebrate with us! 
HAPPY Birthday Try It On Tuesday!!!!
I am a lucky girl to be part of the Design Team since a few years  now!
It's the best DT ever!


I created this digital piece to celebrate the new Vegan TS McDonalds offers  -   it is at least already available in Germany now but not in Switzerland and Austria.

I hope we will get it also soon here at our Austrian McDonalds even though I am not so keen on McDonalds at all.

I will also link my VEGANISM piece to Moo Mania & More's
 Just a Word - topic  and to Erika's amazing  collection of
 "In the Sky/ In the Air" over at Art Journal Journey.

For TSFT this week I share a vegan cake with vegan whipped cream I baked for my lovely 
mentally handicapped brother who stayed with us during the last weeks.
He turned 41 this year. Feel free to take a cup of coffee or tea to it!

 Much LOVE from Susi



  1. Happy TioT's Birthday Susi.
    I love your fantastic fun page, it is a wonderful piece showing the happy animals enjoying their life in the open air..
    The bun does look good, but my eyes are drawn to the delicious cake you made for your brother. I'm sure he will have enjoyed staying with you.
    Happy tea day wishes as well ,
    Yvonne xx

  2. This has been in Australia for a while now and though I don't eat McDonalds I am sure many do. love your page.xxx

  3. Happy Birthday to Tiot!! You guys are one of the best there is, love the team, all so nice and friendly. Best wishes for continued success! Nice looking cake, I bet your brother enjoyed it! xoxo

  4. Hello Susi, so nice that you show us your precious brother. I hope he and you and are having a lovely time together.
    Great to hit the three challenges with your vibrant vegan piece. I expect the cows and pigs and hens are very happy indeed about Veganism, that's why they are wearing flowers in their hair.

  5. No wonder your farm animals are partying! This surely is good news for Vegans! I think more food companies are thinking along those lines now too! Your cake looks delicious - good to see your brother too! I'll be joining T Day later so I'll say Happy T day now! Hugs,Chrisx

  6. What a delightful and whimsical piece you have created Susi! love it, and I think your new photograph is gorgeous too! A beautiful cake for your brother, he looks as though he was enjoying his holiday with you.

  7. A really super page with these animals, I like this!

  8. That is such a super page for AJJ Susi. Thanks so much for sharing all those smiling animals. I love the idea of vegan MacDonald's. We don't have them here either. And all those fun and obviously happy animals since now they can enjoy their lives in the fields and farm. And wow-you cake looks amazing. I would like a piece, thank you! Is that a creamy middle? I think I just gained 10 pounds looking at it. Smile. Hugs-Erika

  9. Lovely artwork and that dessert looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

  10. ich halt mich auch an deinen kuchen;) dein bruder schaut sehr zufrieden drein! --- bei dem gedanken an die labbersemmeln bei mac d schüttelt es mich. wenn schon, ess ich dort höchstens pommes;)
    schöne "geburtstagsfeier" mit TioT und einen happy t-day ♥♥♥

  11. Hi Susi happy birthday to your brother and that cake looks so yummy. Don't think we have the vegan burger in Australia yet. Not that I have noticed hope your day is a good one my friend xx

  12. Ein wundervoller und schmackhafter Post, liebe Susi.
    Auch Christian sieht voll zufrieden aus.

  13. Hi Susi, your cake looks wonderful, I'm sure your Brother enjoyed it.
    A great piece of artwork too.
    Happy T Day
    Jan x

  14. Your vegan burger is full of imagination! So great that your brother could celebrate his birthday with you & family <3

  15. That's quite a statement page, Susi. Good for you. I really admire how healthful and delicious your food looks. I wouldn't know where to begin. Happy birthday to your brother! You made beautiful cake for him. I bet he enjoyed it. Happy 10th for TioT and Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  16. Happy Birthday TIOT, nice pic of your brother. Vegan McD's ..interesting!

  17. Happy Birthday TIOT. This is a wonderful photo of your brother. Who doesn't like cake? Hmmmm Miky D's is never on my list of eating places. Love you page. I make my own veggie burgers.

  18. Hello dear Susi , oh I`m sure your brother loved that cake, it looks so terrible yummy ,lol-
    And wonderful way of illustrating the new Vegan possibility from McD. I haven`t heard about it here, yet, but it can very well be it is to find in Copenhagen, and not here on our small island - I too never have been eating much McD food , and never will :-)
    Hugs to you , my dear - xoxo

  19. WOW, Susi. You really know how to party. I've not heard of vegan burgers. They may never make it in the states. Even though I'm not a fan of McDonald's, I would try a vegan burger any day. It's a great tribute to nature and the animals, too. This is a wonderful entry for TioT, and of course, for Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey, too.

    Your brother is so innocent and sweet. Just like your vegan cake, I'm sure. I'll join you for cake and coffee (for me), please. Thanks for sharing your incredible art, your sweet brother, and your cake and drink with us for T this Tuesday, dear, dear friend and co-admin.

  20. Wow that page is awesome I love it, and the cake seems delicious I'm sure your brother loved it. Hugs.

  21. so einen netten bruder hast du! herzlichen glückwunsch zum 41.! der leckere kuchen hat ihm bestimmt geschmeckt. bei diesem burgerladen bin ich allerseltenst, aber wenn man da mal hinmuss, dann wäre dieser vegane burger sicher eine gute alternative zum schon vorhandenen veggieteil. das bild mit der kuh ist echt süß!!
    liebe grüße

  22. Happy Birthday! 10 years is a long, long time in the blogiverse, and y'all have created quite a legacy.

    Happy Birthday to your brother! And many more :) I'm sure he enjoyed that cake. It looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday!

  23. Fabulous page and oh my, that cake looks so delicious! I hope you saved me a piece ...lol 😉. That's a lovely photo of your brother too! It's wonderful to be part of the DT with you at TioT 😁. Happy TioT birthday and T Day dear Susi! Hugs, Jo x

  24. I bet your brother enjoyed that cake; it looks good. I will take tea with mine please. And tell him happy belated birthday from blogland! :)

  25. What an amazing vegan cake you made for your brother! Looks so delicious. I don't frequent McDonald's so I am wondering if they have this vegan option in the USA. What is is made of? And your digital piece is very cool. I love the cow under the burger.
    Happy Tea Day,

  26. Hello Beautiful!!
    I also join the congratulations even though I do not understand what it is about! !ji!ji!ji
    It looks delicious the burger is vegan? how good your brother looks, your
    Friend, give me a big hug from me, I have a disabled brother and he is very intelligent! .. Greetings to Mr. Liyongo that my Lord will give you health.
    And for you and for you it is yours, pour out many blessings! ! 😍

  27. What a lovely thing to do for your lovely brother, Susi - I hope he appreciated it ;-) Your cake looks wonderful. I also love your spread, though - like you - I'm not a McD fan at all - you'd think by now they'd have an option of wholemeal baps. I haven't eaten white bread for over 30 years!
    On to your spread. As an animal lover, I appreciate the animals you chose. Love the flowers and the bright colours. Wonderful. Happy TIOT birthday!
    Have a lovely week.
    Cath x

  28. Deinem Bruder ist es richtig anzusehen, wie glücklich er ist, mal wieder bei dir zu Besuch zu sein! Noch eine gute Zeit zusammen...LG Ulrike

  29. A wonderful page Susi, I think those animals look happy and relieved to be Celebrating TioT' s Birthday with vegan burgers. The cake you made for your brother looks delicious, I'm sure he would have had a lovely time visiting you.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  30. This is a so so GORGEOUS Art Page Susi !! ♥ Love it, love your great idea to add lovely animals to it, with a vegan hamburger!!
    Very Happy 10th Birthday Try it on Tuesday ! with you !!
    This cake may have beenn so delicious !! nothing left for sure.
    I wish you a very nice afternoon dear friend, and send you
    big hugs&besotillos.

  31. Fabulous veganism piece, Susi, and now I'm drooling over your lovely cake to boot....heaven help me I could eat the screen. :D

  32. Diese digitale Komposition ist wieder super gelungen liebe Susie. Köstlich diese Veggieburger gekrönte Kuh. Du hast immer geniale Ideen.
    Der Kuchen sieht lecker aus, da kriege ich gleich Appetit. Schön daß du wieder Zeit mit deinem Bruder verbringen konntest.
    Liebe Grüße

  33. Susi your dear Brother looks like he is waiting patiently for you to finish taking his picture so he can delve into that delicious cake. He is more patient than I would be.. Happy belated T day & congrats on your 10th TioT Birthday. I'm not sure I will have time to play for a while but wanted to say have a Happy celebration. Hugs Tracey xx

  34. Dein digitales Meisterwerk gefällt mir sehr! Ich habe lachen müssen, nicht nur über deine tolle Ideen der Zusammensetzung dieser verschiedenen Bilder, sondern auch über die Schmetterlinge (die wird wohl niemand essen wollen, oder doch?) - tut mir leid, meine Fantasie ist mal wieder mit mir durchgegangen :))
    Dein Bruder sieht sehr glücklich aus und ihr habt bestimmt eine schöne Zeit miteinander!
    Bussi Rike

  35. What a fabulous page, Susi. I could stare at it forever and find new fun details every time. I'm mesmerized by your art. Looks like you had a delightful birthday celebration with your sweet brother. The cake looks yummy! xo Nancy

  36. Holy cannolis!! 10 years of TIOT??? Congratulations to you all!!
    Your Vegan piece is just fab Susi!!
    Huge,Happy,Happy,Happy Birthday wishes to your brother turning 41 years young!! Please tell him he does not look a day over 20! ")
    And that cake you created, oh my word!! Looks just amazing!!
    I hope all else is good and well in your world- sending you much love and huge hugs! xoxo


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