Saturday, June 1, 2019

2399 *** When you love what you have.....

We had a fantastic month over at  
with Erika's topic during May!
Thank you dear Erika - you really rocked your hosting month! The artists came up with so many gorgeous pages as you inspired them all in such a fantastic way! 

Today Halle starts hostig  June at 
ART JOURNAL JOURNEY with the smashing theme: 


Happy June for you all !
I so hope to see you at the challenge again!

 For Elizabeth's TSFT next Tuesday I want to share a lunch I enjoyed recently . I have fun making spinach from ashweed (ground elder/ bishop's weed) [Aegopodium podagraria] 
we call it "Giersch" in Austria. I pull it up at my neighbour's garden as she has enough from this weed and is happy to get rid of it. 






  1. This is a beautiful cover for your art journal, Susi. I love how you framed the words of wisdom. The entire entry is wonderful and I like the muted palette you used, too.

    Your entire meal looks beautiful, including the "spinach," the nuts you topped it with, and the beautiful potatoes. I love the vignette on your table, too. Your tea looks delicious. I would LOVE to join you for drinks and this meal. Thanks for sharing your tea and food with us for T this week, and thanks for the beautiful first AJJ entry, dear co-admin.

  2. eine ganz wunderbare journalseite! das zitat ist so klug und deine ausarbeitung dazu gefällt mir ausgezeichnet. ich mag das mixed media, die stickerei und die heraushängenden fäden. es verleiht der seite noch etwas dreidimensionales - man möchte es gern anfassen!
    giersch habe ich auch reichlich im garten. heute mache ich z.b. einen flammkuchen mit zucchini, schafskäse und giersch. und die schönen 70er-jahre-untersetzer kennst du ja auch schon von mir! deine in rund gefallen mir auch sehr!
    liebe grüße

  3. This is such a beautiful journal cover Susi, I love everything about it.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. wow susi,das ist eine ganz fantastiche seiten mit dem genähten stück stoff dazu,gefällt mir mega gut,liebes.
    giersch kannte ich noch gar nicht,ich weiß nur das dein dinner lecker ausschaut.
    einen schönen sonntag,meine liebe seelenschwester,

    big knuddels von jenny

  5. Wonderful words, Susi and a fab page. Great challenge, too - I love meaningful words :-) Happy weekend ;-)
    Cath x

  6. Susi this is an amazing and beautiful cover for your journal. The textures and layers are super and the word quote is a perfect addition.
    I am off to make lunch now after seeing the meal you have shared with us, it looks delicious.
    Happy weekend and T day when Tuesday gets here.
    Yvonne xx

  7. I love the quote and layers you used on this cover page. The stitching really drew me in for a closer look.

  8. Your quote is so true Susi! Why on earth we have to long for impossible things - it just makes us unhappy.

  9. That is an amazing page Susi. And the quote is true. It is being happy with all you have and not thinking about what you don' is easy for people to get stuck in mode of wanting ore, isn't it? All you have to do is look around to see that. And I think we all could use that reminded ourselves sometimes, so thank you. I love the colorful stitching you added. Boy does that pop off the page. And that is an interesting lunch. I think something like that grows around here but I haven't heard of anyone eating it so this is a really new food for me. I would like to try it sometime. Happy very early T day too. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  10. klasse journaling! die stickerei ist ein echter hingucker! schönes thema übrigens (ich hab schon was für meinen wochenpost am montag;)) - mit dem giersch kann man sich nur anfreunden, alles andere ist sinnlos;) allerdings hab ich nicht genug für eine ganze portion, aber kann ihn ja gut unter spinat mischen:) --- hab einen schönen juni, lg, johanna

  11. I would not know which weeds are for eating--LOL!
    I LOVE that quote. Pretty page. :)

  12. Beautiful page and good food!

  13. Those really are words to live by!

    I've never heard of this spinach substitute, but being able to pick what you need as you need it would definitely work for me. Your artistic eye shows up even in your food setting :)

  14. Hello beautiful Susi!
    A beautiful page, with a lot of feeling, who are the people that appear there?
    I did not know that the spinach had substitute, every day you learn something new truth!
    Congratulations for your healthy diet, and share with us to learn!
    Many love to Mr. Liyongo!
    And may my Lord pour out blessings in your home very sincerely! !

    kisses !! 😍

  15. Hi there Susi, lovely journal page, awesome. Also love the spinach, yum.xx

  16. It's been a long time since I last visited, but I enjoyed my visit today! A fabulous page, I like the format you chose, and well chosen words too! Happy June and Happy Sunday! Oh and your lunch looks delicious :o)

  17. I just love this tall elegant page format. What beautiful collaging, and the subtle touches of bold colour amongst the pale neutrals. Wonderful words too (a good theme for me this month - I hope to play more than once!). This page is a new favourite for me. Delicious looking "spinach". I shall have to watch out for "Giersch" as spinach is one of my staple foods!
    Alison x

  18. such beautiful art! and a yummy-looking meal as well! xo

  19. Hi Susi! What a beautiful art journal cover! Your design is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the sentiment - perfect for this month's AJJ challenge! I had so much fun taking part in last month's challenge and definitely hope to get the chance again this month. Thanks also for sharing the spinach photo - I actually love spinach so this looks delicious to me! Hugs to you, my friend!!! Sharon

  20. It is a smashing theme this month and you made smashing page! Your faux spinach looks like the real thing. I wonder ho close the taste is. I love spinach! Eileen xx

  21. Your words are so true! We think we need so much, but all we need are the basics and love! Love your stitches and threading.. This is lovely

  22. Hi Susi, loving the page and that's a great sentiment too. Not sure that I would dare cook weed as I have no idea which ones you could eat. Have agreat crafty week, Angela xXx

  23. Love that quote and your page is really beautiful xx

  24. A wonderful soft and charming project!!!

  25. Wow, what a fabulous cover and I love the words that you used, so true! The colourful stitching is an amazing addition, such a beautiful design too 😀. I'm in awe of your cooking skills too, your meal looks delicious! I'm now wondering what your dessert is though? Yummy! I hope you had a lovely week and weekend! Wishing you a wonderful new week and sending you happy T Day wishes dear Susi! Jo x

  26. Your art is always so beautiful and inspiring
    Lunch looks delicious! Happy T wishes hugs Kathy

  27. beautiful decorations...and delicious food...yummy

  28. Lovely artwork and great words. Your food looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

  29. such a beautiful journal cover and quote Susi! Your art is always so beautiful. I love the stitching and your choice of thread colors- just super!! Your meal looks perfectly delicious too. Happy T day my friend!

  30. Wow, Susi! You did it again! Your choice of the quote & the creativity that went into your piece - just amazing. And your lunch is a work of art in itself :)
    Big hugs!

  31. Sweet Susi your journal page is so amazing- your use of thread and few colors makes a beautiful contrast to the black and white and the quote is so true and beautiful, too . Also love your meal, and have to look up which weed you are using . I hope you have a great evening , lovely lady .
    Hugs to you from Dorthe- xoxo

  32. Wowww, how I like your journal cover Susi !! It's impressive, I like all the details, the colours, the stamps, the fabrics ... and that quote, I also like it a lot.
    Then, your meal is ..... uyyyy delicious. I love spinach, and nuts give it a special touch. Very beautiful the layout of your table, the flowers are so pretty, and I do not know what is in the glass on the left, just an exquisite dessert! Happy T-day dear friend!
    I wish you a very nice Wednesday,
    Big hugs, Caty

  33. What a lovely cover! I love the stitching. And the quote is good too. So true!
    I'm intrigued by your spinach. You don't tell us what it tastes like. Spinach has a rather bland taste. This Aegopodium should not taste pungent providing it is not yet flowering when picked. But your meal looks really tasty.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  34. Hello Miss Susi! : ) Wonderful pages and the sentiment is truly good to live by~ Beautiful mix of neutrals with pops of great color. I like the layers of texture too! Thanks for sharing your talent~ Hugs, karen o

  35. I so love your many textured art pieces and journal pages. The soft neutrals with the bright colours look so good. The cheerful threads are fabulous!

    Yummy lunch :)

  36. Wie wahr liebe Susi, Deine Wosrte auf Deinem Werk könnten treffender nicht sein. Manchmal braucht es den richtigen Anstupser , um alles um sich herum zuschütten. Toll gemacht, sehr ansprechend und wie immer ist Dein Stil erkennbar, es trägt rundherum Deine Handschrift.
    Alles Liebe und schöne Pfingsten

  37. Oh, das ist so zauberhaft und leicht, liebe Susi! Ich mag die zarten Farben sehr. Und weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, dass es so leicht nicht ist, diese zu treffen und miteinander zu einer Komposition zu verbinden. Mir gefallen sehr die textilen Elemente, sie machen diese Arbeit "rund".

    Ach ja, noch ein Gedanke zu Vitamin B12. Es ist gar nicht so einfach, vegane Quellen zu finden. Man muß es wohl supplementieren, um auf der sicheren Seite zu sein. Ich tue dies mit einem Nahrungsergänzungsmittel. Das Problem scheint aber immer wieder, dass die Hauptquellen dafür tierischen Ursprungs sind. Hmmm.... Selbst ein Hersteller, der B12 aus Sanddorn im Verkauf hatte, musste das Produkt ehrlicherweise vom Markt nehmen, weil die Pflanze das Vitamin aus dem Boden aufgeenommen hatte. Und das funktionierte nach einigen Jahren nicht mehr ...

    Alles Liebe dir! Und ein schönes Pfingstfest wünscht

  38. Your art is always so beautiful, great dinner to

  39. Dear Susi thank you sooo much for reminder visit and sweet words !
    i really found your comment overwhelming !

    you are fascinating in your skills of art my dear friend !

    i absolutely LOVED this gorgeous page :)))

    and how wise and uplifting words you framed so elegantly !


  40. Dieses Zitat ist einfach wunderbar! Dein Mixed Media Werk ebenso - mir gefallen besonders die gestickten Details mit den herabhängenden Fäden!
    Giersch habe ich ebenfalls im Garten und achte darauf, dass es nicht zu wild wuchert (es hat ellenlange Wurzeln!), ich verwende Giersch auch ab und zu als Petersilie-Ersatz.
    Wünsch dir eine schöne neue Woche!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt! Knuddel Rike

  41. Liebe Susi,
    ich wieder einmal begeistert von Deinem Werk. Du hast ein Zitat herausgesucht, das an Wahrheit kaum zu übertreffen ist. Die Farben gefallen mir auch sehr gut, die bunten Fäden bilden einen sehr schönen Kontrast.
    Dieses Bild berührt mich so sehr, dass ich gar nicht in Worte zu fassen vermag, was ich fühle. Es ist einfach großartig.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine wundervolle Restwoche.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  42. ahhh dear Susi, you made my hubby and I laugh in your comment about the farting labrador. They like to eat for sure and even puppy is a guts.xx

  43. Liebste Susi,

    das schaut sssssoooo schön aus und der Spruch passt perfekt.

    Ein ganz besonderes Kunstwerk !

    Liebe Grüße
    von Anke

  44. Ganz zauberhaft diese neue Mixed media Arbeit von dir. Ich mag diese Fadenspielerei als zusätzliches Gestaltungselement sehr.
    Aber der Spinat aus Giersch interessiert mich auch sehr. Habe schon glesen daß man den als Salat nutzen kann, aber ich weiß nicht sicher wie er genau aussieht und woran ich ihn sicher erkennen kann. Könntest du mir ein Foto der Pflanze schicken. Hab dieses Frühjahr schon Smoothie mit Brennessel, Pfefferminze und Löwenzahn probiert, mit Obstsaft gemixt sehr lecker.
    Ganz liebe Grüße


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