Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Post No.2404 ****** Go VEGAN

A fantastic new topic over at  Try it on Tuesday is awaiting you!

Splatters & Splodges

I have a loose page for this topic this time.
Would be a pleasure for us if you would participate in our challenge and please don't forget to join 
this month as well as we have a fabulous theme hosted by Pearshapedchris
We’re all/going.
For our new topic at MOO MANIA & MORE which starts 

on 24th of July at 6. 00 a.m.MEZ.

#196 MUSIC

I have a digital created Moo

We would LOVE to see you joining our challenges !

 Sharing a vegan lunch with my friends at
T - Stands - For - Tuesday this week. Fresh water to it!
Have a great week girls, I am looking forward to check out what you all are up to . 
Happy T-Day girls!




  1. Love your main work Susi - your splatters and splodges are stunning.Your moo is gorgeous and has so many visual layers to it.
    Your meal looks yummy!

  2. Love splats and splodges at the best of times but this is just fabulous. The moo cow is oh so cute.xx

  3. Your orange splatters and splodges are terrific, I must have a go at splattering ("we're all going to splatter"?).
    Little lamb with his orange cravat looks very happy about them too.
    Always good to see a real Moo, and this is a complex creation which is very beautiful and mysterious.

  4. ein sehr schönes thema! ich mag es zu klecksen, egal ob mit schwarzer tusche oder bunten farben. deine aufforderung ist so gut, auch wenn ich es nicht schaffe, auf käse, joghurt und co zu verzichten...
    liebe grüße

  5. A fab tribute to our four-legged friends, Susi - great page. Love your digital moo, too...music is so precious. So glad you're still enjoying your diet. It's definitely a way of life.
    Cath x

  6. Liebe Susi,
    vegan kann ich nicht leben, wenn schon eher vegetarisch, auch wenn ich das nicht ganz schaffe, so habe ich meinen Fleischkonsum doch schon erheblich eingeschränkt.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Woche und komm gut durch die Hitze.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  7. Love your Go Vegan art Susi. Although not entirely vegan in our home we have certainly made changes to eat much more plant based foods. It is a healthier way to go, and of course your meals always inspire me too:) Beautiful art for Moo Mania too. Happy T day!

  8. A strong page with a powerful message - and I love the delicate musical MOO too. Hope you enjoyed your delicious-looking vegan lunch.
    Alison x

  9. I am looking at your dessert Susi. Is it a rice style pudding? It looks very yummy, as does your soup. I am eating less meat right now as there are so many fresh fruits and veggies to enjoy. One of the joys of summer, yes? Hope you had a great visit with your friend and I think you have aced using your phone to comment. I know what that is all about. And all your art is super today. I am going to think about a music piece for Moo Mania. Happy T day. Stay cool. Hugs-Erika

  10. A fantastic page Susi with a super message for us to consider. The cow looks so happy and free.
    Happy T day wishes Susi, your lunch looks yummy.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Eine tolle Seite, liebe Susi. Ich war auch mal so euphorisch vegan, inzwischen - wie Du ja weißt - mehr vegetarisch, aber manche Tage auch total vegan, was mich dann auch stolz macht.
    Dein Werk für MMM sieht auch super aus

  12. A great page susi and your vegan lunch looks delicious.
    xxx Hazel

  13. "Splatters & Splodges" and "Music" both sound like winners for inspiration, and your works are definitely winners :)

    That lunch looks tasty. I think I see blueberries :) one of my favorite foods. Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Oh Susi! This is such fabulous page! We are not ready to go Vegan(yet) but we are certainly eating less meat now we are back home! Thank you for your encouragement both in this and in your comments on my blog!! I love the Moo! Hoping to find more time soon!! Your lunch does look delicious and water of course is a good choice! Happy T day! Chrisx

  15. What an impressive way to create splatters and splodges. It's also a great entry for Chris's theme at Art Journal Journey, dear co-admin.

    Your vegan meal looks like something I would also enjoy. It's so hard to stay true to a diet when I'm pulled by outside forces. I'm so impressed that you can stay true to your incredible lifestyle and food habits. Water is a perfect choice for your lunch, too. I need to remember to drink more water, something I often forget to do as I get busy during the day.

    Thanks for sharing your truly gorgeous art, as well as your vegan lunch and water with us for T this Tuesday, dear Susi!

  16. Great piece of art with lots of splatters and splodges


  17. Lovely artwork. Your food looks delicious. Happy T-Day!

  18. A fabulous page! I love all your splatters and splodges, and the little goat looks super cute with the red bandana 😁. Such a beautiful digital entry too, I love how you layered the images together! Your lunch looks delish! Wishing you a happy T Day and fabulous week dear Susi! Hugs, Jo x

  19. If I'm guessing right, Susi, that's rice pudding with blueberries and a lovely vegetable soup. I wish you could open a restaurant - near me. 😉

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  20. Your page looks great. Like most other people I also like the splatters etc.
    And your digital artwork is beautiful.
    I must say, your lunch looks yummy.
    Happy T-Day,

  21. A great page and a message for us all to think about - although not vegan, we do try and have a couple of 'meat free' days each week. Love the musical Moo with it's subtle stamping. Your meal looks delicious, Enjoy.
    Avril xx

  22. Hi Susi! 😄!
    A page with a lot of message, in truth we humans sometimes share ourselves as carnivores and we are destroying the flora and fauna.
    I have tried to leave the meat I can stop eating 2 days, but I eat again it is difficult, but I think it is a lack of my will, but your page leaves me a lot to think about, well for you who fight you are my example to follow.
    Affection and health wishes to mr. Liyongo !!
    And many wishes of goodwill to you and your family.
    Many hugs in the distance!

  23. Das Lämmchen mit dem roten Halstuch macht sich gut vor diesem wunderbaren Hintergrund!
    Auf Fleisch und Wurst steh ich schon lang nicht mehr, aber ohne Buttermilch (jetzt ist ja wieder Buttermilchwetter!), Joghurt und Käse könnte ich nicht leben.
    Schwitzegrüße - Ulrike

  24. (hatte gestern schon mal kommentiert - zack, war es wieder weg... und dauernd vergess ich, zuerst anderweitig zu tippen und es dann einfach hier hineinzukopieren. lisca geht es übrigens bei mir genauso. woran diese nervigen funktionen liegen, weiß kein mensch...)
    besonders gut gefällt mir hier dein gitter-hintergrund... sollte wohl auch öfter an rot denken beim werkeln:) musste grinsen beim latz-lämmchen... könnte aus einer meiner junk-schachteln sein;)
    ich freu mich jetzt auf urlaub in hamburg, hab aber auch ein bisschen schiss vor der hitze. daheim geh ich ja einfach nicht raus. aber das ist im urlaub ja nicht der sinn. ich wünsche mir mindestens 10° weniger!! ich hoffe, deine hunde halten es gut aus. alles liebe und hab einen schönen sommer! ♥♥♥

  25. Great Vegan piece and Moo project, too. I will try to join in at TIOT.
    I am always in so many different challenges on my favorite website SplitcoastStampers, it is difficult to do all these others also. Before I retired 10 years ago, I didn't know this online / blog artworld existed! Now it is another job almost, keeping up with all of it! LOL Happy belated T Day!

  26. The lamp looks so sweet with the red scarf - and on the vibrant background, dear Susi.
    I would not be able to over speak my husband, and I would not myself be able to eat so much vegetables and fruit, my IBS stomach simply don`t like it, which is a sad thing for me, and difficult, too. Your dishes always looks so yummy - Oh love your Moo card , too.
    Hugs and happy weekend to you my friend. xoxo

  27. Love your tribute to veganism, Susi! Hubby and I have finally made the total transition & we are feeling great! Thank you for the inspiration!!
    The music challenge piece is equally beautiful! Thank you for the invitation to participate in the challenges. Hope to dive in to artwork in September.

  28. oooh was für ein süsses lämmchen,einfach entzückend,liebes,auch die texturen sind klasse.
    ich bräuchte unbedingt neue farben,gesso,kleber,stempelkissen,also diesen monat kaufe ich mir das,kann sonst nicht arbeiten,mir geht es auch rauf und runter,später kommt mutti zum cafe.
    danke für die süsse inspiration,liebes.
    einen schönen sonntag ,haben wir nicht tolles wetter?!

    bussi jenny

  29. I like both your pieces, especially the second one. The layering gives it a lot of interest. Blessings!

  30. Hi Susi, great art work and then something nice to eat has to be the perfect day. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  31. Yay... I got here in the end. Fab advertisement to go Vegan Susi, you are a great advocate for it all. You rustle up wonderful foods, always makes me hungry especially when i'm having a restless night. Hope your keeping well and managed to find ways of coping with the high temperatures?
    Take good care & Happy T Day.. << I know I am so late :))
    Hugs Tracey xx

  32. Guten Morgen, liebe Susi! Dein Thema unterstütze ich von Herzen gerne. Und wer könnte besser dazu einladen als dein betuchtes Schaf :) Ich freue mich, dass es immer mehr Raum gibt, auch in künstlerischen Arbeiten, die Bewusstsein schaffen für ein heikles Thema. Danke dir dafür!

    Dein Foto auf der rechten Blogseite ist Hammer, also wunderschön. Du siehst so lebendig und glücklich aus. Ich freue mich mit dir und wünsche dir, dass es so bleibt. Mindestens für die Ewigkeit - aber erstmal natürlich für die schöne Sommerzeit.
    Alles Liebe dir und sonnige Grüße

  33. Such a wonderful page with that powerful message, and I love your little moo too Susi!
    Have a great week,
    Alison xxx

  34. Tatsächlich, wir sollten uns bewusster ernähren,da bin ich ganz auf Deiner Seite. Wir verzichten dennoch nicht völlig auf Fleisch, es gibt zwischen einer Fleischmahlzeit allerdings viele andere delikate Lebensmittel auf unserem Tisch, auf den Tellern.

    Deine Kunstwerke, liebe Susi gefallen mir wieder sehr. Und ich freue mich, Dich seitlich im Bild zu sehen.

    Sommersonnige Grüße von Heidrun

  35. Im loving your lunch. Happy Tuesday.

  36. Wonderful Art page Susi !! Love your so deep message. This is amazing really. Your digital page is also fantastic. May be I ´ll try to do something digitally one day. I apologize because I can´t visit you every day, these summer months are..... a little bit crazy, and I enjoy my son, you can understand me.
    Happy belated T-day!
    I wish you a very nice Thursday and August !! Have fun.
    Big hugs & besotillos dear friend,

  37. Mmmmmmm! Your lunch looks delicious, Susi! I love your wonderful page and the message you are sending with it! HUGS to you, my friend!


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