Tuesday, August 6, 2019

2406 -- Wish you were here ......

A fantastic new topic over at  Try it on Tuesday is awaiting you!

Wish you were here

A hybrid journal page for this topic from me today.
So please join us at the Challenge and don't forget to join 
this month as well as we have a fabulous theme hosted by Gill

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#197 –Butterflies

I have a digital made Moo again.

We would LOVE to see you joining our challenges !

 A fresh summer salad and lemon water for my friends at
T - Stands - For - Tuesday this week.
Have a great week girls, I am looking forward to check out what you all are up to . 
Happy T-Day girls!




  1. Loving these hybrid and digital projects Susi - you are so clever to be able to use both mediums so well.
    Loving you salad and drink - I am so looking forward to fresh summer vegetables again

  2. Eine großartige Journalseite, ein sehr schönes Moo und ein leckerer Salat. Alles toll gewerkelt, liebe Susi

  3. First of all, love the new photo Susi. And I've been eating a lot of salads and drinking orange or lemon water lately so I may sit down and join you. (smile) Your art today is fantastic. The eyes peeking through really capture your attention. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. I'm so sorry my blog post was an empty space. I don't know what happened there. I do apologise. I have now re-posted the whole thing and I hope it's OK now.
    Great photo of you in the garden! Are you doing your exercises?
    Your art pieces are beautiful, eyes is such a good topic. 'Him' made me feel emotional. Most of us have lost a 'him' in our lives.
    Your salad looks really yummy. We are eating more salads this summer (inspired by your delicious looking creations). I spotted your tea pot, which is exactly the same as mine, only you have taken the filter out.
    Happy T-Day,

  5. A fabulous journal spread. The quote you added is wonderful, I hope you don't mind I have made a note of it in my book of favourite quotes.
    Your new photo is super as well.
    Happy T day wishes Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  6. A beautiful stunning page Susi, the eyes sure have it here.xx

  7. A wonderful page and the colours are superb. Great work x

  8. Hello Susy!! I take the opportunity to visit you because my internet is failing a lot, I don't know when it will be restored.
    A beautiful page like everything you do, you are an artist, someone said: "the eyes are the reflection of the Soul"
    I congratulate you for your continuity with healthy eating!
    Dear Mr.Liyongo!
    And much happiness for you and yours very sincerely !!

  9. I like a lot this hybrid page, great colours, wonderful images and the sentiment is beautiful. Hugs.

  10. A lovely page Susi, the eyes are very mesmerising and I love the words you added.
    Your summer salad looks lovely and I always have a jug of lemon water on hand, so refreshing.
    Avril xx

  11. Two fabulous pieces today Susi - and the eyes draw you right in and are very intriguing.
    Your table and food are always a joy to see :)
    Gill xx

  12. How romantic!

    Your meal looks delicious, and that water pitcher looks like the perfect way to serve the lemon water. Happy T Tuesday :)

  13. You always make the most beautiful journal pages, Susi. I love the one you created for both TioT and Gill's theme at Art Journal Journey. I'm loving this beauty and the lovely hybrid work you do. You are the co-admin with the MOST, BEST, and GREATEST dear friend.

    I also love lemon water, because I'm not fond of straight water. Your lunch looks SO good. Wish I could join you. Thanks so much for sharing it and your lemon water with us for T this Tuesday, dear Susi.

  14. A lovely digital page but especially the poem. I thought about my husband when I read it.
    Your meal looks delicious as always.
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. Fabulous page about "Him," Susi! You look the picture of health in our new photo. I guess the vegan diet really agrees with you.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  16. Oh Susi! This is both beautiful and heart wrenching! I love your tag too! I really must concentrate this time and make an entry! Your salad and drink look delicious - Happy T day! Chrisx

  17. Look of the eyes is really expressive and mysterious.
    Beautifully created page.
    Have a happy day xx

  18. Lovely artwork. Your Summer salad looks cool and delicious. Happy T-Day!

  19. Such a romantic hybrid page - full of longing and yearning - perfect for the melancholy shades of blue. Your salad looks delicious!
    Alison x

  20. La receta muy sana...me encanta la limonada..y las mariposas y como no el texto de la tarjeta 👏👏👏


  21. Wooww so Gorgeous your Art journal page Susi !! Looove it! love the background, and the lovely text. Your tag is also wonderful with this beauty of butterfly. Happy T-day !! (sorry I´m late visiting you) Your salad may be yummy!
    I wish you a very nice Thursday, and send you big big hugs my friend,

  22. Liebe Susi,
    das gefällt mir wieder sehr gut. Zu erst hat mich das Blau ein wenig gestört, aber es passt perfekt.
    Ich wünsche Dir noch eine schöne Restwoche.

    Viele liebe Grüße

    P.S. Durch mein "Großprojekt" schaffe ich es im Augenblick leider nicht, so viel zu bloggen, wie ich gerne würde.

  23. Amazing hybrid page! And that salad looks so yummy and healthy!!
    Happy T day!

  24. Two extremely powerful pages there. The eyes in both of them really grabbed hold of me. Love how you used them in both instances.
    I could just eat that salad, it looks so very very tasty and has 'crunch' which I love in a salad..
    Hugs, Neet xx

  25. It's a beautiful creation Susi! Love your work! Huga, karen o

  26. Such a beautiful page, and I love the verse you added Susi!
    Alison xx

  27. Ein feiner "Augenblick", liebe Susi! Und eine liebevolle Hommage an "ihn".
    Ich sag´s ja, der Sommer bringt das Beste ans Licht. Das was wir sehen, das wie wir sehen und was wir fühlen und alles feinstens verpackt, in deiner Augenart.
    Sei herzlich gegrüßt und habe viele schöne Sommertage und schönste Salate! Auch er schaut mega lecker aus!

  28. You got some beautiful themed art pieces from the same graphic, cool! Thank for your visit to my blog. Blessings!

  29. Hello Susi, Your turquoise art is a masterpiece with the complex background, complex even although one colour, and the turquoise hydrangea and I am intrigued by the words.
    So who is "Him" - a romantic invention? - he is certainly playing the part.
    It makes me smile.
    He comes back as a Moo too - imagine! A man of many parts.
    Both absolutely stunning artwork, I love them both.

  30. Dear Susi , this is amazing, so beautiful, so filled with love , both in his eyes, and the lovely words, - gorgeous my friend, with the hydrangea in that tone, and so love the background with the little elegant text and stamp .
    Beautiful is the Moo too - and your wonderful plate . Thankyou for showing your fantastic art ! Hugs from me- xoxo

  31. Eine wunderbare Idee, mal IHN zu ehren! Was wären wir ohne die Männer? Wenn ich eine Frau über ihren Mann schimpfen höre, sage ich immer "Sei froh, dass du ihn hast!" Wir schätzen den Wert erst, wenn wir es/ihn nicht mehr haben.
    Eine sehr stimmungsvolle Seite in Blau (passt!)! DAs Moo ist auch super!
    Dein Salat sieht sehr erfrischen aus, das Richtige für die heißen Tage! Ich mache auch fast jeden Tag Salat aus dem Garten.
    Sei lieb gegrüßt, Rike

  32. Wunderschön! ♥

    Dein Salat sieht auch einfach lecker aus. Genau das Richtige, wenn es so heiß ist!

    Hab eine gute Zeit!

    Bussis, Tina

  33. these are so lovely! so richly saturated with color and images! xo

  34. Beautiful artwork, love the blue and the hydrangea!

  35. Hallo Susi, dieses Werk und auch all die anderen der letzten Zeit sind allesamt super. Gefallen mir wie immer sehr.
    LG Carola

  36. Such beautiful artworks! Of course I love the colours and the romantic atmosphere that you created with those gorgeous eyes and words - perfect 😁. I hope you have had a lovely few weeks and wishing you happiness my friend! Love and hugs, Jo x

  37. eine ganz wunderbare collage ist dir da gelungen! mir ist besonders der stempel aufgefallen - in boulogne sür mer war ich schon zweimal vor vielen jahren!
    ich blogge zur zeit ja nur wenig, möchte dir aber gerne ganz viele liebe grüße hierlassen!

  38. Susi, do you know where I can find a list of all challenges? I need one that’s more inclusive of my art. I’ve been notified by Elizabeth this isn’t the right one for me, and my arthritic hands can only do certain things. Thanks in advance.


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