Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2425 ***Maybe the muse turns back home....

As I reported in my previous posts I lost my normally so trusty muse many moons ago. Her unexpected return at home wholly suprised me. She stood here with her suitcases back from a very long trip and didn't give away the secret of her whereabouts. I hope she will stay now for a longer period of time at home. We all know that muses are super sensible etherial beings, so I just can try to pamper her as good as possible. I will do my best for her.

We painted in watercolour ... a little wintery landscape.

12 x 9,5 inches watercolor paper 140lbs/m²
Thank you for visting me and the muse! Much appreciated!



  1. Hi Susi, I am sooo glad to see your muse came back! Hope she stays for every this time!!! Your watercolour lanscape is amazing!!! Great wintery scene!!! Welcome back, my dear friend. BIG HUGS!!!

  2. What a lovely scene! I'm glad you and your muse had a happy reunion :)

  3. I'm so glad that you got your wonderful muse back, Susi, and we can see your great art again.
    Love your super painting, which really is expressing natural beauty to me.
    Have a Happy Inspiring February 🧡

  4. Ein himmlisch schönes Aquarell, liebe Susi. Ich freue mich mit Dir, dass Deine Muse nach langem Auslandsaufenthalt zurück ist. Hoffentlich bleibt sie ein wenig. Ich weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, dass Reisen süchtig macht.

  5. das freut mich sehr!! halte sie dir warm und verwöhne sie ordentlich. dein aquarell ist nämlich wunderschön geworden und ich würde sehr gerne wieder mehr von dir sehen!
    ganz liebe grüße, auch an frau muse,

  6. How GREAT to see your muse has returned. So glad she has even unpacked her bags and allowed you to make this incredible snowy scene. Wonderful indeed.

  7. Oh ist das eine schöne Winterlandschaft. W4tel??
    Lg aus Wien

  8. Das Aquarell ist super schön geworden

  9. Da bin ich ja froh dass dich die Muse wieder erreicht hat, mich wunderte es schon kaum was zu sehen von dir!
    Das Landschaftsbild ist wunderschön gemalt!!!
    Schöne Woche mit viel Muse!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  10. Welcome back you and your muse, with this beautiful wintry piece!

  11. So glad your muse came home. I bet she was out getting inspiration and seeing things with fresh eyes for you Susi. This is a beautiful winter scene. You really got the shadows and the details so beautifully. Hugs-Erika

  12. How wonderful to see you creating again Susi - I too hope your muse stays home for a long time :) This is exquisite... loving the blues and it certainly looks cold!

  13. Liebe Susi,
    dein Aquarell ist klasse geworden!!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  14. What a surprise! I wonder where she has been. (I did ask my Muse Algernon Pink to have a look for her without success). She is obviously totally refreshed and ready to go. Maybe she has been taking art courses all over the world.
    Whatever, you and she together have made this gorgeous painting, I love it.
    Hope she stays for a long time.
    Love from Sheila

  15. Hello Susi! And welcome back Muse! This painting is so beautiful. Love your shadows and stark contrasts. xoxo

  16. Hi Susi, I love your painting-so happy too your muse has returned home hugs Kathy

  17. Wow it's beautiful and wonderful, I hope your muse don't go I love to see what you make, thanks for sharing it. Hugs, María

  18. Hello Susy!! Nice to see you back! good that your muses have returned, me too but it is because of setbacks in my house but I try to solve soon !!
    Kisses and affection for you and Mr. Liyongo!

  19. Oh, that's beautiful! So glad she has returned!! ;)

  20. A fabulous painting Susi and I'm so glad your muse has returned, I hope she's back to stay.
    Avril xx

  21. Glad the muse is back :) What a beautiful landscape you both create, love the light!

  22. oh how beautiful is this!!!! The light shines off the snow , and oh what a lovely scene! I am so happy your muse has returned dear Susi - and fingers crossed she learned her lesson and never leaves you again:)

  23. Wow! Your wintry landscape is stunning Susi! I'm so happy to see you back! Keep that naughty muse close!
    Alison xx

  24. This is stunning, Susi. I LOVE your trees and trees are one of my favourite things! Beautiful, serene, calming...oh it's great to see you creating such beautiful art.
    Cath x

  25. I'm so pleased to see your muse has came out to play Susi, she has saved up her energy and helped create a beauty, what a treat. Enjoy those days she comes to visit every moment counts.
    Sending creative Hugs your way, hoping you are keeping well?
    Take Care Tracey xx

  26. So happy to hear your muse is back from her travels - I hope it will be a long stay. The painting you've created together is really lovely - subtle wintry colours and fabulous twiggy trees.
    Alison x

  27. I'm so happy that your muse has returned after her travels 😊. Your watercolour painting is absolutely stunning, you have captured wintertime so beautifully in this scene and I love the blue colour palette and the way you captured the shadows - perfect! Wishing you a wonderful weekend dear Susi! Hugs, Jo x

  28. WOW das schaut so traumhaft schön aus, liebe Susi. Ich bin so froh, dass Du wieder da bist.

    Liebe Sonntagsgrüße
    von Anke

  29. Eine gelungene Stimmung im Bild, liebe Susi. Schön im Übrigen, dass die kreative Muse voll bepackt zurück gekehrt ist. Und Du es so wunderbar in einem Gemälde umsetzen kannst.
    Hier stürmt es heftig, es kommt keine Lust zu malen auf. Die Unruhe draußen überträgt sich in die Räume.

    Liebe Grüße von mir zu Dir

  30. Fantastisch!! Wie gut, dass deine Muse zurück ist - und sie hat dich mit einem herrlichen Aquarell beglückt! Ich bin fast sprachlos, so wunderschön ist diese Winterlandschaft, die Szene, die Farben, die Schatten und sogar die diffuse Sonne blinzelt durch die Bäume - in weiter Ferne, so dass das Bild eine wunderbare Tiefe erhält.
    Ich hoffe sehr, dass deine neu auferstandene Muse länger bleibt!
    Knuddel, Rike

  31. Wow, das ist so schön! Einfach super gelungen.
    Schön, dass deine Muse zurück ist. Halte sie fest;)
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne neue Woche.
    LG Carola


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