Saturday, March 21, 2020

2437 ... domiciliary arrest

Staying at home is something I normally love. The only thing I really miss is my swimming and the sauna, but we have all to make sacrifices. I found a good replacement for swimming. I do a lot of Zumba workouts on Youtube in exchange and walk the woods when the weather is nice as there is nobody to meet here. We have not even one virus effected person here in our district yet. I guess the only district in whole Austria. On facebook I read a quip that not even the virus wants to come to our Nowheresville. I am quite happy to live here in the back of beyond. Yesterday and Thursday I even was able to take a full-body sun bath at the porch. But today we have snow again.
Crazy weather!

And the best  ... so much time to spend with the muse now!

Three more paintings.....

I will link to

Take good care and stay well!
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Happy Sunday and a good start into the next week for all of you!


  1. Beautiful art. I dance with Body Groove and fitness walk with Leslie Sansone both on youtube. Glad you are safe.

  2. Wow, was für schöne Bilder. Gefallen mir sehr gut.
    Wäre ja schön für euch, wenn das Virus weg bleibt. Ich wohne auch auf dem Land, aber wir haben schon einige Fälle.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Susi, I love zumba too. Before the virus, I was attending classes in a gym. Now I do zumba at home!!! Your paintings are awesome, my friend. I love your watercolorings! Hugs!!! And stay safe!

  4. How lucky you are that no one has been impacted. Glad you have found a way to exercise well too. Your paintings are lovely and so full of the promise of Spring. That tree is really special!

  5. Liebe Susi
    das freut mich dass kein Virus bei dir ist, da ist es schon bei mir was anderes so 32 Menschen aber es heisst dass es mehr wären..
    Der Bürgermeister war auf dem Wochenmarkt heute auch als ich dort war zum schauen.
    Die Urlauber sind auch noch welche da, wiel ja bei uns in Cuxhaven erst späer gehen müssen.Wir hatten schon so viele aus NRW, Hamburg, Hannover, Bayern also aus den Hochburgen des Virus betroffene.
    Aslo ich passe gut auf und radle oder spazieren nur noch wenn kaum einer unterwegs ist.
    Daheim habe ich mein Trimmfahrrad wenns notwendig wird wenn ich nicht raus komme. Sonst geht es mir gut und bin kreativ so wie du auch. Schön sind deine Bilder, ich find sie so allerliebst in dieser Art wie du sie malst.
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag und bleib gesund!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  6. You live like I do, in no man's land. Isn't nice to be able to least get outside for a bit. And I think your snow if coming here-they say Monday. Oh no. Loving your flowers. They make me happy since no flowers yet. Stay healthy my friend. Hugs-Erika

  7. And I forgot to mention a big thanks for joining us at ARt Journal Journey.

  8. Loving your paintings! Glad you have been spared the virus so far.

  9. Loving your violets Susi - they are one of my favourite flowers! I am now in isolation die to my age and the fact I am an asthmatic. It's not easy knowing I cannot socialize, even with family - although we got together today for what would have been DH's 80th birthday! There has been a case in our town, thanks to an international traveler, but not sure if there have been any others at this point...
    Keep painting - I am loving the results :)
    Stay safe

  10. Great paintings, beautiful flowers and tree, they're so delicate and elegant, I love them.

    I've also found a lot of YouTube workouts as you, now I cannot go to the gym I know I need to do it at home and it's the perfect place to find them, there are a lot and very different. Hugs, María.

  11. So wie du, liebe ich es auch allein zu arbeiten, aber jetzt fühlt es sich doch ganz anders an. Du kannst froh sein, den schönen Wald vor der Tür zu haben! Bleib frohgemut und gesund, liebe Susi!
    Liebe Grüße - Ulrike

  12. So lovely to see more of your floral paintings. Thy brighten each ay that you post pictures of them, I am sure they must brighten your day too.
    I am so happy that you have no sign of the virus where you live, please may God keep it that way for Susi and her neighbours.
    God Bess
    Neet xx

  13. Beautiful beautiful Spring art Susi! I love them all, especially the tree!
    It's bright and sunny here, but still cold. Just had video calls from our children which was lovely. It's heartbreaking not to have them here on Mothering Sunday. Thank goodness for technology!
    Sending hugs,
    Alison xx

  14. These illustration are very beautiful. Before I went on Zmba classes and enjoy so much, so I need to search for videos to try it again.

    New Post -

  15. "Domiciliary arrest, Susi?" It would be a very funny phrase if it weren't true. It's still a little funny ;-)

    I love your watercolor painting, epecially the irises. Just beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your art with us at Art Journal Journey.

    Stay safe and well.

    Eileen xx

  16. Lovely paintings Susi, glad you're staying safe and motivated too.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  17. Lovely flowers, Susi.
    Stay safe and healthy my friend xx

  18. Hi, love the paintings. Especially the first one! Then the last one. Simply divine, girl! On topic, everyone has to sacrifice somehow. Lots of people go to the gym regularly but right now, like you, they have to be active at home and workout to YouTube just like you. Gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully, not for long because, a lot of people are bored and they could go mad soon, lol! xD

  19. Beautiful paintings Susi and thank you for linking up to Eileen's theme at AJJ . Stay safe and well and I hope your district stays virus free.
    Yvonne xx

  20. beautiful paintings Susi!! Happy to hear you are well and able to enjoy your days even with the quarantines. Hugs!

  21. These paintings are gorgeous Susi!! I love how colorful they are and all of the flowers! Take care and stay healthy!
    Hugs, Tammy

  22. Yes, the back of beyond is really the best place to be at the moment. Sadly I wasn't able to get over to the Czech Republic (where the house is in a small village) before the borders closed, so instead I'm in the overcrowded South East of England. But we've been self-isolating already for some time - Cestina is in a risk group (she won't be heading out to CZ either, of course!) - but we're planting some vegetables in pots in our courtyard so soon we should be able to pick some of our own food.

    And yes, isolation isn't really a problem for me. I'm a hermit by nature, and I have my art supplies, and while the sun is shining my mood stays happy. Luckily the forecast for the whole of this week is very good... no snow, for sure!! Stay safe.
    Alison x

  23. Oh, see - and I completely forgot to talk about your lovely paintings!! I'm so happy that the muse is leading you down this wonderful springtime floral path... both the flowers and the tree blossom are beautiful - and another thing to keep my mood happy.
    Alison x

  24. "Wow Susi, what a talent you have! What art, how beautiful your pages!
    greetings and health wishes for all !!

  25. Zauberhafte Malereien, ich bin ganz verliebt in Deine Veilchen, sssssoooo schön.

    Alles Liebe wünsche ich Dir, pass auf Dich auf und bleib gesund, liebe Susi.

    Herzliche Grüße
    von Anke

  26. So pleased to hear that you are staying safe and healthy dear Susi! It sounds like you have a great routine in place to cope with staying at home too 😀. We are doing well here, me and hubby are staying at home and keeping busy; I'm enjoying my crafting and he is learning tons of new songs on his bass guitar 😉. Your painting make me so happy, I love the spring flowers that you are sharing with us! We have sunshine here, no snow! Take care and sending happy wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  27. Liebe Susi,
    ich bin auch immer gerne zu Hause, vermisse jetzt aber auch die Aktivitäten, denen ich sonst immer nachgehe. Zum Glück kann ich immer noch Fahrrad fahren im Wald. Unsere Gegend ist ja auch ziemlich abgeschieden.
    Deine Bilder gefallen mir wieder sehr gut, besonders der Baum mit all den Blüten, denn gerade die Kirschblüte überwältigt mich jedes Jahr.
    Bleib gesund und pass auf Dich auf.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  28. I apologize for taking so long to visit, dear. I'm constantly playing catch up since my internet has been down.

    I'm delighted you are painting again. Seems you have been on a roll this entire month. I love the flowers, but that lovely flowering tree is stunning. Seemed to look a bit like Impressionism. I love it. It's also wonderful that you shared it with us using Eileen's theme at Art Journal Journey. Again, I'm REALLY sorry to be so late visiting.

  29. I also come back to zumba, I find video on YouTube and enjoy dancing again.

    New Post -

  30. We have snow here in central Europe as well. Lovely paintings, violets are sadly now covered with snow.

  31. Your area sounds idyllic, Susi.
    You and your Muse are making wonderful paintings. The violets are so Spring-like and fresh. I saw some in our garden today for the first time this year.
    The blossom on the tree painting is gorgeous, we may have to wait some time for it to appear here as it has not been nearly warm enough to sit outside wearing very little (!) but I have that to look forward to.
    Meanwhile I will look at your tree.

  32. oh susi,dir geht es auch so,schwimmen fehlt mir auch und ich versuche mich anderweitig zu beschäftigen.
    aber du hast den wald um dich herum,das hätte ich auch gern,viel spass beim waldspaziergang.
    deine malerrein gefallen mir alle,besonders der blühende kirschbaum.
    ich wünsch dir alles gute und pass auf dich auf.

    knuddels von jenny

  33. Beautiful paintings, Susi!
    Stay safe!
    Hugs, Mar

  34. I am so relieved to hear that you and yours are safe in Nowheresville, and that you can continue to uplift us with your spring paintings. Sending you some very large virtual hugs from Creston, BC, Canada, my friend.

  35. wieder so schöne zarte Aquarelle
    die gefallen mir gut
    besonders die Veilchen
    schön dass das Virus bei euch noch nicht angekommen ist..
    hoffentlich bleibt es erst einmal dabei
    liebe Grüße


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