Hi, I'm Susi (aka froebelsternchen) living in the North of Austria.  I started my journey in Mixed Media Wonderland in 2003 with rubber stamping. Since this time I've become addicted to Mixed Media Art. My main focus - Art Journaling - gives me the freedom and all kinds of possibilities, playing and breaking the rules, in fact making my own. I love the complexity and depth of the backgrounds you can achieve in a multi-layered piece of art. I enjoy visiting other people's blogs, thus diving into foreign worlds of imagination and creativity. I’ve written my blog in English even though I’m Austrian,because I wanted to get in contact with bloggers from all around the world.
I don't think I have a particular style, I am quite eclectic and I love using different layers and textures. I enjoy living in the countryside after leaving Vienna in 2011. Where I live, here in the North of Austria, nature is really pure, this is the main character of the "Waldviertel" - so a botanical theme tends to show up in my work quite a lot. I love birds - especially owls, trees, flowers and all animals. I don't really plan my projects beforehand, I just tend to go with how I am feeling or thinking at the time. I also run a monthly Challenge for Art Journalers since 2011. Feel free to join it:


 and a fortnightly Challenge called

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  1. Liebe Susi,

    toll, dass Du nun ganz im Grünen wohnst!
    Ich bin noch nicht so lange beim Bloggen, aber ich finde es auch toll, dass man Kontakt zu Leuten hat "all over the world". :D Allein diesen Ausdruck mag ich schon.
    Ich mach immer bei einer Aktion mit, wo Himmel überall auf der Welt gezeigt werden. Ich liebe es.

    Art Journaling ist eine tolle Kunst! Ich bin gespannt auf Deine Werke.
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt


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