Thursday, August 6, 2015


 Sometimes our body clocks are out of order.
Manchmal sind unsere inneren Uhren gestört.
 Wie kann man die innere Uhr stellen ???
How to reset a body clock?

meant for ( gedacht für )

Art Journal Journey
(NO 6)



  1. Wonderful painting again. I wish I could get hold of my inner clock and make it sleep a bit longer each day, that would be good! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Great face work, such creative work xxx

  3. What a wonderful idea. I need to have mine on fast setting during the day and slow it right down at night.

    A wonderful page and terrific face yet again

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Na das ist ja mal ne klasse idee,ich stell meine innere uhr je nach befinden,außer ich habe termine.
    schönen tag dir heute.

    hugs jenny

  5. Oh Susi - what a creative image - again your colours really appeal to me, and the whimsy there is fabulous.

  6. Hallo Susi
    das finde ich jetzt echt cool schon alleine der Gedanke wäre mir nie gekommen.
    Super deine Kreativität ist unerschöpflich.
    Sonnigen Tag.
    Lg Sadie

  7. Fab painting to illustrate our inner clock.
    My clock is a little out of order because today I woke up wayyyy before sunrise and that is not at all usual for me :-)

  8. My body threw its clock out the window years ago! Fab painting once again Susi, the Queen of Imagination ;)
    Biggest hugs
    Donna xxx

  9. Oh, resetting the body clock is SOOO difficult. I love how this piece shows that stress and difficulty in this face. Hope its been a great day so far! ;)

  10. Your journal page and painting is very good, and love the colors.

    My body clock and I have had some pretty serious discussions since I retired. It wants to stick to the old working schedule... I don't. When I wake up I want to have the option of "rolling out ~ or rolling over"....the latter most of the time HaHa.

  11. I think my body clock is broken - sometimes I'm wide awake at 6.30 and other days I don't wake until after 8! I love those wide awake eyes!! Chrisx

  12. A fantastic page its a great idea. I could do with some help on my internal clock as well.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Totally wonderful! Love the theme, you are such a colour queen, love the combo. Another wonderful link to #ShowYourFace and thanks for the shout out again too. Kx

  14. I like your body clock a lot better than mine. Seems I stay up all night, then sleep when people in my country are awake. Your body clock has been reset nicely.

  15. Meine innere Uhr lässt mich nachts umtriebig sein
    und tagsüber wie eine Rolle Schlaftabletten - wüsste
    zu gern, wie man das umgestellt bekommt.
    Toll umgesetzt und ich liebe diese Augen :))
    Gestern hat mich der Blogger nix schreiben lassen :(

    Liebe Grüße

  16. I would love to reset mine!! Great page Susi! xo


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