Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

Saturday MIX

A portait with different charcoal pencils on a monoprinted paper.
 I gave her a little flower  for her hair - sewn on with the sewing machine - it is painted bubble wrap and a piece of printed tissue. Ein Portrait mit verschiedenen Kohlestiften auf einem Monoprint -Druck. Ich hab ihr eine kleine Blume aus bemalter Luftpolsterfolie und einem Stückchen bedrucktem Seidenpapier auf's Haar genäht.

meant for Kim Dellow's Show Your Face and for our private FACE CHALLENGE

49 faces

and for
Moo Mania  &  more

where we have AUTUMN MOOD as our theme currently.
auch gedacht für HERBSTIMMUNG bei MM&M.

Next I  found a page from 2013 recently and thought I can have a little digital playing to practise my digital work and came up with this. / Ich hab eine Seite aus 2013 gefunden und dachte ich könnte damit ein wenig digital rumspielen um meine Kenntnisse  zu verbessern und das hier entstand.

  Always good to practise - I do it not often enough I fear .
Es ist immer gut zu üben - leider übe ich viel zu wenig mit den digitalen Programmen.

This was my original page / das war meine Original-Seite
I showed it HERE/ Ich zeigte sie HIER
meant for / gedacht für 

Art Journal Journey

Kommentare :

  1. Tolle Arbeiten Heute, das Gesicht gefällt mir sehr, und das Genähte Teil macht es sehr spezial. Deine überarbeitete Seite für AJJ ist auch grossartig Dir einen schöne Tag, GLG, Valerie

  2. Als minibild in meiner seitenleiste sieht es genial aus!
    manches kommt aufs format an, wie es einen erreicht, gell?!
    bis später, P.

  3. Love all the artwork here today. The face has a very strong character and the flower adds a softness to it all.I love the way you used the bubble wrap for the flower.

    Have a nice weekend

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Wonderful artwork today, I love the face and the bubble wrap flower's fab.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. Mooi vrij getekend ook het potret hieronder ziet er goed uit. Groetjes Janny

  6. You have used those charcoal pencils to your advantage. Your face is stunning, and turning one lovely art sketch into three challenges is fantastic. Of course, I am always in awe of your digital work. It's magical, just like that revised page.

  7. Wow, that portrait is truly impressive!!! Love the expression you achieved, you are just so clever with these kind of sketchy portraits, I am in awe!!! The digi transformation is very clever too!

  8. Fab eye candy Susi, your faces are always so expressive ;)
    Donna xxx

  9. Wow!!! These are all great. I especially love the second one!!!

  10. Lovely face Susi !! great flower !! Both artworks are fabulous!, Wish you a very happy weekend, big hugs. Caty.

  11. Great face-I thought at first she was angry but then when I looked closely she wasn't- and very clever idea to make the flower. I will have to remember that. And your digital piece is super. I think you are getting the hang of it. I like it and the original too.

  12. Ein sehr schönes und kreatives Werk, liebe Susi

  13. Your face looks grumpy today :-(. You really are quite the artist on the computer too.

  14. ein sehr schönes werk,liebe susi,die idee mit der blume im haar gibt den letzten pfiff,schau mal bei mir,ich hab auch ein gesicht für kims blog verlinkt.
    das werde ich jetzt öfter machen,was da für werke zu sehen sind ist echt hammer.
    wünsch dir einen schönen sonntag,mein schatzi wird montag 50 jahre jung,hab schon einiges gekauft für ihn.

    hugs jenny

  15. Just had a lovely visit to your selection of art today. They are all fantastic.
    Yvonne xx

  16. FANTASTIC!! What a gorgious face!!!


  17. Gorgeous work as usual Susi I love seeing what you do everyone is so talented on here x

  18. I just adore this angled head - a brilliant portrait capturing one of my favourite shapes - the brow and cheek around the eye - wonderful, Susi!
    Alison xx

  19. Great portrait, Susi, she looks quite cross, I would have thought her lovely flower would have cheered her up. It's a very clever drawing with a few strokes and making it on the monoprint is so effective.
    Your digital work is magnificent, I don't think you need much practice, this is very skilful art and there is so much to see in it.

  20. YOu are making fabulous moody faces these days. And your journal page is so full of textural goodness, almost like a blueprint. xox

  21. WOW your digital page is fabulous
    and so is your moody and lovely lady with her special bubble wrap flower!!!
    You are a lady with many talents ♥

  22. Wow! I love your portait - brilliant expression on her face! Your digital page really is wonderful! Chrisx

  23. such stunning artistry! I am impressed and inspired! xo


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