Monday, October 2, 2017

Post No.2190***Gratitude is....

Tuesday again, this means T-Stands-For-Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog, where we share a drink related post every week. My used teabags are drink related for this week's fun.

 As I set my new >TOP Commentators Widget< for Blogger 
 - you can find it now in my right hand column - I found out that Elizabeth is my TOP Commentator -

 I don't know how blogger calculates that - but as I read those five names I realized that those  friends  not only very often leave comments for me but always leave such  pleasing comments as well. How can blogger know this?

Your comments mean a lot to me!!

Gratitude is the vitamin for the soul!

There are microwave dried plants and used teabags collaged on this spread in one of my 
Junk Journals meant for ART JOURNAL JOURNEY where Elke currently  hosts

Eine Doppelseite mit dem Titel: Dankbarkeit ist das Vitamin für die Seele
im Junk Journal mit getrocknetem Pflanzenmaterial ( Mikrowellenmethode) und gebrauchten Teebeuteln für Art Journal Journey . Ich hab außerdem meine TOP 5 Kommentatoren ermittelt ( das Widget findest Du rechts in der Seitenleiste) und ich mache wieder bei TSFT mit diese Woche .


  1. Wonderful pages, so pretty! Happy T Day!

  2. another beautiful journal spread, and I can just about get that lovely scent of lavender...

  3. This is a very beautiful art piece with the tea bags! I really like the addition of the flowers. Your journals always look so pretty :)

  4. ohh but blogger know everything..I also love you blog lol lol lol and enjoy visit you and see your creative art. thanks for being you and showing your wonderful stuff

  5. Some more beautiful, nature-inspired pages! I love how you arrange everything so perfectly.
    Happy Tea Day,

  6. A gorgeous journal spread Susi, I love how you used the tea bags and the dried flowers, did you use a spray of lavender?, its such a pretty colour.
    I was interested to read about your Top Commentators Widget, I honestly never noticed it in your side bar. It is a great pleasure of mine to call in here and see your fantastic art.
    Happy T day wishes for tomorrow.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Grossartig das Doppeljournal mit dem Vitamine für die Seele eine tolle Idee liebe Susi!
    Wunderschön mit diesen getrockenen Pflanzen und deine alte Teebeute!
    Hui da bin ich ja auch dabei bei dem Widget rechts !!!
    Du bist aber auch Spitze in deinen Kunstwerken die ich so gerne an sehe und wie du es machst ist immer so spannend und du bist so eine liebvolle, nette, mutige, künstlerische so begabte Frau .. das muss ich dir doch mal schreiben!!!
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Abend!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  8. Wow...deine Fantasie kennt keine Grenzen. Herrlich mit dem Lavendel. Jetzt sieht es nicht nur toll aus sondern duftet auch. Richtig tolle Idee.
    LG susa

  9. Gorgeous journal pages Susi, aren’t teabags such great fun to use too. Oh and I like to think I’m one of your top commenters too of course as I’m always here ;)
    Donna xx

  10. Beautiful and stylish and loving your micro waved flower as always.xx [aNNie]

  11. A beautiful and positive spread Susi! I love the teabag background to the flowers, a lovely contrast!
    Alison xox

  12. ein schöner spruch, kannte ich gar nicht. und tolle Texturen wieder... Mikrowelle hab ich keine, ich presse noch in den fetten kunstkatalogen (Telefonbücher gibt's ja auch nicht mehr;)). und falls die Mikrowelle nicht die Duftstoffe zerstört, kommt dir jetzt beim blättern immer ein lavendelduft entgegen, auch schön!!
    hab einen schönen Oktober:)
    liebe grüße, johanna

  13. AH, yet another widget that I should probably not install, but more than likely will. It's an honor to be number 1 at something for a change (grin). I feel honored for some reason.

    As always, you make gorgeous art, and I simply adore the nature inspired piece you created. Adding the tea bags made it even more beautiful. Those microwaved flowers are simply getting a lot of use, aren't they? I need to some flowers, ANY flowers, I too can microwave.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible nature inspired tea bag art with us for T this Tuesday. Simply wonderful. Now I'm off to check out that new blogger widget.

  14. Hello Susi, you've made such beautiful collage pages, and I love the sentiment too. Sweet colours as well :D)

  15. wow,deine lavendelseiten sind wunderschön und ganz bestimmt gut für die seele,ich liebe lavendelduft.
    ich hab auch ein paar seiten die duften,das ist herrlich.
    einen schönen tag,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  16. I also wonder how blogger does that. They can do so many things with computers now. I remember when we didn't even have them. of course I was just a kid...ha-ha. And I am glad I at least don't leave nasty comments. Tat wouldn't be very good. :) I love your page today Susi. It feels like fall and is really pretty. I tried drying out some T bags but I don't think the bags I have worked well as they were kind of thin. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  17. What a beautiful piece, it definitely speaks to my soul with those beautiful flowers, soft colours and wonderful quote! I have plenty to be thankful for and it makes me very happy 😁. I love your use of the teabags too, they add lovely texture and have a delicacy that goes so well with the flowers. Wishing you a Happy T Day and great new week dear Susi! J 😊

  18. Hurra, ich bin auch unter den Top 5 Kommentatoren! Deine Seiten sind aber auch immer wieder toll und interessant, und wunderschön - wie diese Doppelseite mit den Teebeuteln und dem getrockneten Lavendel! Ein Heilkraut, das die Nerven beruhigt - und die Seele :)
    Knuddel, Rike

  19. had to have another look at your beautiful journal spread:) Happy T day!

  20. I love the soft look of your page and the lovely sentiment. Happy T Day!

  21. what a clever idea I bet the journal smells lovely too I love lavender

  22. What a great way to use used tea bags! So lavender.. Elizabeth your top commentator.... OFCOURSE she is!! lol And she does always leave the nicest most thoughtful comments... She never seems to be rushed... Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  23. Happy T Tuesday! I love seeing tea bags used in such artistic ways :)

  24. How amusing about the top commentators, and how interesting to know. I wonder over what period the comments are counted, must investigate.
    I love the lavender and teabag pages, very unusual art materials. Your journal will smell very nice.

  25. Elizabeth is wonderful. I don't know how she keeps up with us all. It's very thoughtful of you to recognize her efforts. That's a beautiul gratitude spread, Susi. It's so soft and ethereal. Love it!

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  26. Never a truer statement! Such a visual delight. Hugs, Autumn

  27. Beautiful the sentiment and the dried flowers! sweet and thoughtful... fun new widget too. somehow I am not surprised that our dear E. is the top commenter...a faithful and true friend. Happy T day!

  28. Liebe Susi,

    Deine Lavendelseite ist ein Traum, sowas von schön ...

    Herzliche Grüße
    von Anke

  29. Love the way the microwaving keeps the colours in the flowers - and this is a beautiful page because of it Susi. may your week be filled with joy.

  30. Deine Lavendelseite ist superklasse. Diese Mikrowellenmethode muss ich mir gleich mal anschauen. Noch nie davon gehört.
    LG Carola

  31. What a wonderful spread, Susi, and that quote is just outstanding as well. I must try that microwaving for foliage...great and colourful results!

  32. Simplicity! You make the best journal spreads with the best pieces Susi! I so love when you use your micro flowers! ")
    I love the wording as well!

  33. Oh so cool...more dried flowers and teabags..

    Peace Giggles


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