Saturday, January 27, 2018

2249 - Making Art is....



 I had much fun making a bit of nonsense on a spread.
Sometimes it's really an adventure for me to create my pages and pieces for the challenge themes of the different challenge blogs I am involved. And from this adventures I learn so much. I think specially the ART JOURNAL JOURNEY community feels the same . I can notice how the participants grow in their styles and techniques over the months. This is a great experience and makes me really happy.
Thank you to the folk at ART JOURNAL JOURNEY for all the inspiration you give me always!
This year in March we celebrate already  7 years of
 Art Journal Journey 
and those years have just been flying by.
Thank you for constantly playing and supporting
 Art Journal Journey.
And as you already know for sure - our January theme 
"New Year - New Adventures"
hosted by the fantastic hostess Erika ,who acts as a great source of inspiration for us all, is going to be a big celebration of 

If you are having any art adventures please join in the fun.

And BIG THANKS to all of you who have joined us already.
oxo Susi

Rechts oben in der Seitenleiste findest Du das Übersetzungstool!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to AJJ. I had NO idea it had been inspiring others for so long. It makes me proud to be a part of it, and I love how our hosts, including Erika, step up with very different themes each month. Thanks so much for YOUR inspiration and your great art today you shared with all of us and with Art Journal Journey!

  2. Another brilliant spread, Susi! There's always such energy in your creations - lovely! I agree that Art Journal Journey is a great community, I didn't even realise it was 7 years old already - ah, they grow up so quickly, ja?

    Thanks as always for your lovely comments on my blog, you're a star to always take time to comment, and I really appreciate it :)

    Hope you've better weather than Edinburgh, which at the moment is raining cats and dogs (or should that be haggis and salmon??) Enjoy your weekend x

  3. I'm not an artist and have only ever dabbled, but it does feel like an adventure -stretching into places I've never gone :) I love that arc of arrow.

  4. So spritzig ist diese Journalseite - sehr gelungenes Experiment!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  5. I see more reality than I do nonsense. Many times in my life I have gotten lost in the adventure of letting a piece of work start growing as I work on it . . . working in an adventurous way that I did not plan. That's when the soul kicks in and lets the brain have a rest . . . these times are precious.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  6. Susi, I totally agree that making pages and art is always an adventure.
    Moods, styles may change and evolve as we explore our creative paths.
    I am so happy to have found Art Journal Journey and all the inspiration to be found there.
    A seven year Birthday of the blog coming up is very special indeed.
    I love your fantastic journal page today, it speaks to us all.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Making art certainly is an adventure!, This is a very cool page!
    Sorry I have been MIA these last few days, - too much going on. Have a good week! xxx

  8. Hi Susi what lovely pages for your journal,the colours are beautiful,well done xx

  9. Seven years of AJJ - congratulations to all! Love your new page, Susi, and I am excited for you as the adventure continues.

  10. It is sometimes a challenge to make a page but since I (or maybe we) don't know exactly what it will end up being, it is a great adventure, isn't it? I can't believe it has been 7 years since AJJ started- now that is worth celebrating for certain! I love the color peeking out from under the white, and also that cool big black arrow. This page looks like you had fun making it. ANd I am glad you joined us again Susi. Hope its a good weekend. Hugs-Erika

  11. Love your crazy spread! So many abstract patterns on this. And your quote is perfect...Making Art certainly is an adventure. You never know how it is going to turn out. I LOVE how each piece is unique.
    Beautiful Susi!

  12. Schon 7 Jahre, wow! Ich gratuliere und freue mich sehr, dass es diese Challenge gibt, sie hat mich seit ich dabei bin sehr inspiriert, immer weider etwas Neues auszuprobieren, und es ist so schön, von anderen dann Rückmeldungen zu erhalten! Eine Community!
    Bei deiner Doppelseite erkenne ich, wieviel Spaß es dir bereitet hat, sie zu gestalten!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt, Rike

  13. Wow 7 years is exceptional Susi, well done on that and for all your inspiring creations too
    Donna xx

  14. Eine sehr coole Seite. Wild kannst du auch ;)
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  15. This is a fun page! Art IS an adventure!!

  16. Another wonderful spread, Susi- and your text so true, - so many lovely adventures we have :-) Congratulations on the soon to be 7 years with Art Journal Journey , and this happy spread !!
    Hugs, Dorthe

  17. Originelle Seite bei der man sich den Schaffensprozeß direkt vorstellen kann.
    Es ist immer wieder eine Art Gehirnjogging sich zu einem Thema etwas einfallen zu lassen.
    Liebe Grüße
    Sabine xox

  18. der gebogene Pfeil passt so gut zu dieser Idee - wer weiß, wohin uns die Experimente führen... so schön grungy!
    und dass das jetzt schon so lange dauert mit ajj... wo ist die zeit hingekommen? eine der besten challenges überhaupt!
    lg, johanna

  19. eine tolle Abenteurseite von dir und ich freu mich für dich und allen und dass du das schon 7 Jahren schon machst meine Hochachtung. Noch viel Sapss beim Abenteuer Kunst!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  20. Love those painty layers and the whole page feels like a perfect expression of the thought. Wishing you many arty adventures in 2018 - and I hope I'll even manage to have time to visit some of them!
    Alison x

  21. Deine heutige Seite sieht sehr actionreichen aus. Sie erinnert mich fast an ein Comic - obwohl ich nicht erklären kann warum :D So dynamisch! Voll Zeichen und kleiner Explosionen!

    Liebe Grüße,

  22. Fun and beautiful page, Susi. I love it because it is original. Kisses, my friend.

  23. A fabulous page here Susi!Love the colours! Definitely agree that art is such an adventure! 7 Years to celebrate in March? Wonderful! Chrisx

  24. Isn't it fun to just create without worrying what it's going to look like? Mine always end up ok, so why fret? Love your nonsense, xoxo

  25. Liebe Susi,
    ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass das Schaffen von Kunst auch ein Abenteuer, ein sehr schönes Abenteuer ist. Vor vielen Jahren habe ich mal versucht, mich in dem Schreiben von Geschichten zu üben. Und das war auch ein Abenteuer im positiven Sinne, und es war eine riesige Freude, es war besser als Geschichten zu lesen.
    Deine Kunst ist spannend und eine Freude für die Sinne, und auch für mich als Betrachter ist es ein schönes Abenteuer.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  26. A fabulous artsy page Susi! I'm inspired!
    Alison xox

  27. I absolutely agree! Art is an adventure! And I just love your adventurous spread! heehee Looks like you had lots of fun with this one Susi!
    OMGosh! I am so happy for your group on 7 years! How wonderful is that!
    Happy adventurous week to you! Jackie xo


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