Monday, January 15, 2018

Post No.2243 - We got snow

We got lovely powdersnow Saturday night and it still is here. As I saw the new TMTA theme of "Schneemann - Parade" this morning I was in the mood  to create  a snowman,  if not a real one then at least one on an ATC. It fits our "Frosty Winter" topic at 

I took a photo of the background whilst drawing and drinking my big mug of strongly brewed herbal tea.
Happy early T-Day to all the lovely gals at TSFT.

And once again I'm joining Erika at Bio Art Gal this month's host at Art Journal Journey with her theme New Year, New Adventures.  
I  started a calendar adventure recently inspired by many of my artsy blogfriends- so finally I started an  ""artsy"" calendar , but the simplest style I found for the lazy girl I am. I will glue a preprinted calender page on a cardboard each month ( format A5) and on the back I will create something artsy --- a collage or a painting or whatsoever. In the end I will bind the single pages together . At least this is my plan. For January it's just a very simple collage - I just glued a found advertising from a publishing house for art and crafts together to a little collage and made some marks on it. That's it from me for today! I wish you all a happy week!

Rechts oben in der Seitenleiste findest Du das Übersetzungstool!


  1. Susi, I love your snowman looking to the sky, for more snow , :-) and the herb tea looks yummy - I love herbal tea, too.
    Your art calender is a very great idea, for also someone like me, that never finds time, to start from scratch for creating a calender- your first page looks lovely. xx

  2. This is wonderful. "We got snow" Have a lovely day.

  3. Liebe Susi
    auch bei uns hat es gestern etwas geschneit,
    die Landschaft sieht wie angezuckert aus und
    heute hatten wir sogar mal Sonnenschein.
    Das ist Kräutertee? ich glaube auch, dass der sehr stark ist ;-)
    Wunderschönes Winterbild.
    Ich wünsche dir einen gemütlichen Abend und eine kreative
    Viele Grüße aus dem Mühlviertel.

  4. Klasse gemacht, super Idee. Danke fürs Mitmachen und Zeige bei Think Monday, Think ATC.

  5. schnee habe ich schon ziemlich lange nicht mehr gesehen, umso mehr freue ich mich an diesem netten kleinen schneemann! die kalenderidee ist klasse, vielleicht mach ich auch noch so etwas!
    liebe grüße

  6. Love your snowman Susi! We haven't had any snow yet this winter:((
    Lula oxo

  7. Klasse, du machst jetzt auch einen Collagen-Kalender!
    Zu schön finde ich ja den Schneemann, wie er sehnsüchtig in die Wolken guckt, ein ganz ungewohnter Blickwinkel, aber für's Bild absolut toll!...und dann noch im Schnee fotografiert!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  8. You have found some inspiration for sure.:) I love the snowman. he is an adventure himself. You were creative to have him looking upward and not straight on. I would have never thought of that. And nice calendar too. I think the colors will be joyful and I am excited to see the collage. And finally, I am a bit early but happy T day too. I think you cup of coffee looks warm and wonderful. Especially since it is cold here today. So much for a January thaw. Enjoy your snow. Hugs-Erika

  9. What an adorable little snowman.. xo

  10. Ooooo, a bit of snow! We got a couple of inches which is fading now, but we're expecting more tonight. We'll see :) Not nearly enough for a snowman here, so I'll enjoy your art instead :)

  11. Susi, so happy that YOU are happy about the snow. Your joy shows in your sweet snowman. Very creative to have placed the artwork into the snow.
    Your calendar plan is a very nice one. Love your first installment! Looking forward to seeing your monthly creation.
    Kind regards, Chris

  12. Susi your snowman ATC looks really cute, I think he is wanting more snow. It was good to see your mug of tea close to your work place, I am glad I am not alone in having a cuppa close by.
    It was lovely to see your first, artsy calendar month page. It going to look fantastic at the end of the year.
    Happy T day wishes and I hope you have a lovely week.
    Yvonne xx

  13. der Mr. Schneemann ist cool steht im Schnee sogar und die Kalenderidee ist toll!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  14. I LLLLLLLOVE your beautiful snowman, Susi!!!!! Kisses, my friend.

  15. It snowed here this morning, too. But for me, it was bitterly cold and nasty. I hope it wasn't that cold where you are. Your snow person is wonderful. S/he reminds me of a person staring at the sky and wishing for more snow. It's a beautiful entry for Erika's theme at Art Journal Journey.

    I love your calendar. See, the simpler you keep the calendar, the easier it is to keep up with it. I always got bogged down with trying to make them "pretty" in the beginning. Now I just add a few stickers that I feel are appropriate. I DO like how the back of yours looks. I don't have that luxury, since my calendar is in a bound journal type book. I may try your technique next year, though. I really LIKE yours. Tuesday is always quite busy, isn't it?

    That is some STRONG herbal tea. It honestly looks like my coffee before I add my cream to it. Thanks for sharing it AND your wonderful art with us for T this Tuesday. Please stay safe and warm, too. Be sure to hug your two "babies" and your daughter, too!

  16. Love the snowman! Perfectly spectacular for winter.

  17. ich habe schon lange keinen schnee mehr gesehen,umso mehr erfreue ich mich an deinen zuckersüssen schneemann,und deine kalenderseite ist wunderschön,sowas möchte ich auch noch machen.
    eine schöne neue woche,liebe susi,viel spas beim creativ sein.

    schöne grüße jenny

  18. Very nice ATC : ) We have 5 inches of snow today and more coming tomorrow. I love it when it is snowing- and your snowman is like that warm feeling of watching it coming down!

  19. Ein tolles ATC, liebe Susi.

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderschönen Dienstag

  20. Your snowman is adorable! I love a bit of snow too, just not the cold :)

  21. Liebste Susi,

    ich beneide Dich um Euren Schnee, bei uns ist heute leider nur Regen und Sturm angesagt.

    Dein Schneemann-ATC schaut traumhaft schön aus, Du kannst so zauberhaft zeichnen.

    Einen schönen Tag
    wünscht Dir

  22. Ein klasse ATC!
    gefällt mir sehr gut.

  23. I love your gorgeous snowman and your art calendar’s fab.
    xxx Hazel.

  24. Love your cute snowman Susie! xox

  25. Den Schneemann so zu zeichnen, dass er mit seinem Händchen (Ast) nach dem fallenden Schnee greift und sein Gesicht in den Himmel dreht ist einsame Spitze!
    Also du führst jetzt auch einen "artsy" calendar :) Das Zitat ist das beste, das ich mir für Jänner = Beginn des Jahres vorstellen kann!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt! Rike

  26. Yay!! Where is the photo of the snow?? I do love your snowman he is so whimsical and sweet!
    Looking forward to your calendar as you go!
    And your herbal tea,Susi, is it your own blend? If so, what do you use?
    huge hugs,Jackie xx

    1. A mix of all different herbal teas in teabags - I mix them all up without much thinking....
      Melissa, Fennel, Chocolate Chai, peppermint...lime blossom,orange blossom ...there is no herbal tea that I don't like!

  27. Happy T Day and I sooo love your snowman looking up at the sky-what a special piece. hugs Kathy

  28. Der ist aber goldig dein Schneemann, mag ich sehr. Schön daß ihr Schnee habt. Bei uns nur Regen, Kälte und Sturm im Wechsel, nur Sonntag war mal ein Sonnentag.
    Liebe Grüße

  29. Your snowman ATC is so very delightful- I LOVE it Susi!! Great idea for your calendar journal too-much easier than what I decided to do. Happy T day!

  30. ach, bei euch ist der Schnee schon, bei uns kommt er wohl morgen... das ATC ist sooo schön. sehr clever, den Schneemann nach oben blicken zu lassen, ob da noch mehr kommt;)
    dein Kalenderjournal hast du auch sehr schön gestartet...
    hab eine schöne Woche, Susi!

  31. love your snowman so far we have got sleet but no snow yet.keep warm

  32. Yes, I drink herbal tea too (without milk or sugar).
    Your snowman is lovely. He is looking up to see if there is more snow coming.
    The calendar idea sounds good. I'm sure we will see more of that as the year progresses.
    Happy T-Day,

  33. Happy T Tuesday! We got snow, too, though not really enough for a snowman of much size.

  34. Your snowman ATC is adorable, I love how he is reaching upwards to welcome the snow 😁. The herbal tea look nice and warming and would be very welcome here with the snow we have forecast. Your calender journal is a great idea and your collage is a wonderful start to the year and the words are perfect! Hope you are having a happy and creative T Day dear friend! J 😊

  35. Ah, your snowman is so pleased to have snow, and we all three are because we have snow too, just a little but enough to be pretty.
    Nice idea for making a calendar, one could make a quick (quick?) collage on the front too if we are "allowed" (haha!) to use magazine images.
    Your ideas and art making are never ending and always inspiring to me.

  36. I just love your wee snowman Susi, it's like he is looking to the sky to see more of his family arriving hee hee!! We have had a sprinkle of snow this evening, maybe more due tomorrow as the temperature drops..
    Warm hugs and wishes Tracey xx

  37. oh my, sooooooo sweet Susi, gorgeous snowman, love him
    Donna xx

  38. Der Schneemann ist ja so niedlich und total passen, hier hat es heute morgen geschneit :)

    Lieben Gruß

  39. Hi Susi! We got snow today, too! All of our schools are closed!!! I absolutely LOVE your adorable snowman ATC! And it's time for me to go downstairs and get a yummy cup of coffee! And I LOVE your artsy calendar. It's perfect for the AJJ January theme!!!

  40. No snow here ins Northern Florida but we had below freezing temps that did manage to kill some plants.
    Love you snowman Susi - he has so much personality!
    sandy xx

  41. Sorry to be so late getting around, Susi. We’ve had terrible & intermittant internet for a couple of days – often less than 1 megabyte download!

    I love your bemused snowman. He looks like he's delighted that company is coming - lol.

    I started an art planner journal adventure this year as well for the same reasons! How wonderful is the inspiration we T-ladies get from each other. Your January collage is lovely.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  42. Oohhhh, der Schneemann ist ja süß, so schön wie er nach oben guckt. Auch deine Seite ist klasse!
    LG Carola

  43. Oh Susi your snow man makes me SOOOO happy...he is adorable!! I love him so much!! He would make a fabulous greeting card!! All the best on the artsy calendar!!

    Peace Giggles

  44. Dein Schneemann ist sehr putzig, liebe Susi. Wahrscheinlich schaut er gerade nach dem Wetter und hofft, dass es noch lange kalt bleibt. :) Toll, dass Du so ein Monatsprojekt hast. Deine Januar-Collage ist schon ein guter Start.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  45. Snow, glorious snow, and a fabulous visual!

  46. The snowman is so sweet!! Love the T Tuesday photo as well. Good luck with the calendar. I kept one for an entire year documenting my artsy crafsy life. It was quite a challenge to keep up at times since I'm not really a "diary" type person.


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