Friday, February 2, 2018

2253 - BLUE MOON and PANDAS for Second on the 2nd

 I have another quick sketched spread in one of my journals for the new exciting theme of 
This month's host is the lovely RIKE and it  really would make us happy to see you taking part in our challenge this time (again).

We caught no sight of the  Blue Moon on Wednesday here. We saw a more warm color . I made a little collage with the photo I got from our "not blue" Moon out of the window 
in memory of the BLUE MOON day.

 Over at Try it on Tuesday, the current theme is Fire and Ice where you are asked to use hot or cold colours like I have used here.

I am joining Elizabeth's SECOND ON THE 2ND
today with a third  look at the lovely

Panda Twins that were born in Vienna's Zoo in August 2016 . Maybe you remember my post .
(klick HERE if not).

 There are exciting news from them now. They  have been nominated for the Giant Panda Global Awards - next week we will see the result of the vote.

Thank you for your kind visit and I hope to meet you at the mentioned challenge-blogs!
Yes, that'd be great!

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  1. Hi Susi oh these pandas are so cute,your drawings are beautiful,I love the twin pandas xx

  2. I read that it was really a red blue moon because of the color and the fact that a blue moon means it's the second moon of the month. I really love your interpretation and how you sewed on the page, too. That makes it SO special. Your panda is beautiful, and fits Rike's theme so well. I can tell you really like this theme, too, dear co-administrator.

    I remember your Panda book from 2016. It made a great second look companion to your beautiful panda you made today. That is grea news for the pandas. I hope they win the global awards, too. They are really adorable. Thanks for sharing your Panda book with us as a second look on the 2nd. Great way to tie the two events together.

  3. in diese niedlichen pandas muss man sich ja sofort verlieben!! du hast deine aber auch wunderbar getroffen! ich mag besonders den ganz oben, er hat eine tolle ausstrahlung!
    liebe grüße

  4. Love these panda pages and the blue moon was amazing.xx [aNNie]

  5. Liebe Susi
    das ist wirklich ein tolles Thema,
    leider nichts für mich, kann nicht mal ne
    Ameise zeichnen;-)
    deine Bilder von den Pandazwillingen
    sind zauberhaft. Ich habe den Vollmond
    verschlafen ;-)
    Viele Grüße und einen gemütlichen Tag.

  6. What a wonderful project share today Susi. there is something that makes our hearts skip a beat when we see the delightful Panda, love your sketch and memory of a past make. The Blue moon was very big here but rather a dirty yellow colour, hidden by partial cloud and sadly no pictures as I was travelling at the time,nice capture for you!!
    Wishing you a wonderful creative weekend.. Hugs Tracey xx

  7. so knuddlig sind deine Pandabären! ich bin wahrscheinlich mit meinen Freundinnen in den pfingstbären in wien, aber ich weiß nicht, ob ich sie in den zoo überreden kann. (ich war vor vielen jahren schon mal dort und hab ihn in guter Erinnerung.)
    wir hatten hier zwar einen sehr hellen Mond, aber so spektakulär war´s eigentlich nicht. hab´s eh nur gesehen, weil ich abends noch im Kino war. wegen himmelsspektakeln stehe ich normalerweise nicht extra draußen rum;)
    liebe grüße, johanna

  8. Dein Panda-Sketch ist drollig - dieser Gesichtsausdruck! Vom blauen Mond wusste ich nichts, naja ich verschlafe sowieso immer alles.
    Deine Pandas mit Bambus haben mir schon damals so gut gefallen! Und das Panda-Video ist goldig - besonders wie sie von den Zweigen knabbern!
    Danke Susi, insgesamt ein wunderschöner Beitrag für mein Tier-Thema!
    Schönes Wochenende! Rike oxo

  9. Beautiful pandas and a nice, round album!

  10. Schöne Pandas hast du gezeichnet

  11. Love the panda theme Susi. I remember the twins being born and that fun post you showed us then, and am glad to see another panda post from you. :) I like how drew your bamboo too. And no super moon here either. At night we had clouds and during the morning it was too bright for when we were suppose to see the moon. Happy weekend! Hugs-Erika

  12. Hello Susi, I love your Blue Moon photo collage. Also the Pandas - they are cute aren't they. Good wishes from Sue xx

  13. Oh I love your pandas Susi, I know I’ve said this before but is there anything you can’t draw?!
    Donna xx

  14. Die Pandas hast Du sehr schön eingefangen und die Zwillinge haben einen zweiten Blick auf jeden Fall verdient, liebe Susi! Vielleicht klappt's ja mit dem Award für die beiden.
    Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Wochenende.
    Liebe Grüße

  15. The pandas are just soooo sweet, and loved your not blue moon
    Happy second on the 2nd Kathy

  16. Love your sweet panda drawings, Susi! Great video, too. It was nice meeting the twins!
    Hugs, Chris

  17. Yes .. I remember the panda twins Susi and how lovely to see them now and how big they have grown - thanks for sharing the video.
    Fabulous art journal page - we were expecting a different looking moon but it was just big and bright here (still awesome looking though) :)
    Have a great weekend Susi.... love from Gill xx

  18. Oh those panda twins are gorgeous!
    No, I don't remember that post so it is good that you have repeated it and that we can see the twins now they are a bit older. Pandas are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity, so having twins is really very special and deserve the award.
    Have a great weekend,

  19. Oh how I love Pandas! And yours are just the sweetest! Would love to cuddle one when they are babies!!
    Love your Panda journal, that roundness is perfect!
    Thanks for sharing the video Susi!
    Jackie xo

  20. That's such a good double page with the not-blue-moon and the panda looking sad because he has not seen this moon? Although pandas often look sad anyway. I like how you have coloured the panda with green.

  21. This is going to be a fun month to follow, - love your gorgeous Panda, - they are such amazing animals!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  22. I enjoyed seeing your fun pages and lovely pandas again - beautiful 😁. It was too cloudy here to see the moon here on 31st so we didn't see anything 😉. We did see a very large reddish moon yesterday through my craft room window 😀. I hope you've had a lovely week and wishing you a very happy weekend dear Susi! J 😊

  23. I love your Panda drawings and the photo of the moon. It must have been a wonderful sight to see the moon that colour. We had cloud, so no views of it for us.
    I remember your post about the panda's being born, it would be good if the got the award.
    Yvonne xx

  24. Love your panda and your stitching. xoxo

  25. Lovely art! Enjoyed the panda video too.

  26. I did not stay up to see the blue/red/supermoon the other night... but I love your spread and how you have used your photograph. The panda twins are beautiful - thank you for sharing

  27. I love your pandas and moon collage Susi! I wish I'd thought to look out of the window on Wednesday night.
    Have a lovely Saturday,
    Alison xox

  28. I love your panda drawing Susi - you’re very clever.
    xxx Hazel

  29. beautiful post love you pandas..sehr schön - great video to -have a great week end

  30. I love your journal page Susi! It was too cloudy here to see the Blue/Red moon! I love your seeing your second look journal again! Good that the pandas will get an award too!Chrisx

  31. Einfach süsz die beiden und schön ins Bild gebracht von Dir.
    Schneeflockengrieselgrüsze zur blauen Stunde mit Sonnenwünschen für Sonntag

  32. so süss deine Journalseiten mit den Pandas und vom Wiener Zoo.
    Goldig die gemalten Pandas Zwillinge!
    Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  33. I like tracking full moons, and the January one was special in about three different ways. Your photo captures the event! We had clear skies here, too, and got a good view but not as good a photo as yours.

  34. Susi, your panda is darling. As a little girl I had a stuffed panda and I loved it! Always made me think that Pandas were cute and cuddly creatures. Now that I am a adult I know the opposite to be true.;)
    Your pages are so beautiful!

  35. You’re so creative, and the stitching what a perfect touch.

  36. There is so much humour in your first panda...and those twins are precious in art and on that them!

    Peace Giggles


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