Sunday, April 8, 2018

2282 - Too much waste - Recycle & Collage (3)

Where does it all go?  Discarded materials are collected, some are recycled or composted but so much waste ends up in landfills.  There are countries which generate more waste than others. Japan for example has about one-third less rubbish per person than the United States. This is because of higher-density living, higher prices for a larger share of imports and cultural norms. I am proud that in Austria over the past decades, waste management has turned into a highly regulated and technologically sophisticated process.
But I think it's still too much waste. 

Here on this spread in my Circle Junk Journal  I used labels and stuff   that came from shopping trips my daughter made . 
I on the contrary get most of my clothes and even other things at our fantastic
 Charity Shop Carla nearby.
I can bring all my sorted out items to the shop to donate them and I can shop there new stuff very cheap and as an extra bonus people with handicap get a job there . I really love the Austrian wide  initiative of Carla.

Alison/Craftytrog hosts " Recycle & Collage" as our theme at

Art Journal Journey

and TRY IT ON TUESDAY wants you to 
RECYCLE SOMETHING as our current theme
as well.

Not to forget:
 HAPPY T-DAY to the lovely TSFT Gals.
Water and black decaf this time for me.

Hope to see you at the challenges!



  1. Liebe Susi, Das ist ein schönes Projekt, du hast es wieder meisterlich umgesetzt . Es ist an Dr Zeit für ein grundsätzliches Umdenken in der Gesellschaft.
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende noch

  2. I love what you created for this month's AJJ theme, Susi! It is absolutely amazing. And I agree, we all need to recycle more - we have a pretty good start here in our neighborhood!!!

  3. Liebe Susi,
    ich möchte einmal solche Ideen haben,
    einfach großartig, warum fällt mir sowas nicht ein?
    Ich wünsche dir einen fröhlichen Sonntag,
    die Sonne lacht ;-)
    Viele Grüße

  4. Hi Susi what a wonderful page I live your use of colours,well done my friend xx

  5. F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C Susi!Admire your imagination! Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Lula oxo

  6. Turning recycled items into art is a great idea!
    Susi you always create fantastic art in your junk journals!
    Love this page!


  7. Fabulous pages and great use of your stash... I give all of my scraps who makes cards for Cancer patients, so never wasted.x💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

  8. You're so right, Susi, and especially when it comes to plastic. My bin is almost always full of the stuff and there seems to be no way around it because of supermarket packaging! On the other hand, my recycle bins and bags are also often pretty full. I can only do my bit...

    Great to use some of it up in art.

    Cath x

  9. eine wunderbare Initiative das Carla bei euch und so müsste es noch viel mehr solche geben. Ich gebe meine Sachen gerne ins DRK persönlich aboder Gegenstände bei meinem Nachbarn der verkauft es auf dem Flohmarkt so gibt es einen Kreislauf und wird nicht so einfach weggeschmissen.
    Toll deine Rycling Collage, ausdrucksstark!!!!
    Schönen Sonntag und einen guten Start in die neue Woche!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  10. I know what you mean about waste. I think one of the biggest issues here in the US is all the packaging everything comes in. It's ridiculous. Layers of unneeded materials that just get thrown away. They do it for security. But the cost later on is ridiculous to process it. I do love your page today. Especially the hands. I love the stitching yu used. And smart to use labels. I save the pretty ones and reuse them at times. It's fun to find them, isn't it? This is really one of your best collages Susi. I love it. Happy end of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  11. Yes everything that Erika said. I must save some papers and labels and leaflets this month to make a recycled collage (instead of putting it in the paper recycling or on the fire). I do like the way you have a small bit of arty sewing here. The whole collage is fascinating.
    Wonderful that Carla employs special needs people, I wish more shops would do this.

  12. I am in total agreement about the waste, the amount of unnecessary packaging around the simplest of things has me very annoyed. Yesterday I bought two pecan slices in a bakers and they came in a clear plastic box. I asked for a bag but was told they had to sell them that way.
    I recycle as much as I can and support our nearest Hospice shop. Some of our Charity shops also have folk serving who have health and handicap problems.
    Your journal spread looks fantastic, I like the way the hands reach out, it makes me want to reach out and touch in return.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Hello Susi,
    Some vice words from you, -we all waste too much, surely- even I also save a lot of strange papers, for reuse on my creations. We don`t have that kind of Charity shops, but many different Churches , and private have made shops like that, where we can deliver clothes and things, and where I, too often buys my clothes, or on fleamarkets in summer time . I like to reuse, like you. Your spread is gorgeous, with the many labels, the fabric and stamping- and I love your hands with the sewing - Hugs, Dorthe

  14. Lovely recycled collage, we must be less wasteful, a wonderful message.

  15. An interesting page using up all those bits of packaging, which we always seem to have so much of. Love how you added the stitched hands.
    Avril xx

  16. Wow, das ist ja eine tolle Collage. Deine Journalseite ist wie immer FANTASISCH.
    LG Carola

  17. I agree with you about there being so much waste, especially in the US. I do love how there seems to be more of a movement for becoming more green recycling used items.
    Your journal pages are always so full of texture. I LOVE this layout and the stitching that you used on the fingers. It's those details that make your pages so inspirational!
    Just Gorgeous, Susi.

  18. What a fabulous page Susi and so poignant, It really is a growing concern isn't it but it's so good to see at last that people are rethinking about what they throw away, we must all do our bit before we scar or totally destroy our beautiful Earth any more.
    So happy to have seen this today, Big Hugs Tracey xx

  19. What a great page, Susi. I cannot stop admiring it!
    I always recycle: glass, paper, fabric, etc. But unfortunately in Greece there is still too much waste! Kisses, my friend.

  20. neat way to use the tags, I have saved a few from packaging also but haven't used them in any projects yet, love the look. I am a big recycler, I think it would be great if every household would do it.

  21. eine tolle collage zu einem wichtigen thema!! zufällig habe ich mir für heute auch vorgenommen, mal wieder in meinem lieblingssozialladen nach einer bluse und hose zu schauen!
    liebe grüße

  22. moin susi,

    deine collage ist fantastisch,so toll mit den händen die ins bild luken,toll find ich hier auch die ganzen fäden und das genähte,großartig,gefällt mir sehr.
    hier ist nun endlich der frühling eingekehrt,wir haben solch ein tolles wetter.
    eine schöne neue woche,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  23. What beautiful pages! I love the splash of orange that you added and how you used the orange thread - amazing 😀. It's fun to recycle materials on journal pages, don't you think! The charity shop looks wonderful and such a worthy cause, I can see why you go there 😁. Wishing you a happy and creative new week dear Susi! J 😊 x

  24. What a fabulous page Susi - I recycle as much as I can, as well as composting - because of that I only put out one rubbish bag a month or less! There is quite a bit of reusable 'stuff' in my studio...

  25. bin sehr beeindruckt liebe Susi!!!
    Das ist ein schönes Projekt, ich wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen
    Liebe Grüße

  26. ganz klasse wieder dein journaling! du bist die perfekte resteverwerterin! grau und orange gehen so gut zusammen! wir haben hier keine charity läden am ort, aber ich bin inzwischen so minimalistisch in punkto klamotten und trage wirklich alles auf. und ein klasse mülltrennsystem gibt es hier auch... obwohl ich mich manchmal frage, ob die nicht hinterher in ihren verbrennungsanlagen einfach wieder alles hineinkippen. aber trotzdem, man kann schon viel tun mit bewusstem konsum.
    hab eine schöne woche, susi, liebe grüße:)

  27. I think most of the trash I have is packaging. Products are more packaging than product! I'm tempted to remove the packaging in the store and let them deal with it. At least most of it is recyclable, but still. It is a huge problem, I agree. We only have this one world.

  28. Hi Susi,
    This is so clever! and a wonderful use of recycled things!

  29. Oh I agree 100 percent! Canada is also trying to diminish waste management. In my city our organics are now being used as fuel. There is a very regimented garbage collection....but I still think it starts with the individual and questioning what we buy... Companies need to take responsibility too! Wonderful ethical post!

    Peace Giggles

  30. Einfach klasse was du da mit dem MÜLL so kreiert hast, das nenne ich mal MÜLLKUNST, super.
    Hab eine schöne kreative Woche.
    Liebe Grüße

  31. You are sooooo creative! Every time I see one of your journal pages, I am totally inspired. Those hands are so cool and all of the textures and bits = amazing!

  32. Toll, dass Du so viele Teile, die normalerweise im Müll gelandet wären, kreativ verwendet hast, liebe Susi. Die Doppelseite ist fantastisch! Der Hintergrund ist super und die Hände sind ein toller eye-catcher. Ich habe auch schon jede Menge Materialien für ein Junk Journal gesammelt, aber bisher ist noch nix draus geworden. Der Charity Laden klingt gut. Hier gibt es auf den Märkten immer einige Anbieter von second hand Klamotten, aber bisher habe ich nur Teile zum Zerschnibbeln gefunden und nicht für mich zum Anziehen.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  33. Liebe Susi,
    das ist eine sehr schöne Collage, und sie zeigt eindrucksvoll, dass man auch mit Dingen, die oft genug im Mülleimer landen, noch etwas sehr schönes kreieren kann.
    Leider leben wir in einer Wegwerfgesellschaft, ich denke da nur an die Hürden, wenn man ein Elektrogerät reparieren lassen möchte, das ist fast unmöglich und oft ist etwas Neues dann auch noch billiger und sogar besser, weil es z.B. weniger Strom braucht.
    Ich wünsche Dir eine schöne Woche.

    Viele liebe Grüße

  34. We get an astonishing of waste in paper, cardboard and other packaging. You have recycled them in a beautiful way.

  35. Wow! I adore all the wonderful scraps you used on this spread Susi! So beautifully arranged!
    Thanks for adding it to my challenge!
    Alison xox

  36. I am big on recycling as well and I love your art piece

  37. Wow Susi- you did a brilliant job using your tags and such and turning them into a fabulous journal spread!! Love the touches of vibrant orange to take your eye around it all. Happy T day!

  38. Much of the excess packaging material we receive goes into my craft stash. It's appalling sometimes - a little cell phone in a 12 x 12-inch box? There must be a better way.

    I love how you used some of the excess in your junk journal, Susi.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  39. At the moment recycling plastic has become a big focus here! Some businesses are better than others!We are lucky to have 3 charity shops in our local shopping area! I love the page you have made with those lovely labels! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  40. I had planned to be here sooner, but my keyboard had other plans. This is a perfect example of how we in the U.S. are so very wasteful. I think we are the worst, and most cities don't even have a good recycling process, much less waste management. It all ends up in the landfill, where mostly plastic lives on for many generations.

    I was so thrilled to see you take recycling seriously. I am so impressed. You put my art to shame, dear friend. This is a wonderful entry at Art Journal Journey, and I am tickled you shared it there, too.

    Of course, as your friend, I also would love to share a cup of coffee with you, but I prefer mine not decaf, please. Thanks for sharing your incredible recycled art and your decaf with us for T this Tuesday.

  41. Okay Susi.. Google ate my comment...uuughhh... Incase it doesn't show up i want you to know how much i love your ArtJournal page... Hugs! deb

  42. Was für eine wunderbare Resteverwertung, liebe Susi. Deine Collage schaut megagenial und wunderschön aus.

    Einen schönen Frühlingstag
    wünscht Dir

  43. Super wie du die Verpackungsreste des Einkaufs deiner Tochter wiederverwertet hast und eine wunderbare Doppelseite daraus geworden ist! Diese Seite wird noch "leben", wenn die Sachen deiner Tochter bereits wieder "untragbar" geworden sind - die Jungen sind da ja sehr wählerisch :)
    Die Sache mit dem Müll, den wir auf der Erde produzieren, ist eine eigene Geschichte. Ich trenne auch brav, bin mir aber nicht sicher, ob alles wiederverwertet wird - so wie Johanna auch schreibt ...
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne restliche Woche!
    Knuddel Rike

  44. Your journal pages are lovely, and I totally agree with you Suzi. I suspect we in the U.S. generate more waste than most countries. I hate plastic packaging. and I am guilty of buying more stuff than I really need! but all those art supplies...! happy T day, very late!

  45. Lots of textures and fab bits, those hands are cool - love your journal pages Susi :)
    We try and recycle as much as we can, but could do even better.
    Thanks for the lovely comments earlier as well :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Gill xx

  46. Olá super interessante essas colagens.

  47. I love this Susi - I am all about re-cylcing! Waste is a huge problem - and we should all do better! What a fabulous and beautiful art idea. You have inspired me! I just becames your 589th follower - I can't wait to see more and visit your past posts too. Thanks for your visit, I hope you wil be able to follow along as well. I loved having you as my guest! ♥

  48. Eine tolle collage bezw. Restenverwertung

  49. Agreed, Susi - too much waste. I love it that you are point that out with your artwork AND using throwaways to create with - well done!


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