Sunday, June 3, 2018

2303 Inspired by : Neocolor II by CARAN d'ACHE


  I share a spread in my deconstructed and reconstructed

Altered Book Journal ."The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (in German) you can see it HERE.

 It is meant for our new theme over at
where Gill hosts  INSPIRED BY... this month.

I was inspired by my watersoluble Neocolore II crayons, I have them since nearly a decade and they are so highly pigmented and I think they will last forever! I bought them individually at the art supplies store back then, so I have really all the colours I truly love.

Here you can see my crayons and how the spread started a few days ago in the morning with a cup of green tea to get into the spirit of intuitive painting. Yes - green tea helps a lot to lure out the muse !!!

HAPPY T- DAY ( I am a bit early this week) to my lovely ART JOURNAL JOURNEY  Co.- Admin ELIZABETH who supports me in such a wonderful way every month and to the whole Gang at 
where we share a drink related post every week on Tuesday. You are all very welcome to join us there as well!


  1. Incredible art. Wonderful concept. Genuinely impressive painting. The watercolor crayons are fabulous. I can't believe you use so little crayon to create these. I must not know how to use mine, which are not the same brand as yours, though. This is a fabulous entry for Art Journal Journey.

    Your spring inspired cup and saucer with the strawberries in full ripeness hold the green tea well. It's an impressive green tea display that you shared with us for T on Tuesday.

  2. I'm not sure that comment made much sense because I'm tired (haven't been to bed yet) and my keyboard is acting like yours. Try to read between whatever lines or words I failed to say properly!

  3. Beautifully executed, Susi!
    Great pages and photo of your work area. Love the cup of tea!
    You inspire me to try those crayons.

  4. I love these pages, it is so interesting how the text shows underneath. I have watercolor pens, not crayons. Havent succeeded well with them so far. Happy coming new week.

  5. Love the colours you used on these pages Susi, they give a serene look - perfect with your quote.
    Avril xx

  6. Sagenhaft was du aus so ein paar Buntstiften zauberst. Wunder-Wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Einfach wunderschön, liebe Susi

  8. Wualaaaa,.... so so so wonderful spread Art Journal Susi!! Lovely colours, lovely inspiration!! Just Adorable!!
    I wish you a very happy week, besotilloss

  9. Your journal spread looks gorgeous Susi. I love the flowers, they seem to smile as I was looking at them and they certainly made me feel happy tonight.
    The tea cup and saucer you used looks so pretty and I think the green tea will be quite refreshing.
    Early happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  10. this is just the loveliest journal spread Susi, and you have a fabulous collection of those crayons!! I only have 12 but would like more:)

  11. I love the strawberry mug you had your green tea in and good that you muse loves it too. My muse is fond of the Gypsy King's music- a few songs get my muse lively in my brain. Funny how certain routines work best for each of us. And I do love today's piece of art and your link back to your Hunchback journal. I think having a whole stack of journals on a shelf or piled on the floor like me is always inspiring on its own. :) Happy new week, and it's also early, but happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. Hi Susi beautiful pages my friend and i love the wording xx

  13. Deine Journalseiten sind wunderschön, liebe Susi! Toll, dass die Stifte so ergiebig sind. Das Erdbeergeschirr hatte ich auch mal. :)
    Viele liebe Grüße

  14. So glad you love the neos Susi, I could not live without mine they are the foundations to my art world. Your journal pages are so beautiful an inspiration in itself.
    Creative hugs for the week ahead Tracey xx

  15. I just love your intuitive painting Susi, the fact that the book print shows through a bit still, really adds to the effect! Like you I have had my Neos for well over a decade, they are all broken and in bits, but a while back I sorted them all into colour families, - I am glad you reminded me of them, - I should use them more often....

    Happy week ahead, and enjoy that green tea! I still have coffee in the morning, but love my green tea around mid day :o) xxx

  16. Luftig leichtes Blumenbild mit schönem Spruch. Neocolors sind vielseitig verwendbar und so aquarellig angewand auch klasse. Grünen Tee zur Inspiration brauch ich nicht, aber genug freie Zeit um meine Einfälle auch ausführen zu können.;)
    Wünsche dir weiterhin kreative, relaxte Zeiten und bleib gesund.
    Liebe Grüße und Knuddler

  17. What a fabulous spread Susi - love the colours and how you have used the green to surround the leaf shaped voids. have a good week.

  18. A really beautiful soft and dreamy spread dear Susi on a wonderful background. ( love all the doodly marks)
    Those Necolors are fabulous in everyway and I can understand how they inspire - I love mine too :)
    I have made a note to come back and read your 'Hunch back of Notre Dame' post as soon as I finish catching up on AJJ posts - I'm behind as it was Daves birthday yesterday so not online.
    Wishing you a wnderful new week.
    Gill xx

  19. I don`t know how you are doing it dear Susi, I`m blown away with the way you paint, without many details, and all the same makes it a gorgeous flower bed. Love the colors used here, -and your chosen words , so meaningful .
    Hugs, Dorthe- xx

  20. Eine Hommage an die NeocolorII-Kreiden! Sie waren auch bei mir die beste Investition ever - was wären wir ohne sie!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  21. It looks so great: a cup of tea, crayons, your book with a beautiful drawing.... that are the happy moments!

  22. This is such a beautiful spread Susi! We are currently next door to Austria, at Lake Bled in Slovenia. It's beautiful here.
    Wishing you a happy T-Day and week.
    Alison xxx

  23. This is so beautiful Susi, I have a small tin of these crayons and I'm ashamed to say that I've never opened them - I know I really must! Have a very happy week, Sue xx

  24. ein sehr schöner eintrag in dein glöckner/notredam buch, super wie du zwischen den Journalen hin und her wechselst. ja, die neocolor II (und mittlerweile die derwent inktense, wg Stoff) - ihr Geld mehr als wert! die kämen mit auf die einsame Insel...
    und immer schön den tee und das malwasser auf verschiedene seiten stellen *g*... im einfärben von trinkwasser bin ich gut...
    hab eine schöne Woche, liebe Susi ♥♥♥

  25. Good morning, I always enjoy coming here Susi and viewing your lovely art-this one is really lovely and with the quote-and thanks for sharing the crayons you used-that's nice to know they last a long time-I have tried different pens and things like that and they always dry up on me after a couple years.
    I will remember that about a cup of green tea-as I haven't crafted in my journal for awhile now
    hugs to you Happy T Day Kathy

  26. yes I was already here but I wanted to see this beautiful spread again:) and wish you happy T day!

  27. Your cup and saucer is lovely, so suitable for the season :) I'm not familiar with these Neocolore crayons, but you got lovely results :) Happy T Tuesday

  28. I LLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE your journal, Susi!!!!!! It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! And great sentiment! Kisses, my friend.

  29. These two colours are made for each other.
    Everything blends together here as if it was always there.
    I don't think my Neocolours behave like this, but maybe I am "Inspired by...."?

  30. Beautiful pages dear Susi! The soft tones of colours and blending are so very pretty 😁. Your doodles add such lovely detail and the sentiment is one to live by - perfect! I love your strawberry cup and saucer with the buzzy bee too - Happy T Day and wishing you a wonderful new week my friend! J 😊 x

  31. Gorgeous pages! I love too, that your materials are as good as when you bought them. Importent sentiment as well...

  32. So beautiful, Susi! I love the flowers on this page. Amazing what you have done with those crayons.
    Happy Tea Day,

  33. I absolutely love how you have used watercolor crayons to create the stunning art journal page. Very inspiring <3 Happy Thursday to you :)

  34. wieder wunderschön! diese stifte kenne ich gar nicht, ich habe nur aquarellbuntstifte. ich werde sie mir einmal anschauen. wenn man damit so tolle bilder malen kann, möchte ich sie auch haben!!
    liebe grüße

  35. I very much like the sketchiness of this spread, Susi, and again, you've given me the perfect reminder.

  36. I loved reading of your experience with Neocolor IIs, Susi, because my hubby just bought me a set.

    Lovely spread. We have a lot of old books in closets that hubby won't let me throw out. (We can't donate books anymore here.) I wonder how he'd feel about me making an altered book ;-) You always inspire me.

    Belated Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  37. Das ist ja interessant, wie du bei dieser Doppelseite begonnen hast - in Negativ-Malweise! So viel habe ich bereits darüber gelesen und gesehen in Büchern, aber selbst noch nie wirklich ausprobiert. Du hast das supertoll gemacht, das Ergebnis ist fabelhaft!
    Wenn die vielen Neocolors so vor dir liegen ... ja, das ist wirklich eine Inspiration, "einfach" hingreifen und los geht's :)) - muss ich mal probieren, ob das bei mir auch funktioniert?

  38. Gorgeous Susi!!
    Let me ask you, how do you use your crayons?Do you apply directly to the page and then paint with water? Or do you take color from the crayon onto the paper? I have the same one and have used both ways, Although I prefer taking color from the crayon.

  39. Susi, your pages are absolutely gorgeous! I love how you painted these amazing flowers and added the perfect sentiment, too. Another great big WOW from me! Thanks for sharing your art with all of us!


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