Friday, July 27, 2018

2323 Friendship

Friendship can not be measured .... only treasured.

A  spread in my Letter Journal No. 3 meant for 
MOO MANIA & MORE's  Sheet Music theme and for
Try It On Tuesday's  Use Book Paper .

Happy TSFT to the lovely T-Gang 
next Tuesday with black decaf as so often.

Above you can see the wonderful TSFT 5th Birthday
ATC Linda sent me. With so much extra goodies. An utterly beautiful ATC accompanied by a wonderful TEA bag card and some  very delicate lovely die cuts that made me so happy that I  instantly used them on the above spread! 
I thought of you dear Linda whilst creating this spread and it is dedicated to you!
Your ATC is on it's way meanwhile as well . Hope you get it very soon!


I have not much time for art and for the computer just now
as I have to take care of our recovering Liyongo.
He had a big surgery this week on Tuesday. My poor, brave boy.
We are so happy to still have him – he had a bad splenic tumor of 12 cm , but fortunately this tumor hadn’t begun a cycle in his body- so they were able to extirpate his whole spleen . It took nearly two hours. All looks fantastic  and he recovers just so quickly.
 We are just sooo happy! 



  1. Lovely art, as always, and...a big hug for your fur-baby! They are so stoic, wishing him a long and healthy life. He deserves it!

  2. so glad your dog's surgery went well, so stressful! Beautiful work for the challenges!

  3. First of all Susi I was so pleased to read that Liyongo's surgery went well and that the outcome is good. Our pets are members of our family and we love them so much.
    I love your friendship journal page and all the wonderful layers and images.
    Your ATC and goodies from Linda look lovely.
    I am about to go and make a cuppa, we have a rather noisy thunder and lightening storm overhead and some much needed rain.
    Have a good weekend Susi.
    Yvonne xx

  4. What another beautiful art journal page ! So glad that Liyongo is recovering please give him a gentle hug from me xx

  5. It's such good news to read that Liyongo is doing well. I know that takes some of the stress from your mind.

    Your journal spread is incredible. I so love how you managed to combine all those challenges, and join us for T, too. I simply adore that quote, too. Kudos for sharing it on Art Journal Journey, dear co-admin.

    What a wonderful and loving tribute to Linda and the art she sent you. The ATC is fabulous and so is that card. Thanks for sharing it, and your decaf with us for T this week, dear friend. I hope Liyongo continues to improve daily, my dear friend.

  6. Susi, I'm so happy for your beautiful boy! We know how painful it is to watch a sweet dog suffer. Please give him a kiss from me. May he have many more happy, healthy years with you!
    Love the artwork, too!!

  7. Liyongo looks like he is resting maybe because he wants to get playing again. My 2 dogs are exhausted tonight as we took them swimming today-talk about happy pups. Again I am glad to hear he is doing well. And that is a wonderful little package from Linda and you used some of those bits to make such a beautiful journal spread. It has a different feel for you-I think you experimented with some different colors. I like it. Once again beautiful work. Have a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  8. Beautiful post. I am happy your fur baby is doing well. I lost mine in March to the same cancer, she didn't have a chance and the hardest thing was to say 'goodbye'. xx

  9. So glad your sweet boy is doing well!!
    Lovely page. :)

  10. Such a beautiful friendship page and quote! The colours with sheet music and die cuts looks amazing 😁. The ATC, card and goodies from Linda are awesome, I think I would have had to create a page with them right away too 😉. I was so pleased to hear Liyongo is doing so well and he looks so happy and content relaxing on the sofa, I have a little tear in my eye as I look at him - sending best wishes for a speedy recovery ❤. He is such a good boy and you are doing a wonderful job looking after him dear Susi! Wishing you a happy weekend! Warm hugs! J 😊 x

    1. Wishing you a very Happy T Day dear Susi! J 😊 x

  11. Me alegra la recuperación de tu mascota, sigue con sus cuidados.

    Tú trabajo perfecto!! Adoro esas flores+;


  12. Glad to hear that Liyongo is recovering well from his surgery!
    Beautiful art as usual Susi!
    Alison xxx

  13. Was für ein toller Spruch, der sehr wahr ist.
    Deine Seiten sind wunderschön.

    Dass Euer Liyongo so krank war tut mir leid, aber wie ich verstanden habe, ist er auf dem Weg zur Besserung. Man kann es gar nicht haben, wenn den Tieren etwas fehlt, sie können uns ja nichts sagen.

    Alles Gute für Liyongo

  14. Happy for you, that your friend is recovering so fast , dear Susi.
    And your spread with the wonderful quote is beautiful, with the lovely plants, and the cute friends- your coloring is gorgeous, love it.
    And then a gift so lovely and filled with happy creative joy, too. Hugs, Dorthe xx

  15. oohh das tut mir leid das es liyongo nicht so gut geht,aber wie ich auch verstanden geht es ihm wider besser,ich wünsche alles gute für ihn und gute besserung.
    dine seiten sind wieder traumhaft,ja gute freundschaft ist ganz wichtig und der spruch ist so wahr.
    ich freue mich so sehr das du deine stempel wider benutzt,die seiten damit sind richtig klasse.
    ich werde auch nur das nutzen was ich habe ,und das ist nicht wenig,ich werde NICHTS dazu kaufen.
    hier war gerade gewitter,eeendlich,der sommer ist sooo heiß*PUH*
    einen schönen abend,liebe susi.

    schöne grüße jenny

  16. Beautiful work Susie,well done my friend xx

  17. You got treasures in your T Tuesday swap! I'm so happy that surgery went well. I trust the recovery will be uncomplicated. He does look like such a good boy :)

  18. Sehr schöne Freundschaftsseite mit der du gleich 3 Challenges bedienen kannst, perfekt.
    Gut zu hören daß dein Hund die OP gut überstanden hat. Drücke dir die Daumen, daß er schnell wieder ganz gesund wird und ihr noch lange Freude an ihm habt.
    Liebe Grüße

  19. A quick recovery for Liyongo. The love of our pets - or our love towards them - cannot be measured, only treasured <3 A beautiful phrase & artwork Susi.

  20. That's marvellous that Liyongo is recovering well. Our pets are so precious to us.
    Your art is so beautiful here. You've used the die cuts in such a subtle way that they look like painted leaves.
    Much love back, Susi.

  21. Beautiful art and words Susi but more so the picture of Liyongo. So sorry to hear you have been through this but very glad he is doing well. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery and sending you a BIG (((HUG))) all of you take care & look after each other.
    Thinking of you Tracey xx

  22. wie schön zu hören, dass alles gut ging bei der OP von liyongo... unsere felltiere sind einfach familienmitglieder! bei der hitze wirst du auch mit dem anderen bestimmt nicht so viel rausgehen... "hundstage" heißt das doch, was wir gerade haben;) toll, wie du die gestanzten pflanzen gleich eingesetzt hast - kamen ja genau recht:)
    ich wünsch dir eine schöne woche & ganz liebe grüße, johanna

  23. Wieder ein wunderschönes Werk Susi

    Schön dass es Liyongo wieder besser geht.

  24. Hi Susi. We write our comments simultaneously! Oh this is so nice!
    I LOVE your great and inspirate page, my friend. I just LOVE the wonderful quote and the beautiful colours.
    And what a lovely gift your received!!!
    I wish all the best to you and your wonderful brave dog. I hope he gets betters soon.
    Kisses, my friend!!!

  25. Oh je, so eine große OP hat dein Hundeschatz überstanden - dir muss es ja ganz schlimm gegangen sein vor Sorge! Also, mir geht es immer so, dass mir Tierschmerzen immer sehr nahe gehen, weil man es den Viechern ja nicht erklären kann... Gute Genesung weiterhin für ihn!
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  26. A beautiful spread Susi and I wish your lovely Liyongo a speedy recovery.
    xxx Hazel.

  27. So glad your furbaby has had a successful surgery and recovery. Love that journal page! xoxo

  28. Another beautiful layout with that transparent look, the sheet music, little friends and those pretty flowers. Your Liyingo is looks so sweet and has gone through so much. I hope that he continues to recover quickly without much pain. Take care, dear friend!

  29. Susi, I love the friendship sentiment to go with your wonderful layout. I do so treasure all the friendships I have made here and abroad with so may talented creative women. So glad you pup i okay. How scary, they are such a big part of our families, we worry for them like we do our children. I am sure your extra attention to your boy will help him recover quickly with a great outcome. Hugs and Love, Sue

  30. I'm so happy for you that your dog is recovering so well!
    And life is better with friends, friendship is so important. Lovely page! Hugs, Lenie

  31. Lovely art page and I love the quote.
    Beautiful swap atc-So happy to read your fur family member is recovering nicely-hugs happy T Day Kathy

  32. I am so happy dear Susi that your good boy Liyongo is recovering well, that´s the most important now, because they are one more in the family, I also have a lovely dog, Laky, 12 years old and the more beautiful of the world , for us of course. So, I understand you perfectly my friend. Big hug for him !
    Your spread page is gorgeous Susi, I love it, You are always very talented, love all your art!
    I wish you a very nice week, and happy moments with Liyongo. Big hugs, Caty

  33. Wonderful page and perfect sentiment about friends. And a treasure of art you received. Hope your pupper is doing better. Happy T Day

  34. You find the most wonderful quotes, Susi. I love your friendship spread. The little girls stamp is charming. Sometime could you write about the various journals you have going? I love your journal pages.

    Oh, you used flower die cuts from Linda on the spread. What a lovely pack of goodies she sent you.

    Poor sweet Liyongo :-( I hope he recovers quickly.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  35. What gorgeous pages Susi, and such a wonderful quote. I'm so happy your brave boy is on the road to recovery. Have a happy week, Sue xx

  36. What a lovely journal page you have done with some of the goodies from your happy mail. I am impressed. Love the quote which is true of course. Friendship can’t be measured.
    I’m glad Liyongo is recovering fast. He looks very happy and relaxed there. Take good care of him.
    Happy T Day,

  37. Beautiful spread and quote, hope your dog is feeling well?

  38. I am so very happy to hear your faithful companion is recovering well! And gorgeous art pages as usual Susi <3 Hugs, cheetarah

  39. Lovely journal page. I think I have that little girls image as it looks real familiar. Great goodies and ATC for our 5th birthday celebration. It was fun to trade with each other. Have a fabulous week. Hope your doggie gets to feeling better!

  40. Great page, Susi and I was glad to hear in another post that your boy did so well with his surgery. YAY!

  41. Oh Susi! How did I miss this? I love this page and the quote! You got some lovely goodies from Linda too! Poor Liyongo! I know you will give him all the attention he needs and he'll soon be up and about - what a worry that must have been! Take care sweet Susi! Belated Happy T day, Chrisx

  42. wie schön, dass Liyongo die operation gut überstanden hat, das scheint ja ein schwieriger eingriff gewesen zu sein!!
    deine friendship-seiten gefallen mir sehr, ich mag die pastellfarben in verbindung mit den pflanzenteilen. sehr lebendig!
    liebe grüße

  43. oh my dear! such a beautiful boy and so happy to hear that all is well and he is a speedy recoverer! Susi, give Liyongo and extra hug and rub from me and a sloppy wet kiss from Chum!

    Your friendship spread is beautiful and those gifts you received from Linda are awesome!!
    sending love,Jackie xo


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